Chapter 92

"The so-called infinite Dongli that only allows undead and quasi- undead to ascend is nothing more than a reflection of the closed and twisted barrier on the Dongli connection port. It is like an illusion that has never existed. What Dodo and Xiaosan saw was nothing more than the other side of Dongli that they saw when they were already in the death barrier." "The other side?" Yu Chuanbo was completely stunned. "That's right. Everything has two sides. Normally, the two sides can communicate and see each other, but if…" Gu Xinghan slowly pulled out the Seven Star Dragon Spring Sword from behind and chopped it on a huge sphere. The sphere was immediately split into two halves by the sharp sword edge: "If someone artificially does something on this dividing line to isolate the two sides, something like this may happen."

"Ahhhh!!!!" Zhang Di finally couldn't stand it anymore: "Don't talk anymore! I don't understand a word you said!!" Gu Xinghan said: "When did you understand what I said?" Zhang Di said: "I won't argue with you, just answer me a question. Zhongda Yixian, oh no, not talking about your rotten place, your place is simply a haunted paradise. I'm talking about our school. Do you think there is another side of the South China Kapok?" Gu Xinghan answered affirmatively: "Yes, of course there is!" Zhang Di said: "There is no perverted murderer behind the scenes in our place, so how could there be another Kapok? Where is the side you mentioned?" Gu Xinghan said: " The undead leading to the underworld." Zhang Di couldn't help laughing triumphantly: "Haha, you're exposed, right? You just said that the other force was a closed barrier. When you asked about the Kapok, it turned into the underworld. You are quite good at changing your mind. What the first disciple of Taoism is, he is simply the first charlatan in Zhongda!"

A faint smile suddenly appeared on the corner of Gu Xinghan's mouth: "You are the stupid one, right? Don't you understand what this means? Muqian and Yixian are normal, so their other side leads to the underworld. Because there is no barrier, there are many online ghost encounters." Zhang Di said: "Are you saying that the rotten murderer moved the direction and isolated the two sides?" Gu Xinghan said: "The scary thing is that there is a person who can defeat the perfect sheep like a god and can move the underworld to deceive the world. I really can't imagine how much chance we have of winning against him, or we can say that we have no chance of winning at all, although this is the second largest alliance after the sheep!" He turned his head to look at the pale Yu Chuanbo and then at Zhang Di who didn't care at all and said: "Zhang Di, you don't seem to be afraid at all." Zhang Di said: "Nonsense, I'm not Dongli's man. At most, when I lose, I can just take a plane and fly back… Ah, stinky charlatan, why are you hitting me?!" Gu Xinghan cursed: "If I don't hit you, who should I hit? I won't say much. Time is running out. We Go back and find it quickly." Yu Chuanbo said, "What are you looking for?" Gu Xinghan turned around and smiled, "Didn't Yang say the last sentence? What did you see in Dongli? Can't a smart cat guess it?" When he said this, Yu Chuanbo suddenly realized, "Dongli Collection? ! ! Why didn't I think of it?" He was about to run when Zhang Di pulled him and said, "What is Dongli Collection?" Yu Chuanbo explained, "Dongli Collection is Dongli Unlimited's annual literary event, which reviews and collects the best articles to record major events and measures to continue Dongli's history. Usually, the then stationmaster serves as the general person in charge and nominates several literary celebrities to be the editor-in chief. It is the representative of Dongli's highest literary level. In the peak era of Dongli, it is almost a dream come true for one's own articles to be included in Dongli Collection…" Zhang Di interrupted Yu Chuanbo's proud chattering, "Then why are you so sure that it is related to Dongli Collection?" Yu Chuanbo said coldly, "Because among the six people who died in the tragic battle that year, three have been stationmasters and three have served as station staff. Except for Yang, he has never served in anything else."

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