Dead Structure Chapter 1351 Red Weapon


Chapter 1351 Red Weapon

The class reunion ended with a supernatural incident caused by a wishing ghost. Although there were some dangerous incidents in the process, fortunately everyone was safe. Late at night.

Everyone left the Ping An Hotel and went back to rest.

Yang Jian left early. He had his own things to do and was not so leisurely.

After inspecting Dachang City, he let the water that had submerged the city dissipate and lifted the alert. He then returned to Guanjiang Community and came to Safe House No. 1. He opened the door.

Although Jiang Yan, Zhang Liqin and her mother Zhang Fenwang were very sleepy, they still did not fall asleep. After all, they were worried about the situation outside and had no intention of sleeping.

"It's over now. There won't be any more trouble." Yang Jian said as soon as he walked into the safe house.

"It's great that Yang Jian is fine now. I knew it was just a false alarm." Jiang Yan was immediately shocked and delighted.

Zhang Liqin said: "Then can we go home and sleep? Jiang Yan and I don't mind staying up late, but my aunt is very sleepy, but she insists on not sleeping and wants to wait for you to come back." "You can go back to sleep, home is safe." Yang Jian said.

"Then I'll go call my aunt out." Zhang Liqin turned and walked towards one of the rooms in the safe house.

Safe house No. 1 is very small. There is only one room made of gold that can isolate evil spirits. The other rooms are storage rooms for supplies and equipment rooms for maintaining the operation of the safe house. However, there is also a dead structure of safe house No. 2 in Guanjiang Community, and that safe house is very large.

However, safe house number two is public. Not only Yang Jian can enter, but many people living in Guanjiang Community can enter. Only safe house number one is his private property.

Zhang Liqin brought the sleepy Zhang Fen out of the room. Seeing Yang Jian's concerned face, Zhang Fen hurriedly asked if Yang Jian was okay and whether he was injured.

"Mom, I'm fine. It's just a small problem. I've already dealt with it. But I still have some follow-up work and reports to do. You go back and rest first. I still have to continue working and go back to sleep later." Yang Jian said.

He then instructed Zhang Liqin and Jiang Yan to take his mother home to rest.

"Then you should come and rest early after you finish your work. Sister Qin and I will be waiting in your room. Don't be too late." Jiang Yan said softly. "I will stay in the safe house for a while. If it's too late, the recording can be put off until tomorrow morning. You can rest first." Yang Jian said. "Okay then." Jiang Yan pouted.

After sending the three away, the safe house became empty again, leaving only him.

Water appeared under Yang Jian's feet, and the solid cement floor was penetrated. Strong spiritual interference appeared in the safe house. As long as they did not enter the room isolated by gold, the spirits could still invade the room outside.

When the accumulated water formed a certain size, a wooden man was lifted up by the pale corpses in the water. He quickly emerged from the accumulated water and finally appeared in front of Yang Jian. This wooden man was none other than the wishing ghost who had been in a state of paralysis.

Such a terrifying ghost coupled with the ghost cabinet, if it were not too strictly bound by the rules, such a ghost would never be imprisoned so easily.

"The ability to fulfill people's wishes, coupled with the ability to satisfy all trading rules, it would be a pity to abandon such a supernatural power in my hands. If I can use it reasonably and control it, it will be a huge help to me.

Yang Jian couldn't even wait a day, and immediately thought about how to use the red wooden man in front of him. The simplest way is to find someone to control it, so that he can perfectly steal the power of the evil spirit.

For example, if the wooden man is covered with Li Jun's human skin and Ah Hong is asked to draw the man, a top ghost rider will be born. However, the human skin that carries Li Jun's consciousness has been decided to use Chen Qiaoyang's corpse as a carrier, and no longer needs to rely on the wishing ghost.

"Or should we let someone around us control it?" Yang Jian thought again, wondering if there was anyone around him who was suitable to control this evil spirit. Li Yang, Xiong Wenwen, and Feng Quan were definitely not suitable.

Huang Ziya, Tong Qian, and Wang Yong, these three people don't seem to be suitable. If you really have to choose one from your teammates, maybe Huang Ziya is more suitable.

"Forget it. There is no need to break the balance by force and control such a terrifying ghost. Since this ghost is dead, why not make it into a supernatural item that can fulfill people's wishes." Yang Jian came up with such an idea.

And the more he thought about it, the more he felt that his idea was correct.

