Dead Structure Wish Bookstore Three Hearts

Liu Min pressed the window button, and the summer night wind blew into the car, clearing her mind. She turned her head and looked at her husband who was driving. He smiled at her affectionately. Liu Min said: Concentrate on driving. She felt a little uneasy. Men are like this. If you don't show them some color, they won't know how to cherish, even their husbands are no exception.

She recalled the quarrel the previous afternoon, and she had a complete hysterical outburst, determined to divorce the man she had slept with for three years. She dropped the vase, the phone broke , and cruelly threw the fish in the tank to the ground, not caring about their lives. Her reason was simple, her husband was a workaholic, he ignored her too much, leaving her alone at home, she lived like the fish in the tank, comfortable environment, but lonely to death.

The husband left home in anger, and after missing for a few hours, he miraculously found the two of them. He bought flowers and red wine and arrived at the company early yesterday morning. He took a week of annual leave just to accompany her. Liu Min should be satisfied, but she still feels it is not enough. She hopes that her husband can help with housework, make a lot of money, and always treat her like a treasure. She thinks this is love.

The car was parked downstairs. Liu Min and her husband took the elevator upstairs. Her husband was carrying bags of various sizes and shapes, which were the results of today's shopping. Liu Min leaned against the door, waiting for her husband to open the door with the key.

When the door was opened, the room was lit and the floor was shiny. Liu Min couldn't believe her eyes. She changed her shoes and went in, inspecting each room. Everything was brand new and spotless. The dirty clothes that had been piled up for a long time were hung on the balcony, and the smoke from the kitchen stove disappeared. Liu Min said in surprise: Is there a snail girl in our house?

My husband didn't say anything: Maybe my mother came during the day. He put on his slippers and started brushing his teeth and washing his face.

Liu Min's mother-in-law is a very strict old lady who has always been at odds with Liu Min. Liu Min thought that maybe her mother-in-law suddenly showed kindness because Liu Min was going to divorce her son.

Honey, go to sleep quickly. We have to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy tomorrow. Liu Min felt sweet and greasy at her husband's voice. She felt very warm and turned off the lights in the living room. She washed her face and went to sleep.

For three days, her husband stayed by Liu Min's side like a honeymoon, caring for her and taking good care of her. Although it was summer, Liu Min felt as if she was bathed in spring breeze and was in a good mood all day long.

She asked: Husband, do you really love me?

He replied: If I didn't love you, why would I marry you and let you take care of me and satisfy me?

Liu Min walked on the street as if no one was around, and put her arms around her husband's neck: I'm sorry, I went too far.

The husband suddenly started to cough violently, bent over in pain, and his face turned frighteningly pale. Liu Min panicked and asked anxiously: Honey, what's wrong with you? What's wrong with you? Liu Min looked carefully and saw that her husband looked haggard. How could his originally strong body not bear her weight? Let's go home and rest. Don't eat dinner outside. You are too tired. Liu Min blamed herself.

It's okay, it's okay. My husband recovered instantly and smiled, just don't attack me suddenly again.

Liu Min went to eat with a half-believing attitude. She kept observing her husband. Everything had returned to normal, and she felt relieved. After dinner, Liu Min and her husband went home chatting and laughing. Every time she came back in the past two days, the house had been cleaned up. Not only her husband had changed, but even her mother-in-law had become unbelievably good.

When she opened the door, the lights were still on. The house had obviously been tidied again, and the quilt that she hadn't had time to fold in the morning was neatly laid out. Liu Min knew that it would be too much if she didn't call her mother-in-law. She watched her tired husband climb into bed. The clock on the wall just pointed to nine o'clock, so she called her mother-in-law's house.

Hello, mom. I'm Xiaomin. Liu Min greets.

Xiao Min, are you guys out again today? I'm telling you not to spend money like that. My mother-in-law's voice came over.

Liu Min felt disgusted again, but considering her mother-in-law's cleaning for several days in a row, she suppressed her anger: "Mom, I know. Thank you for these two days. I can clean by myself. You don't have to come tomorrow. We will come to see you on the weekend."

What are you cleaning? I haven't been to your place for a month. We live so close, but you don't come to see me and your dad. Mother-in-law complained.

Liu Min held the phone in her hand, but her mind was buzzing. Didn't the mother-in-law come? Who was the one who cleaned the house?

Xiao Min, Xiao Min? Hello! My mother-in-law called on the phone.

Mom, you should go to bed early, I'm fine. Liu Min hung up the phone and rushed into the bedroom, "Husband, husband, mom didn't come, who cleaned for us?"

