Dead Structure Chapter 1341 Alternative Solution

A trap for the wishing ghost has now been completed.

Ghost candles were burning, the smell of ghost incense was floating in the air, and the oil lamp that could illuminate evil spirits was also swaying. In addition, two ghost riders, Yang Jian and Liu Qi, were sitting here. In this situation, even if an evil spirit from an S-level supernatural event dared to show up, it would probably be imprisoned.

Everyone is full of confidence at this moment, and they are all quietly waiting for the ghost to appear.

"If the wishing ghost really has the consciousness of a living person, then I really want to know how it would respond in this situation." Yang Jian thought secretly in his heart.

The time has now come to eleven o'clock in the evening, and there is only one hour left for the day to pass.

Within the remaining hour, the ghost will definitely appear in front of Yang Jian.

However, facing this already set trap, if the ghost appears normally it will definitely be easily imprisoned.


The door opened again and the dining car reappeared.

But this time there was a change. There were three bowls of fried rice on the dining cart, and the quantity actually increased.

"This guy is actually speeding up the food delivery. Zhang Wei is in trouble now." Wang Shanshan said.

Zhang Wei said, "It's okay. Including the previous ones, there are only seven servings of egg fried rice. It's still a long way from twenty servings. I can handle it."

Yang Jian didn't say anything. He stayed away from the range of the ghost fragrance, not wanting to be affected. At this moment, he sat in a corner and kept an eye on the hotel and its surroundings with his ghost eyes.

Five minutes passed.

Everything was normal, but a new food truck appeared again, still selling fried rice, and this time again three servings.

"At this speed and frequency of delivery, twenty servings of fried rice should be ready in less than half an hour. Moreover, these food trucks are not delivered from inside the restaurant, but from outside. No wonder there is such a long time interval. It seems that the ghosts are very cautious."

Dead structure_Dead structure radical group word_Dead structure and radical

"Wait, the situation has arisen."

In the sight of the ghost eye, Yang Jian saw that suddenly there were many more vehicles on the road near the hotel. These vehicles included private cars, taxis, and buses… All the vehicles seemed to be under unified command and were all driving towards the Peace Hotel.

The vehicles completely ignored traffic regulations and ran recklessly.

Soon, the area near the Peace Hotel was surrounded by these vehicles.


The car door opened, and people got out one by one, and then walked towards the hotel without any prior arrangement.

There are a lot of people. A quick glance can roughly estimate that the number is definitely no less than four hundred.

And as the incident passed, more and more people drove over and walked towards the hotel. In just a moment, all the nearby streets were blocked by cars, but the people in the cars did not give up and still chose to approach on foot.

"Was the ghost's first wave of temptation relying on numbers? Or did the ghost want to hide among so many people and sneak into the hotel?"

Yang Jian frowned.

In his ghost eyes, all the people were normal living people, but like the waiter before, they were controlled by the spirits and had no idea what they were doing at the moment.

Liu Qi also heard the noise. He immediately stood up and went to the window to look outside. His face immediately changed: "So many people? Is the ghost planning to sneak in under the cover of these people?"

"It controls the living people, allowing all the people to pour in. I can definitely send them away again."

Yang Jian said: "Using the ghost domain to send these people dozens of kilometers away, it is impossible for them to get back in an hour, but…"

Just when he was about to take action.

Dead structure and radical_Dead structure_Dead structure radical group word

On the ground, the body of the first waiter kept reminding him of something important.

If they messed up, these people would die immediately like the first waiter.

"Yang Jian, they are coming in, you can start now, Yang Jian…" Liu Qi reminded, then he turned around and saw Yang Jian staring at the corpse on the ground.

Then, his face changed and he realized the problem: "Could it be that these people are like the first waiter, and will die if they move?"

"Nine times out of ten."

Yang Jian said solemnly, "Otherwise the ghost would not have allowed these living people to come. It wants to use the lives of the living as a cover."

"Is there any way to cut off the influence of the evil spirits on them?" Wang Shanshan could already hear the sound of a group of people going upstairs, which was messy and noisy.

"To cut off the connection between the evil spirits and the living, we must use supernatural powers. Once the supernatural powers are used , the living people will be disturbed and the evil spirits will kill them without hesitation."

Yang Jian's eyes gradually turned cold: "The ghost's purpose is very clear, to use living people to fill this restaurant."

"With the interference of living people, we can't do many things."

"Isn't this moral kidnapping? If we had no morals, we wouldn't be kidnapped," said Zhang Wei.

Miao Xiaoshan said: "Don't give me such bad ideas. This is Dachang City, where there are as many living people as you want. Do you want Yang Jian to kill everyone in the city? Not to mention that there may be many acquaintances among these people."

"That's definitely not possible." Zhang Wei said.

"Since we can't move these people, let's move something else. I will move the dead structure of the Peace Hotel to the suburbs," said Yang Jian.