Even if a wishing ghost is controlled by someone, it may still wake up from a dead state. Once it wakes up, the ghost driver will be doomed to fail, and it is impossible to fight against the awakened wishing ghost. On the contrary, if it is made into a supernatural object, it can not only obtain the power of the evil ghost, but also prevent the evil ghost from waking up, so as not to put oneself in danger. After all, such a terrifying and dead evil ghost is very rare, and the purpose must be carefully considered.

"Before thinking about how to use this wishing ghost, I must first figure out how to use the power of the evil ghost when the ghost is dead." Yang Jian thought to himself. This is not like a necklace that can be used just by holding it. The specific method requires continuous research and experimentation.

Yang Jian did not intend to leave it to Dr. Chen to study slowly. He planned to take a shortcut and directly fish out a strange piece of human skin paper from the accumulated water under his feet.

"Now is the time for you to show your value. It's best if you cooperate. Your trip to Baishui Town has reduced my patience with you to the lowest level. Now I am thinking of locking you up completely at any time. In my current state, you can only be icing on the cake for me.

He stared at the human skin and said seriously.

After leaving Baishui Town, Yang Jian occasionally thought about how to deal with this piece of human skin.

This thing became more and more evil. By misleading Wang Shanshan, it almost controlled the ghost child and then successfully turned the tables.

The ghost child has terrible potential. What he lacks is nothing more than some wisdom. Whether the human skin paper controls the ghost child or the ghost child eats the human skin paper, the changes brought about are very terrifying. Yang Jian has fully experienced this in the Baishui Town incident.

"My name is Yang Jian. When you see this sentence, I will be dead…" The twisted and strange handwriting appeared as usual.

"I was lucky enough to survive the Baishui Town incident, but I was not happy after returning to Dachang City because I once again encountered a dangerous supernatural incident at a class reunion.

"It's hard to believe that after twelve o'clock, I used the ghost lake and the restart method to successfully defeat this terrifying ghost and put the ghost into a dead state.

The human skin paper seemed to be really cooperative this time, or it knew that Yang Jian was still angry about what happened last time, and it planned to behave better this time. If it still looked unruly, then the human skin paper would definitely be imprisoned by Yang Jian forever and would never have the chance to show up again.

Stop talking nonsense and tell me how to use the supernatural power of this wishing ghost after the crash. "Yang Jian stared at the human skin paper and asked directly. This time he was not using the human skin paper at the critical moment of life and death, but just asking how to use its supernatural power, so there was no possibility of being cheated. The human skin paper also had only two choices, either to cooperate or not to cooperate.

If Yang Jian is unable to use the power of the wishing ghost due to concealing something, then it is equal to not cooperating, and then the human skin paper will have to pay the corresponding price for its behavior. New handwriting began to appear on the human skin paper. "I stood in the No. 1 safe house in Guanjiang Community, looking at the weird wooden man in front of me, thinking about how to use the power of the evil ghost when the evil ghost crashes.

"I found the right method after repeated attempts. When I came into contact with the blood flowing from the wishing ghost, I could connect with the wishing ghost through the blood. However, this method has side effects. Every time I use the wishing ghost's magic, the blood on the wooden man will erode me a little.

"Now that I know how to use it, I think this supernatural power must be used with great caution, because every wish I make will cost me a part of my life, and the more difficult the wish is to fulfill, the greater the price. When all the blood gathers on me, I may become a new wishing ghost."

Yang Jian looked at the lines of twisted black characters on the human skin paper, and he already understood the supernatural power and price of using the wish ghost. "But this should be just one of the supernatural powers. You haven't mentioned the supernatural power of the ghost cabinet transaction yet." But the handwriting on the human skin paper gradually disappeared, and there was no response.

"Do you choose to conceal part of it or is the other part of the supernatural a trap, or is it too beneficial to me, so I dare not reveal it." Yang Jian's eyes turned cold. However, the goal has been achieved this time, and he doesn't want to continue asking about the human skin paper. The rest of the supernatural will be explored slowly in the future.

"The cost of using the Wishing Ghost? For me, it doesn't exist at all. As long as I restart the Wishing Ghost every time, the ghost will be eroded directly. However, there is one thing that Human Skin Paper said is very true, that is, you have to be restrained when making wishes. You can't make a wish that is too difficult, otherwise the cost will be too high and I may be eroded by the Wishing Ghost in an instant.

After thinking for a while, Yang Jian decided to add the magical power of the wishing ghost to the magical weapon in his hand.

A cracked spear emerged from the puddles under his feet and stood before him. Yang Jian looked at the magical weapon and then at the strange wooden man beside him. He didn't think much about it.