Her husband was already sleeping soundly, and Liu Min couldn't wake him up no matter how hard she tried. Liu Min suddenly felt a little scary at home, so she ran to the front door, locked all three locks on the security door, ran back to the bedroom, and locked the bedroom door as well. No matter who came, being able to come in and out of her home at will was really worrying, so Liu Min decided to change the locks on the front door early tomorrow morning.

The lock of the security door was difficult to change, and after a whole morning of hard work, she finally finished it. Liu Min grabbed her wallet and walked out while saying to her husband who was sitting in the living room watching TV: "I'm going to buy some food, and we'll eat at home at noon." Her husband nodded, and Liu Min went to a nearby supermarket alone.

Liu Min carefully selected, took items from the shelves and put them into the shopping cart.

Liu Min. Someone tapped her on the shoulder.

Liu Min looked up and saw that it was the wife of her husband's colleague. She lived nearby and was a full-time housewife like Liu Min. Liu Min smiled and greeted her: Hello, long time no see.

The colleague's wife looked down at Liu Min's shopping cart and said, "You bought so many delicious foods. You must nourish your husband." Liu Min smiled, and the colleague's wife continued, "My wife said that your husband looked very bad yesterday. The company has been preparing for the exhibition these days, and your husband is exhausted."

Liu Min's smile froze. She asked in confusion: What exhibition? My husband is on New Year's Day vacation?

My colleague laughed: I called my husband at the company yesterday and heard his husband talking next to me.

Liu Min said: You must have heard it wrong.

No, your husband invited me to your house on the phone. My colleague's wife was a little puzzled, what's wrong with you?

It's okay, it's okay. Liu Min felt that something was wrong, so she left the supermarket in a hurry without caring about the full shopping cart, leaving her colleague's wife behind with a puzzled look on her face.

Liu Min felt her heart beating violently and her hands trembling uncontrollably. What was going on? She took out the new key and opened the door tremblingly.

My husband was mopping the floor in an apron. He saw Liu Min standing at the door and said gently, "Are you back? The meal is ready and waiting for you." Then he continued to clean.

Liu Min didn't know how to start. She ran to the phone and called her husband's office number. The phone rang and a familiar voice came from the other end. Liu Min's heart seemed to be tightly grasped. She listened to her husband's constant "hello" on the phone, but she couldn't say a word.

Liu Min immediately hung up the phone, turned around, and looked towards the bedroom. She couldn't help but gasp. On the bed in the bedroom, there was a husband lying there, holding the morning newspaper in his hand. Liu Min felt dizzy, she couldn't stand up, her eyes went dark, and she fell down.

Liu Min, Liu Min Liu Min's hand hurts, someone is pinching her palm, she opened her eyes, but couldn't believe what she saw. Three husbands surrounded her, one was wearing a suit , one was wearing casual clothes, and one was wearing an apron, all three of them looked nervous and anxiously at her.

Liu Min sat up suddenly, pulling the towel blanket tightly around her body, sweating all over: Why? How could there be three? Which one is my husband?

The three husbands looked at each other and said in unison: We all do, isn’t this what you want?

What I hope for? How can it be what I hope for? Liu Min's head began to hurt violently. She didn't understand how all this happened.

This is your wish, you asked for it yourself, have you forgotten it? The three husbands said in unison.

Liu Min suddenly seemed to understand something. She opened her mouth in surprise and remembered what happened after she quarreled with her husband that day.

Her husband had been out for half an hour. Liu Min looked at the mess at home and felt terrible. She felt suffocated and didn't want to stay in this house for another minute. She locked the door, took the elevator, and quickly fled to the place that no longer felt like home.

Liu Min wandered aimlessly in the city and slowly came to an old town, a remote place she had never been to. There was a narrow path in the middle, and low old buildings on both sides. Liu Min didn't expect that there was such a place without any modern atmosphere in this city. She walked lazily, and the doors on both sides were tightly closed. Although it was afternoon, there was no pedestrian.

There was a small door in front of her that was open. Liu Min walked slowly over to it. There was a small plaque on the door that read: Wish Bookstore. She walked in. The house was a little dark. The windows were still old-style wooden structures. The sun shone into the house through the window sills. A faint dusty smoke filled the air. The house was filled with heavy dark red bookshelves that reached the roof. Liu Min picked up a book and flipped through it. The pages of the thread-bound ancient book were turned up, and the long-standing musty smell came to her nose, mixed with the dust that was raised, which irritated Liu Min to sneeze non-stop.

Want to buy a book? On the other side of the bookshelf. An old voice sounded.

Liu Min looked through the gap between the books and saw an old man with black-framed glasses and silver hair turning around and walking towards her.