Then the ghost domain shrouded it and tried to move the building.

Dead structure_Dead structure radical group word_Dead structure and radical

However, the ghost eye's sight began to distort as soon as it left the hall, and a strong supernatural interference enveloped the building.

"Still want to disturb me?" Yang Jian's face turned cold.

The will-o'-the-wisp ignited instantly.

The cold flames began to burn. At this moment, the ghost realm was no longer affected and the building was shrouded in the ghost realm.

However, when Yang Jian tried to use the ghost domain to move the building, he found that the building did not move at all and there was no change at all.

Some kind of supernatural force blocked all of this and nailed the building to the spot, preventing it from being moved away.

"Is it the supernatural power of wishing ghosts?" Yang Jian frowned deeply.

Only at this moment did he realize that this ghost was not just about making wishes, but its own level of terror was also very high.

Bang! Bang!

At this moment, there was a loud banging sound outside the door. Many people were hitting the door and wanted to come in, but the door was locked by Liu Qi at this moment, briefly blocking the people outside.

"The transfer to the ghost domain has failed. Now we either withdraw or stay to fight these people and then find the evil ghost. But I don't want to withdraw. The ghost can block this building and other buildings. There is no point in delaying time. What if the ghost brings all the remaining fried rice next time? Zhang Wei's family will definitely die." Yang Jian said.

After saying this, his ghostly eyes turned.

The architectural structure of this floor subsequently changed.

The windows disappeared, the doors disappeared, and everything turned into thick walls. Yang Jian blocked the hall and left only a few small holes for ventilation to prevent everyone from depriving of oxygen.

As he did so.

Dead structure and radical_Dead structure_Dead structure radical group word

The sound of collision stopped immediately.

But then, something unexpected happened.

The wall suddenly cracked, collapsed, and turned into powder, which was completely dissipated by the wind.

As the wall disappeared, all the living people outside walked into the hall. They didn't know whether they were driven by ghosts or attracted by the ghost candles. No one wanted to stop.

"So many people?" Zhang Wei was stunned, and he slowly put down the axe that he was eager to try.

The densely packed people occupied all the space, making people's scalps tingle.

Liu Qi also frowned and retreated: "This ghost thing is so hateful, it actually drives the living people, and we can't do anything to the living people. Once the ghost starts to move, the living people will die. This is completely disgusting. This ghost really has consciousness, otherwise how could it use human lives to kidnap us."

"Moreover, the ghost can ignore the influence of the ghost incense by using this trick, and can hide in the crowd to make the ghost candles and oil lamps ineffective. The trap we set was broken by it, and if the ghost really showed up during this period, we would not be able to tell it apart. This is equivalent to completing the deal with you, Yang Jian. This is killing three birds with one stone."

"It seems that the ghost is competing with us in wits." Wang Shanshan said.

"A battle of wits? Interesting. I, Wei, have always been smart. Let me think about it for a while. I will definitely be able to come up with a good idea."

Zhang Wei was also frowning and thinking at this moment.

Liu Qi looked at Yang Jian and said, "The best way is for us to retreat. As long as we move our location, it will take time for the ghosts to form such a large scale again. Our traps are still useful and can be rearranged."

"Ghosts may not have no ghost domain. Ghosts can go wherever we can go. They can still appear around us with countless people."

As Yang Jian was speaking, water was slowly seeping out from under his feet. At the same time, familiar men in black were gradually emerging in front of him.

"I have more people than you have, and I have more people than you have."

Dead structure and radical_Dead structure radical group word_Dead structure

The man in black appeared out of nowhere, with exactly the same appearance, body shape, and even consciousness.

"Is it a supernatural being that deceives people?" Liu Qi and Wang Shanshan had seen it when they were in Baishui Town, so it was not surprising.

Soon, the men in black woke up, and without saying a word, they immediately took action, forming a human wall to keep the influx of people out.

Yang Jian stared at the living people in the first row.

As he had guessed, the man in black did not kill these living people when he came into contact with them.

"Push them out of here."

Yang Jian gave the order, and at the same time more men in black appeared. They were very strong, much stronger than these living people controlled by evil spirits.

The situation improved immediately.

As the men in black pushed these living people away, the originally crowded hall gradually became empty again.

But then.

Yang Jian discovered that there were plates of fried rice left at the feet of those who left.

Ask the man in black to collect all the fried rice and put it together with the previous fried rice, and then count it again.

"It's the 19th round. Damn it. Isn't this cheating? The gap was so big before." Zhang Wei almost jumped up.

One more round left before the ghost goes to kill his relatives.

"The wishing ghost is intentionally controlling the speed of fulfilling your wish. It deliberately stuck on this last plate of egg fried rice." Yang Jian narrowed his eyes and said, "It thinks you are important and wants to use you."


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