Dead Structure Chapter 430: Pale White Skin

Before, I saw that the eyes of the mural were clearly closed, but now, the eyes of the mural slowly opened, revealing a pair of very strange pupils!

The pupil is not brown-black like a living person, but glows with a strange blue light. My grandfather had vitiligo before, and the outermost circle of his pupil glows with a faint blue light. The doctor said that when the disease attacks, the patient cannot see the sun, otherwise the patient's eyes will feel obvious pain and even inflammation. The redness and swelling of the white part of this person's eyes is in line with the doctor's words.

At this moment, the person hiding behind the mural realized that I was looking up at it, and immediately tried to escape in a hurry.

"Who are you? What are you doing here!" I shouted in a low voice, but the man ignored me. A rustling sound came from behind the stone wall above our heads, and then the eyes in the mural turned into two black holes. It was obvious that the man had escaped.

"Zombies, those are zombies…" Qiao Shuiyue whispered, "Let's go quickly, or the zombies will come down soon."

I responded. Although I didn't see the whole picture of the zombie, I could feel its weirdness. Just as Qiao Shuiyue said, it was good enough for us to stay safe at this time. I didn't want to provoke this unlucky thing at all. We hurriedly planned to run out of the cave. Shuiyue walked in front, and I followed with a torch in my hand. After running a few steps, I whispered happily: "It suddenly occurred to me that this zombie is very similar to the old Si outside. They both use poisonous insects to preserve their skins, and they both make people immortal…"

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As soon as she finished speaking, I suddenly heard a sound of Kara coming from above my head.

The escaping zombie seemed to suddenly stop moving.

The zombie stopped not far from us, and my heart skipped a beat. I ordered Xiaoye to take Shuiyue and Xinran out first, and take them to a safe place to hide. I was afraid that the zombie would cause trouble again, so I stayed in the stone room. As soon as I finished speaking, there was another sound of "Kara" from the stone wall above my head. The zombie turned around and quickly crawled towards us.

Damn it, they won’t let us go easily.

I quickly pulled out the broken sword, sharpened it with blood, and held it across my chest, always paying attention to the movements of the zombie above my head. Xiaoye quickly brought Xinran and Shuiyue out of the cave. At the moment when the two girls left the cave, I heard a heavy sigh from the stone chamber. Then, the zombie seemed to climb right above my head. I looked up at the stone slab, and my heart almost jumped out of my throat.

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Is she going to break through the stone wall above my head?

But looking at the structure of the stone chamber, if the curved top stone slab breaks, I'm afraid the whole stone chamber will collapse. At that time, not only will I be buried in the stone pile, but the zombie will not be spared. Why did it do this?

Just when I was puzzled, a woman's voice suddenly came from the stone chamber.

"How is he?"

The woman's voice sounded very strange. She spoke like a seriously ill patient, without any breath. Her voice was weak when she spoke, and her breath was trembling constantly, as if she was in great pain all the time. The woman just stopped suddenly when she heard us talking about Lao Si, so the "he" she was talking about must be Lao Si.

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"What's his condition like? It has nothing to do with you." I said coldly. After that, I held my breath and concentrated all my strength on my legs.

As long as there is the slightest movement above my head, I will rush out of the stone chamber immediately. I don't want to stay here and be buried with the zombies.

"What does it have to do with me… Haha, what does it have to do with me?" The zombie kept repeating what I said for some reason. Her voice sounded very calm, without any emotion, so I couldn't tell whether this woman and the old driver were enemies or friends. Finally, the zombie suddenly said, "You were left here by him, right?"

I didn't answer, but the zombie suddenly laughed.

"If he throws you down, you will become his enemy. There is nothing under this cliff. It's a living hell for you to live here. You might as well…" The zombie spoke these words very slowly, almost jumping out word by word. At the end, there was a hint of excitement in the zombie's lifeless voice.

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"Why not, help me!"

Suddenly, a piece of stone behind me made a crisp sound, and the whole stone slab suddenly shattered. The solid bluestone slab instantly exploded into a gray firework. The sound of the explosion shocked my heart, and I subconsciously hid backwards. This stone room was not big to begin with, and I hid at the door of the side hall. The bluestone slab suddenly exploded, and the airflow made the light of the torch in my hand sway. The light flickered, and I saw Xiaoye suddenly rushed in from outside.

The Yin energy on its body dispersed the smoke produced by the explosion of the bluestone slab. The moment Xiaoye saw me, he suddenly raised his hand and pointed behind me and shouted: "Brother, brother, behind you!"

However, when the sound reached me, it was too late.

A yin energy suddenly attacked me from behind. It had a slightly sweet and strange smell and stuck to my back almost instantly. I subconsciously wanted to turn around and throw the thing behind me away, but after trying several times, I realized that the thing behind me was not a human or a zombie. It didn't have a human shape or structure . To be precise, it was just a piece of skin.

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The skin was wrapped tightly around me, and the hands of the human skin were wrapped around my chest. When I lowered my head, I could see two bluish-white hands overlapping and tightly wrapped around my chest. There were some strange patterns tattooed on the hands, and at a quick glance, I only saw a scarlet double-petaled flower tattooed on its left hand.

The flowers are beautiful, but I just don’t have the leisure to appreciate them right now!

The human skin brought with it a chill that penetrated into the human bone marrow. The chill instantly spread throughout my body. The human skin seemed to have life, wrapping tighter and tighter around me. The pair of feet of the human skin had already wrapped around my right leg, and its hands and feet were almost strangling my body to death.

"Brother, there's a bug behind you." Xiaoye's voice was already a little tearful. It was a celestial being, but it was still a ghost after all. It had an absolute advantage in front of the evil spirits, but once the thing that trapped me had a physical body, it would have no way to deal with it. Moreover, at this moment, I was still holding a broken sword with a broken blade in my hand, so Xiaoye didn't dare to get close to me.

I wanted to use the broken sword to pry open the hands that were strangling my chest, but I didn't know where to start.

That piece of bluish-white skin had almost merged into my body, without any gap at all.

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