Chapter 44: Dragon Bone

After trying hard to calm Li Erya and Zhang Yicheng, Zhang Guozhong got into Liu Dongsheng's car with a joking face under the angry eyes of his wife and children. Liu Dongsheng also found that the atmosphere was not right, so he smiled at Li Erya and Zhang Yicheng symbolically and drove away.

After arriving at the Hongqiao branch, Zhang Guozhong was introduced as an expert in ancient Chinese characters. Led by Liu Dongsheng, he came to the autopsy room. At this moment, the forensic doctor from the Hexi branch had already gone back with the samples. The forensic doctor in charge in Hongqiao was surnamed Wei. According to forensic doctor Wei, these bones were found in a trash can in a residential area near Dahongqiao in the morning. The police are currently investigating. According to laboratory tests, the blood type of the bones is exactly the same as that of the victim in the boning case, and the height also matches. However, after the bones were spliced, it was found that the width of the pelvis of these remains was somewhat different from that of the boneless remains. Therefore, before the DNA test results come out, the possibility of other victims cannot be ruled out.

"His knife skills are better than mine…" Looking at the skeleton on the dissection table, Forensic Doctor Wei kept sucking his teeth, "There is not even a bit of meat left. I don't know what he wants to do!"

Wearing rubber gloves, Zhang Guozhong gently picked up a leg bone and took a closer look under the light. He found a series of grooves on the bone, about one millimeter deep, arranged in a spiral around the bone, and the ups and downs were a bit like the electrocardiogram used in hospital diagnosis. Because there was a lot of coagulated blood and residual meat in the grooves, it was difficult to see what was engraved for a while, but it was certain that it was not a word. The edges of the grooves were very neat, and it looked like they were carved with some kind of electric tool, such as a small electric drill used by dentists to grind teeth.

“Dragon bone?” Zhang Guozhong frowned. According to the records of the various pavilions and the Su Tu Sect, from the end of the Tang Dynasty to the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, this method of tomb protection was popular among the people. It was usually used by wealthy people who could not build a "dragon formation" and did not have the means to get the "eighteen meridians" (after the Tang Dynasty, the eighteen meridians, which were later known as the eighteen underworld spirits, were banned by the various pavilions. Although this formation was relatively cheap, if there was no way to find those greedy and apostate people, even if the money was enough, It is useless), this formation is called "Panlong Bone". Unlike "Chuanlong Formation" and "Shiba Meridians", this formation does not require cutting mountains and chiseling stones, let alone killing innocent people. It only uses two bones of immortal animals carved with "Panlong Pattern" and inserted into the coffin head and tail. It is said that the effective distance of this method varies depending on the ability of the immortal animals. If the "Panlong Bone" is made of the bones of powerful animals, the theoretical effective range can reach a hundred feet. The closer the two bones are, the greater the power. Since most of the comrades who use this method to suppress tombs have limited financial resources, and the tombs are not like the tombs of the dead, where there are mountains of burial objects, in later generations, these animal bones are directly placed in the coffin, which not only strengthens the protection of the tomb owner's coffin, but also makes it less likely to be destroyed.

In fact, the history of this formation is much earlier than the "dragon formation" and "eighteen meridians". It is said that it already existed in the Han Dynasty. At that time, it was a high-level formation used exclusively by dignitaries. It was only eliminated by the people after more powerful formations appeared in later generations (everything has a budding period and a heyday, and Taoist formations are no exception. It is not that the earlier it is, the more powerful it is. Take Maoshan as an example. The budding period was in the Han Dynasty. After the careful study of successive masters, it reached its heyday in the early Ming Dynasty. Although many things were lost, there were more new inventions). There are many differences among various sects about the content of "coiling dragon pattern". Some say it is a "soul-guiding spell", and some say it is a yang yao or a yin yao*. However, since this formation disappeared after the Song Dynasty (the ruling class of the Yuan Dynasty preferred to use the technique of descending to guard the tomb), there is no accurate record in the books of any sect. Therefore, when Zhang Guozhong saw these human bones with concave patterns, his first reaction was "coiling dragon bones".

"That's not right…" Zhang Guozhong frowned as he held the bone. "If it's a dragon bone, it should be carved from an animal. Why are they using human bones…?" Standing in place, Zhang Guozhong opened his eyes, but still couldn't see anything special about this bone.

"What's the matter? Expert Zhang, did you figure out something?" At this moment, Forensic Doctor Wei was also quite curious. He was thinking, who is this expert? Why is he holding human bones with his eyes closed?

"Oh… this… I'm afraid it's not a text…" Zhang Guozhong didn't dare to tell the truth, so he could only evade it. If he really wanted to explain the so-called "dragon bone" to this forensic doctor Wei, he would probably have to start with the introduction of Yin Yang and the Five Elements. Believe it or not, it's not enough to have the skills…

"Oh…" After listening to Zhang Guozhong's opinion, Forensic Doctor Wei nodded with sweat on his face, thinking that this expert's level… seemed to be about the same as his own…

"How is it? What did you find?" Liu Dongsheng was no fool. After leaving the Hongqiao Branch with Zhang Guozhong, he went straight to a small restaurant and ordered two dishes. "You seem to have discovered something?"

