Dream Lover Becomes Nightmare: The Tragic Fate Of Screenwriter Long

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Dreams are magical. People can achieve what they cannot do in the real world in dreams. Therefore, dreams are always mythical. Our story today also starts from a dream.

When I woke up, everything was back to normal. The window hadn't been opened for a long time, and the house was filled with a foul smell. Dried cream and drinks were clearly visible on the sofa, and the trash can was very clean because all the garbage was thrown on the floor. A little closer, there were a lot of magazines on the bed. I sat in the middle of the magazines.

I have slept for three days and three nights, just like waking up from hibernation, I am very hungry. But the half piece of cake on the sofa is already moldy. And I have no money, I haven't worked for a long time.

My name is Long, I am a screenwriter of @company. My job means I have to deal with all kinds of manuscripts. The director's requirements are very strict, and he absolutely does not allow employees to neglect their duties. But he is always more relaxed with me, and does not mind if I forget to work because I oversleep. Because the probability of my manuscripts being valued by the director is still 100%. And inspiration comes from my dreams.

I searched the refrigerator, but all I could find were leftover food packaging. I had no choice but to shrug my shoulders, smell the fragrance of the flowers on the bedside, and return to another world to find the one I loved.

"Long, you're here." I slowly opened my eyes and a sweet voice woke me up.

Time has turned back to daytime, or maybe it is daytime in the real world as well, but I just didn't notice it.

"Wen, you missed me, right? I just returned to the real world." Wen is a very beautiful girl. I have had this dream for four consecutive years. During these four years, Wen has always been with me in my dreams. She is truly my dream lover.

"Oh, so what did you see outside?"

"It's still my old house, only it's even worse than last time."

"Oh, so that's it." Wen pouted cutely, narrowed her eyes, lowered her head and shook it, looking very disappointed.

"Okay, okay, I'll definitely do it next time." Wen was so cute that I gently scratched her nose.

Wen had asked me many times to see what was happening outside. But every time I woke up, I missed Wen so much that I could not wait to go back to my dream except when I had to submit manuscripts and went to the company.

"Yeah, that's annoying. You always say that."

"Okay, dear, don't be like this all the time, I can't stand it." We laughed and joked as usual and then started the sex.

I am the director of @company. A talented producer in my company has not come to work for a long time. I am Long's college classmate. I remember that he studied physics in college, and his grades were not very good. It can almost be said that he spent money to get by. After graduation, I was admitted to @company with excellent grades, while Long seemed to have never found a job to make a living. Until one day.

I remember that day I was still worried about not having a good script. Not long after that I received a strange phone call. There was no polite talk, and they directly asked me to go to the coffee shop below the company to discuss business. I was very surprised, but also very excited. The person on the other end of the phone seemed very ambitious. I like writers like this, because they can usually give me the works I want.

I really didn't expect that the person sitting there waiting was actually Long. With a broken jar attitude, I took his manuscript and politely flipped through it for a while. Soon, I was completely fascinated by the script.

The play tells the story of a boy's experience in his dream. Just like "Sucker Punch", the story is full of fantasy, and what's more rare is that the whole story feels very real, as if the author has experienced it personally. This is definitely a masterpiece. So I agreed to all his requests, just to get all the clips of the whole film. And he kept his promise and sent me a clip every other week.

But he hasn't come for a long time recently. I'm a little worried about him, but he never told me where he lives. A bad feeling came over me.

Looking at my phone, I have not gotten up in about half a month. It is strange that although I feel hungry every time I get up, I do not feel any discomfort. I have not eaten for half a month, but I am not starving. Where does my energy come from?

Never mind all that. Today is the day I’ve agreed to submit my manuscript, and I can’t be accused of not keeping my word.

Then I put on my only clean casual outfit and went to the bathroom to wash up.

My house is really messy, nothing but garbage. I have to change a new toothbrush almost every time I brush my teeth, because there are so many bugs stuck on it, it's disgusting. There are also many dead and alive bugs in the house, almost everywhere. But I don't care, because my bedroom has never been bug-free.

