Chapter 404: The Truth About The Cave Girl

Yes, the world is so big, but Sanniang has been trapped in a small mountain village for decades. It is really a waste of her life in this world.

Xiaoye's words had already moved her, and with my encouragement, Sanniang finally agreed. A Kun could cast a blood curse on her, but it would take a long time. Moreover, this Hundred Ghosts Summoning was just an idea of ​​A Kun at the beginning, and no one could say whether it could be put into practice.

In order to ensure that A Kun could perform the magic on San Niang safely, Xiao Ye also stayed to perform the magic with A Kun. It was a heavenly fetus, and if the ghost energy attracted by A Kun overwhelmed the yang energy of the Three Pure Lotus behind San Niang, or if the magic went wrong, Xiao Ye would be able to control the ghosts in the first place.

A Kun estimated that this black magic would take at least ten days to half a month to complete. During this half month, no one could enter the house to disturb their Yin-Yang ghost magic , otherwise it would affect A Kun's casting of the magic.

During these ten days, I wanted to spend some time with Xinran and call Qiao Shuiyue back. Shuiyue didn't come back with Akun last time for some reason, but stayed in Yunnan. I called her several times, but no one answered. However, the signal in the deep mountains and old forests of Yunnan was relatively poor, so I didn't care. Until one day, I received a call from Malong.

After such a long time, I almost forgot Ma Long's voice. He was not good at talking to people by nature, and it took him a lot of effort to explain that he was a Miao who was good at using bows and arrows in the Miao village in Yunnan. I quickly responded and asked her why Shuiyue hadn't replied to my message for a while, was she busy?

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Ma Long was silent for a while, then whispered, "It's not busy. She was taken away by someone. It was a group of real wild Gu Miao. They were very fierce, I couldn't stop them, you'd better come and help her."

The real wild Gu seedling?

When I mentioned Gu Miao, I immediately thought of what Bai Lingfeng had said to me before, that I should not get too close to Qiao Shuiyue because she was a cave girl. At that time, I didn't know what cave girl meant, and later I encountered too many thrilling events in the Hanging Corpse Cave, so I didn't think much about it.

After hanging up the phone, I immediately rushed to Zhao Ji and Lu Yuanshan’s house and asked them what the word "cave girl" meant.

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Zhao Ji shook his head to indicate that he didn't know. Lu Yuanshan frowned and thought for a while, then asked in a low voice how I knew the word "dongnv".

I knew from Lu Yuanshan's expression that things might get serious, so I quickly explained the matter to them. After hearing this, Lu Yuanshan took a breath of cold air: "I was wondering how a young boy like you could have such a precious thing as a black silk handkerchief. It turns out that you actually know the cave girl… Boy, since you know Qiao Shuiyue can use Gu, do you know the black Gu and the white Gu?"

I shook my head, indicating that I didn't know much about the Miaojiang Gu technique. When Qiao Shuiyue was here before, I just thought she was an innocent little girl. She didn't use Gu technique often, and she was not much different from an ordinary girl. Seeing that I knew nothing, Lu Yuanshan sighed and whispered: "The so-called white Gu is used to save people. The black Gu is used to harm people. Generally, women are the ones who learn and cast Gu. The most powerful black Gu Gu woman is called a grass ghost woman. The most powerful white Gu Gu woman is called a cave woman.

Although Gu magic is prevalent in places like Miaojiang, people still fear this mysterious, unknown and uncontrollable power. Women who are grass ghosts will be shunned by Miaojiang people, and they will stay as far away from them as possible. Women who are cave women will also be shunned. However, people do not shun them because they are afraid of them, but because they cannot let them have worldly thoughts. "

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Worldly desires? It sounds like you want to become a monk.

I imagined Qiao Shuiyue shaving off her long black hair and reciting scriptures seriously with her head bald. The corners of my mouth curled up slightly and I wanted to laugh, but the next second, Lu Yuanshan's words made the smile on my face freeze.

"Don't think that being a cave girl is fun. Cave girls offer sacrifices to the heavens. When a cave girl reaches the age of eighteen, she will be sacrificed to the Gu God.

I once heard from a savage who went to the underwater dragon palace to sell poisonous insects that most of the cave girls had a very tragic end. The reason why they were called cave girls was because after they came of age, they would be placed in a cave on a cliff. The cliff was bottomless and there was no place for people to climb on the cliff. Once sent into the cave, the girl basically had no choice but to die.

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In fact, it is nonsense for these beautiful girls to say that they were married to the Gu God. The Gu God is just a legendary figure.

According to legend, the Gu God will take the cave girl away and bring her to the realm of the gods to live a happy and carefree life. The women chosen by the Gu God will not feel hungry. After they enter the cave on the cliff, they will emit a strange fragrance, and the dirt in their bodies will be purified. After they are completely purified, the Gu God will come and take them away.

The legends are beautiful, but anyone who has tried them a little will know that they are just tricks to fool children.

First of all, who has ever seen a real Gu God? It is impossible to determine when this saying originated, let alone whether the Gu God really exists.

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Secondly, even if there really is a Gu God, there is no need to sacrifice a young girl to him every eighteen years. After all, the Gu God is not a living person, and is separated from the women of the world by the Yin and Yang. Sacrificing a cave girl to the Gu God is, to put it cruelly, no different from marrying a girl to a dead person.

Secondly, in fact, no cave girl is really willing to marry the "Gu God".

A hundred years ago, when the cave girls were sent into the cave, they all had smiles on their faces. Perhaps people at that time were still relatively ignorant and really believed in the existence of Gu God. However, as the number of bones in the cave increased, many girls who were chosen to be cave girls began to realize how terrible it was to enter the cave.

More than a decade ago, a cave girl was tied up when she entered the cave. She was wearing a bright red wedding dress, and the loose dress covered the ropes on the girl. Although the girl could not struggle and escape, she kept crying during the ceremony before entering the cave.

Everyone watching the ceremony knew what would happen to the girl and why she was crying.

In fact, the Miao people also know that the cave girls who are sacrificed to the Gu God will not really get happiness, but in their eyes, this tradition that has continued for many years cannot be broken.

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