"There was a discovery… but I'm not sure…" Zhang Guozhong told Liu Dongsheng the details of the "Panlong bone". "I can only say it looks like a Panlong bone… because there are three things I can't be sure of…" Zhang Guozhong said, "First, Panlong bones have been lost for nearly a thousand years. If it is really a Panlong bone, why would it appear today? Second, the real Panlong bone should be carved on animal bones, why would it appear on human bones? Third, Panlong bones are tomb-suppressing things, inserted in coffins, and nowadays, most of the funerals at home, especially in the north, are cremated with only an urn. Even if there are burials, most of them are in rural areas, and there is nothing to bury with the ashes. There is no point in getting that thing! So I can only say that it looks like Panlong bone Yin-Yang ghost magic , but it's hard to say for sure…"

"You mean… this thing is… used to prevent tomb robbery?" Liu Dongsheng couldn't understand. In his impression, the anti-theft measures in ancient tombs were mostly mechanisms and traps. Since when did inserting two bones also prevent theft?

"Brother Liu, to be honest, these anti-theft methods are much more powerful than those secret passages in the short term! They are also effective for a much longer period of time, so don't underestimate them! I don't know how powerful this dragon bone is, but if it is really as recorded in the book, even the royal family of the Han Dynasty used it, so it must not be a good thing!"

After hearing what Zhang Guozhong said, Liu Dongsheng was also confused. Although he didn't want to be misled, he couldn't determine the motive for the crime by picking bones! If it was really like what Zhang Guozhong said, this thing might be something used to suppress tombs in ancient times, then what exactly did the criminal want to do? Could it be that he wanted to hide something? "By the way, Lao Zhang, I heard that the ancients used some messy methods to deal with corpses, which could make the corpses come alive, just like they had just died. Do you think that bone was from the ancients?" At this moment, Liu Dongsheng remembered Liangzi's situation at the time. He had been dead for seven days, but even the forensic doctor thought that the time of death was less than twelve hours. What if this bone was really an ancient corpse that had been treated by some kind of yin energy? It would save the trouble of checking the missing persons like looking for a needle in a haystack…

"Impossible…" Zhang Guozhong said firmly.

"Why…why?" Liu Dongsheng didn't expect Zhang Guozhong to deny it so straightforwardly.

"Because there are flies!" Zhang Guozhong smiled slightly, "I found a fly flying in the corridor outside the autopsy room! If it is really an ancient corpse, if it can be preserved like that, then there must be a lot of Yin energy in its bones, and there will be no mosquitoes within a hundred steps! And if it is really an ancient corpse, there must be a smell (the smell of Yin energy)…, I didn't smell it!"

"Then…" Liu Dongsheng had nothing to say, "No more, no more! Let's eat first! Why talk about that while eating?"

A week later.

Zhang Guozhong had just returned to Tianjin from Beidaihe with Li Erya and Zhang Yicheng when they saw a police car parked in front of their house from a distance. At first, the family thought it was Liu Dongsheng who was here to make trouble again, but when they got closer, they realized that the police car was not the one Liu Dongsheng usually drove, and the policeman standing under the car smoking was not Liu Dongsheng either, at least he was much shorter than Liu Dongsheng.

"Uncle Zhu?" Zhang Yichen frowned. The person standing at the door was none other than Xiao Zhu.

Seeing Zhang Guozhong's car approaching, Xiao Zhu quickly threw away the cigarette butt in his hand and ran to greet him, "Hey! Brother Zhang! You're finally back! I've been waiting for you all night!"

"Hey? Xiao Zhu, why are you here? Where is your captain?" Zhang Guozhong pulled the handbrake, opened the door and got out of the car.

"Ouch! Brother Zhang…" Xiao Zhu looked anxious, as if he had diarrhea and couldn't find a toilet. "Come here, let's talk…" Looking at Li Erya and Zhang Yichen in the car, Xiao Zhu simply pulled Zhang Guozhong aside. "Something big has happened! You have to help this time no matter what! Otherwise, Captain Liu will be in trouble!"

"Don't worry! Take your time to talk!" Zhang Guozhong handed him a cigarette. "What's wrong with Lao Liu?"

"It's really the devil's fault!" Xiao Zhu lit a cigarette and began to speak hesitantly.

It turned out that two days ago, a thief was caught by plainclothes officers on duty while carrying a bag on a bus, but the owner was not found later. Later, the police opened the bag and found a bloody shirt inside. DNA testing proved that the blood on the clothes belonged to the victim of the boning case. In addition to the blood, the clothes were also printed with the words "Shandong Province Jinan City No. 8 Speed ​​Reducer Factory", which looked like a work suit. Because it was not certain whether the owner of the clothes was the victim or the murderer, Liu Dongsheng, the head of the special case team, had to personally lead a trip to Shandong.

After arriving in Shandong, we verified that the Eighth Speed ​​Reducer Factory had indeed fired a worker named Zhou Wenqiang for theft not long ago, but the photo of this person did not look like the restored photo of the victim in the bone removal case. The task force suspected that this person had committed a crime. After questioning, we learned that this person was from ** Village, Changqing County. The task force then went to investigate under the leadership of the local public security organs. However, it would not have mattered if we had not investigated, but once we investigated, something went wrong…

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