When I arrived at the cafe, I felt completely refreshed.

White shirt, handsome hairstyle, and a Swiss gold watch on my left wrist. Unfortunately, I never touched the watch. I was too lazy to wind it up. I wore it just to hide the scar that appeared inexplicably every time I woke up.

"You're here so early again."

I heard Peng's voice behind me. Unlike when he was with his employees, he seemed particularly kind when he saw me. After all, we are old friends.

"Ah, yes, you are the same."

"What happened recently? Why didn't you contact me?"

"Oh, nothing, I just can't find inspiration. Look, I sent it to you as soon as the inspiration came."

"Oh, really? Why is it that each time you write less? From now on, I will pay you by the word count."

"Come on, man, please stop making things difficult for me."


"Damn, where did this guy go again?"

I have been looking for Long for two years. This time I finally found his residence, but he just moved out at this time. I am a botanist and have been interested in all kinds of strange plants since I was a child. A few years ago, I bought a flower from an African native for two million, and the flower still had a seed. The reason why I spent a lot of money on that kind of thing is because it is a new species that has not yet been discovered.

This flower is very precious to me. I picked the seeds and planted them in the laboratory, and gave the flower to Long, who is proficient in plant cultivation. Because I heard that this flower can take people into the dream world, I called it the "Dream Flower".

As the name suggests, this is a wonderful plant.

The flowers of the Dream Flower are gorgeous, and they can bloom bright red all year round. What's more amazing is that it has no definite flowering period, and the flowering time is also very uncertain. However, recent research reports tell me that this flower is a very scary thing, just like opium. In other words, this flower is a new type of drug.

I contacted my college classmate Peng, who had recently seen Long again, and the information he got from him sounded very pessimistic, Long might have become addicted. Peng was very worried after hearing my story, and was willing to help me find it. But we still didn't get Long's address, and we were still running around like headless flies.

"Welcome to the real ghost story experience . What do you want to investigate?"

"Okay, great detective, I don't have time to chat with you about all this useless stuff. Long's in trouble!"

Two days ago, my college classmate Yun came to my detective agency. We haven't seen each other for seven years. After getting a job, she is still as charming as before, and I heard that she has become a botanist.

"Long? Which Long?"

"It's Long from our university. Please, find him as soon as possible! Please."

After saying that, Yun seemed to have a lot left to deal with before leaving.

Long's house was rented in the suburbs, so it wasn't hard to find. After about two hours' drive, I arrived at Long's doorstep.

"Long, are you there?" I knocked on the door several times, but there seemed to be no response.

"Oh, who is it?"

"I'm Ka from #Detective Agency. Is Mr. Long at home?" I pretended not to know Long to see if he could guess who I was.

"Oh, wait a minute." Long seemed to have just woken up, and spoke lazily. But this was not unexpected, he was always like this.

"Oh, Ka, is that you?"

There was a handsome young man standing at the door. He hadn’t changed much in the past few years, not even his face or hairstyle.

Seeing me, Long seemed excited and looked me over carefully. I felt a little embarrassed.

"Would you like me to come in and sit down?"

"Forget it, Ka. You'll be scared if you go in." Long smiled a little embarrassedly. "I'm not rejecting you. You know me… Let's go to the restaurant across the street. I'll treat you."

Long was much thinner than before, and he left a lot of space when he stood at the door. I glanced at the room from the corner of my eye, and it was really terrible, giving me goose bumps.

"Do you know that Yun has been looking for you recently?"

"Tsk, tsk, oh, I don't know. What, discovered a new species again?" Long sipped on a bottle of pirated Maotai, looking very pleased. "Then you should go meet her. I'm sure you know the address of her laboratory."