I'm just taking a look. Liu Min was in a bad mood and answered him casually.

My Wish Bookstore has been open for many years. Most people can't find it. Since you can come in, I will recommend a book to you. The old man handed the book in his hand to Liu Min without any expression.

Liu Min took the book, and on the cover it was written: Three Hearts. She opened the book, and the pages were blank. Liu Min was a little angry. She was already in a bad mood after quarreling with her husband, and this old man teased her with a blank book.

She returned the book to the old man and said: This book has no content.

The old man looked over mysteriously, staring at Liu Min: Who said there is no content? Take another look.

Liu Min took it and looked at it again. There was content on the first page. She looked carefully and found that it was about her quarrel with her husband. Even her name and home address were written word for word. Liu Min was shocked and the book fell to the ground.

How is this possible? Liu Min felt that the old man's eyes were a little strange, and her consciousness began to blur, as if she was drunk and unconscious. Her voice was very empty and far away, as if it didn't come from her mouth.

As if by magic, the old man suddenly had a pen in his hand, and he put the pen into Liu Min's hand. Liu Min's hand was out of control, and she mechanically picked up the pen and wrote on the title page of the book: I want to be able to do housework, make money, and accompany my husband all day. She wrote with difficulty, her brain had lost control, and her eyes kept flashing with strange people in the same room, wearing clothes from different eras, holding pens and writing on the book. Finally, she finished writing, her body softened, and she fell down.

The old man sneered: I have one more item in my collection, very good, very good.

Liu Min recalled that when she woke up again, she was already lying on the bed at home. She didn't know how she got home, and after returning home, her memory of going to the Wish Bookstore had disappeared. Not long after, her husband stood in front of her with flowers and red wine, looking gentle.

Liu Min's head began to hurt again. She hugged her head and said dejectedly: It seems to be my wish, but I just want an omnipotent husband, how can I have three?

The three husbands suddenly raised their voices: You know there can’t be such a perfect person, that’s why we have three of us.

No, I only want one, I don’t want three! ! Liu Min hugged her head and yelled, “All of you disappear, all of you disappear!”

Honey, we play with you, make money for you, and help you clean up. How can you make us all disappear? Isn’t this the life you want? The faces of the three husbands began to twist and lose their normal blood color. Their faces turned pale and their eyes bulged out. They rushed towards Liu Min together.

Damn old man, let them go, they are not my husbands, give my husband back to me! Liu Min jumped up from the bed in fear, hiding from the three husbands who had lost their humanity and were frantically trying to catch her.

Hehe, after a puff of smoke, the old man appeared and said, Liu Min, your wish has come true and it’s time for you to repay me.

I didn't ask you to fulfill any wish for me. You are a devil. Give my husband back to me. Liu Min has been caught by three husbands. She was pressed on the bed and could not move.

If you don't have greed in your heart, how could you possibly meet me? People with good hearts have no chance to meet me. You should ask your own heart. The old man said slowly, I have collected your wishes. In order to realize them, your original husband has disappeared from this world. I sent three other people. Haven't you had a good time these days? You should be grateful to me.

Liu Min was stunned. This was indeed the result of her desire. She wanted to marry a rich and talented husband, but she was not satisfied after being a full-time housewife. Her vanity and greed made her life a mess. She sat on the bed and stopped struggling: Is my husband dead?

He went to my world before you. The old man began to sneer again.

Liu Min lowered her head weakly.

An old lady and the police pried open the door. The room was in a mess, a vase was broken on the floor, the telephone receiver had a big crack, the water tank was shattered, the fish carcasses had already started to stink, and it seemed that a fierce quarrel had taken place in the house.

You didn’t come here after you found out they were missing? Captain Wang asked.

The old lady wiped the tears from her eyes: "My relationship with my wife is not good, and I don't have much contact with them. It's been a week, and I can't get through on the phone. I came once and found that the door lock had been changed. Where did they go? I'm so worried, I only have this one son." The old lady sat on the ground and cried.

Don't worry, maybe the couple had a quarrel and went out, we will find them as soon as possible, you go back first. Captain Wang frowned.

What should we do? The old lady cried and refused to leave, so a female police officer forcibly helped her out.

The old lady walked away, and Captain Wang said to himself: This is the third person who disappeared without a reason.

In the Wish Bookstore, the old man read the missing person notice in the newspaper and threw the newspaper into the trash can. He picked up a book and flipped through it. It was an ancient book with thread binding and full vertical pages. The old man said to the book kindly: You can live here well. After that, he put the book into the dusty bookshelf with satisfaction. The cover of the book was written in ink: Three Hearts.

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