He grabbed the cracked spear and broke it hard at the weak spot. The cracked spear broke and the three items were taken down by Yang Jian.

A hatchet, coffin nails, and a strange hand, but this hand was now only a layer of human skin, as if it had been deliberately flattened. "Let this wishing ghost become the new carrier of these supernatural weapons." Yang Jian held the hatchet and cut a hole in the wooden man. Scarlet blood flowed out.

Yang Jian directly made a wish to "change your shape and become a new gun body the next moment.

The wooden man in front of him was indeed twisted strangely. The outline of the human figure shrank, his hands and feet disappeared, and finally formed a red wooden stick.

This wish was insignificant, because the shape of the spirit was not important, but when Yang Jian withdrew his palm, he saw that there was still a trace of scarlet blood on his pale palm.

Apparently, a little bit of the wishing ghost's blood had invaded Yang Jian's body. Yang Jian immediately restarted himself.

The streak of scarlet blood on the palm disappeared.

"Sure enough, my previous guess was correct. By restarting myself, I can erase the erosion of the wishing ghost on myself." Yang Jian thought to himself. Then.

He began to forge a new supernatural weapon, but this time it was simple, he only needed to embed the hatchet and coffin nails in it. After a while, a spear covered with red paint and emitting a cold aura appeared before his eyes.

This time, Yang Jian completely abandoned the material of gold. All the weapons were made of supernatural materials. The only thing he spent some time on was to embed the coffin nails in them. He used the mortise and tenon structure to fix the coffin nails in the red wood.

This is because the red wood represents a ghost and cannot be pierced by the coffin nails, otherwise the wishing ghost will be nailed and lose its spiritual power.

Most of the gun was covered in a layer of cold human skin. This was an area that could not be touched because of a terrible curse that would kill anyone who lost balance. "Done."

Yang Jian stretched out his hand and grasped the new spear, waving it a bit, not afraid of it breaking even with great force. "Go out and try a new way of attack.

He walked out of the safe house with the red spear and directly used the ghost domain to appear on the top floor of Shangtong Building.

The cool night breeze blew, and Yang Jian, standing on the top floor, did not move at all. He overlooked the city, and his ghost eyes, which had become frozen, turned randomly according to his thoughts, spying on every corner of the city.

Soon, Yang Jian found his target.

It was a thief who was picking the lock of a house, trying to steal.

That house had been uninhabited for a long time, and the owner was probably killed in a starving incident, but there were still a lot of valuables left in the house. It seemed that the thief had been eyeing the place for a long time and chose to act today.

"It's your bad luck. Normally I wouldn't care about this matter, but today you are a good experimental subject.

Yang Jian picked up the red spear in his hand. He exerted a little force with his ghostly hand, and his cold nails sank into the red wood. Strands of scarlet blood flowed out and touched him. He whispered softly, and said a wish like a curse: "The spear will definitely pierce the thief's palm when it is thrown." Then, the spear was thrown.

The thief was in the west of the city, but Yang Jian threw the spear in the east. The directions were completely opposite.

The thrown spear disappeared silently in the darkness, and no one knew where it flew to. However, ordinary people could not see the position of the spear clearly, but Yang Jian's ghost eyes had been locked on the spear.

Yang Jian saw the flying spear slid through an arc in the air, and then flew straight towards the west of the city, but the speed was not fast, just the normal speed of throwing it out. The ghost eye locked on it and followed it all the way.

In a few tens of seconds, the dead structure , the spear passed through the building, shattered the windows, bypassed the wall, and finally made a loud bang "Ah"

The thief who had just opened the door let out a howl of pain before he could go in to steal.

A long spear flew from nowhere and pierced through his palm and nailed it to the wall next to him. He didn't dare to struggle, because the more he struggled, the more painful his palm became, and he almost fainted.

The loud shouting turned on the sound-activated lights in the building, but at this moment the lights were flickering.

A man suddenly appeared in the corridor between the flickering lights, and then walked towards this side with a calm look. *Go to the hospital for treatment, or you may lose your life if you steal again next time. "Yang Jian appeared and pulled out the spear nailed to the wall. There was another scream, and the thief looked at Yang Jian in horror, not knowing what to do. Yang Jian ignored it and just turned and left.

The light flickered again, and before I could hear the sound of someone coming down the stairs, the person had already disappeared. "That's horrible, what was that just now? Was it a person or a ghost?

The thief became more and more frightened at this moment. He looked in the direction where Yang Jian disappeared, and then looked at the open door. He dared not steal at this moment. He quickly closed the door, then covered his hands and fled.

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