We didn't talk about anything serious that day. We drank and reminisced until dark. Peng, I don't know what's wrong with me lately. I've been troubled by one thing after another. First, I couldn't find a good script, and now I finally found a good screenwriter and something went wrong. Fortunately, Yun called me and said that Long had been found, otherwise, I would have to find another screenwriter. Hey, Ka is really good at it. He was good at prying into people's privacy when he was in college.

I hurried to Long's home and happened to meet Yun on the way. Yun told me that Long was still drinking with Ka in the restaurant, so we decided to wait for him to come back at the door of Long's home. I sat in Yun's car, feeling very nervous. How should I put it? I have liked Yun since I was a child, and my love for her is deep. During the four years of college, I have always had a crush on her, but I just didn't have the courage to confess. In my eyes, she is so outstanding, not only has good grades, but she is also very lively and can always bring happiness to others. She is also helpful and has won the title of school beauty for four consecutive years. Unfortunately, four years is short, and after graduation, we still parted ways.

Because of this, I have never found a girlfriend. Because the girls on the street are so inferior to Yun. And I heard that Yun’s eight previous boyfriends all broke up with her without knowing why.

"This is your only chance, Peng, you can't keep silent any longer! Tell her you love her!" I lowered my head and glanced at Yun from the corner of my eye. No matter from which angle, she was so charming. At this time, my face was already flushed.

"Yun~um, what, I…"

"Ah for what?"

"I love you! Will you be my girlfriend?" After saying this, I felt all my strength being drained away.

Yun seemed to be frightened by my confession and stood there motionless. Then she lowered her head again, her face redder than mine. Just when I thought I was going to be rejected, a miracle happened. After thinking for a long time, Yun shyly raised her head, stammered, and said one word "OK".

This time I was the one who was stunned. I couldn't believe that Yun actually agreed to my proposal. But soon, I felt ashamed for not having a gift for Yun. I also blamed myself for confessing my love without any preparation.

I immediately drove to the most luxurious hotel nearby, where Yun and I were alone. At about two in the morning, I sent Yun home, and then I went home myself. Halfway through the journey, I realized that I had missed something important. It was precisely because I didn't remember that I didn't see the evil face outside Long's bedroom window.

"It's time to take action." The man in the window revealed a ferocious face, and the flower on the head of Long's bed seemed to understand what the man said. Even though it didn't move, it seemed to be responding.

The next day, the police broke down the door of the rental house and rushed into Long's bedroom. But it was too late. Long had already become a dried corpse. People were stunned by the scene before their eyes. Ka, who called the police, collapsed to the ground. He had wanted to wake Long up and chat with him, but he no longer had the chance.

With my condolences, the police carried away Long's body and everything that could be used as evidence, except for the flower pot on the bedside. It was taken away by someone, and when it was taken away, the beautiful flower had already withered, replaced by a plump berry. The berry was picked and put into a box, and there were already nine berries, including the one just now.

A few weeks later, Peng, who was in love, received a call from Yun, who was also in love: "Honey, we have been dating for many days. Come over. I will give you a gift."

Downstairs, Yun was holding the beautiful Dream Flower. Needless to say, everyone knows that Peng is honored to be the tenth. In fact, there is no Dream Flower in this world. What Yun held was a flower used for sacrifice deep in Africa, called the Dream Demon Flower. It can absorb the nerve products of animals. But it is obvious that Long was sucked dry, not the vegetation that absorbed the neurons. This is all due to Yun.

Plants are magical things. It is not easy to study the deep system of plants, and it is even more difficult to control them. Anyone who can control the so-called thinking of plants is called a plant speaker. And Yun is one of the best.

Long was too lazy. The Dream Flower was in a lightless environment for a long time and could not photosynthesize, so it would soon die. Yun could not bear to see this happen, so she controlled the roots of the flower to penetrate Long's large blood vessels while he was asleep to absorb organic matter. But Yun soon discovered that the flower grown in this way would grow larger than the previous eight flowers, so at the last moment Yun controlled all the roots of the flower to penetrate Long's blood vessels.

Long was sucked dry by Wen, who had always loved her, in her sleep.

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