Death Is Easy Chapter 2: Horrible Dreams

Xiaofei was awakened by her.

"What's going on?" Xiao Fei opened her eyes and looked around in confusion, "Where am I?"

"In the dormitory." Zhang Lina climbed onto Xiaofei's bed with great difficulty.

"In the dormitory? Are you kidding? How could the dormitory be flooded?" Xiao Fei looked confused.

But soon death was easy , and Xiaofei knew that no one was joking with her.

The strange yellow water swallowed up the other four girls in the dormitory and rushed towards Xiaofei and Zhang Lina with a roar.

Yes, it was roaring, threatening them ferociously like a living monster.

"Oh my God!" Xiao Fei groaned, "What kind of water is this?"

The strange yellow water was still expanding and would soon fill the entire space of the dormitory.

All the things, tables, chairs, quilts, clothes, shoes, tea cups, and the bodies of the four girls were swept away by the strange yellow water, disappearing without a trace, not even a trace left.

"I don't know." Zhang Lina panted, pulled Xiaofei up, and tried to escape through the window.

After many twists and turns, Zhang Lina finally got close to the window and reached out to push it.

The window was heavy, rusted, or blocked by something.

She did not give up. She used all her strength and finally pushed the window open slowly.

Unexpectedly, outside the window, it was dim and the yellow water was still rolling, bigger, faster and roaring more fiercely than in the dormitory.

A wave hit, and Zhang Lina and Xiao Fei were pushed back.

"Save me!" Xiaofei screamed.

Zhang Lina stepped on the water, stepped on the railing of the upper bed again, and held Xiaofei's hand tightly.

A vortex appeared behind Xiaofei, as if a giant python with a bloody mouth had attracted Xiaofei's legs.

"Don't let go!" Zhang Lina used all her strength to pull Xiaofei back.

But it's no use.

She clearly saw Xiao Fei's body being sucked into the vortex bit by bit, and she couldn't stand anymore.

Zhang Lina wants to save Xiaofei.

Yes, Xiaofei is her only friend in this strange city, a good friend who can truly share happiness and pain with her.

She doesn't want to lose Xiaofei.

However, she could hold Xiaofei's hand, but she could not hold the hand of the god of death.

Her body moved forward little by little along with Xiaofei's body.

She could feel her strength slowly draining away and about to run out.

Are you going to die?

She didn't want to die. She was still young. She still wanted to fall in love, find a boy she liked, and have a passionate romantic love, under the moonlight, until the end of time. She also wanted to be a writer, earn a fortune for every word she wrote, become famous all over the world, and return home in glory.

Let go, or not let go?

Life or death?

At this moment, time passes very slowly.

It was just a few seconds, but it seemed like centuries.

Finally, Zhang Lina made up her mind that death was easy . She looked at Xiaofei apologetically and shook her head gently.

Xiao Fei seemed to realize something and stopped begging. She suddenly laughed, a crazy laugh, and stared at Zhang Lina with sad and resentful eyes.

Amid Xiaofei's laughter, Zhang Lina slowly let go of her hand.

Xiao Fei laughed non-stop until tears came out of her eyes. Her wrist slowly slipped from Zhang Lina's fingers and was slowly drawn into the vortex.

Her eyes were always staring at Zhang Lina coldly, viciously and angry, as if she wanted to cut her into pieces, which made Zhang Lina feel creepy.

Everything will disappear, and Xiao Fei will never be seen again, but those resentful eyes are like a burning flame, deeply imprinted in Zhang Lina's mind, burning her entire brain to the point of bursting.

The palms of my hands began to become sticky, and some sticky and warm liquid flowed out from the palms of my hands.

"No!" Zhang Lina screamed in pain, holding her head with her hands.

She clearly heard the sound of her skull cracking, and the liquid in her hands became thicker and thicker.

Red blood and milky white brain marrow.

The cracks on the face are increasing and the gaps are getting bigger.

Finally, his hands could no longer hold it in. With a "bang", his entire brain exploded.

Blood and flesh flying everywhere!

"don't want!"

Zhang Lina screamed and trembled all over.

When I opened my eyes, the strange yellow water was gone, and the rotten smell was gone.

She was still sleeping in dormitory 442. The moonlight was cool and everything was normal.

It turns out, it was just a dream.

A dream within a dream.

Zhang Lina sighed and wiped the cold sweat off her forehead. Only then did she realize that her underwear was wet.

What a strange dream.

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