Chapter 366: Corpse Outbreak

I was suddenly startled. Why is there only one SWAT team member here, and there are three others?

Da da da!

Suddenly, there was a gunshot outside the door. Cai Yuanfeng and I shouted "Oh no" at the same time and rushed out of the emergency room like a whirlwind.

A SWAT team member staggered out from the adjacent Emergency Room No. 2, holding a submachine gun in his hand, and started firing wildly into the Emergency Room No. 2.

He fired at the same time and yelled: "Kill! Kill all you bastards!"

The SWAT team member was on the verge of mental collapse. Cai Yuanfeng and I ran over quickly. Cai Yuanfeng held the SWAT team member's hand and shouted, "Erhu, stop. This is a hospital. Wake up!"

Erhu wiped the blood off his face and said, "Everyone has turned into a zombie! Everyone has turned into a zombie! How can you make me sober? How can I wake up?"

Before Erhu could finish his words, he heard a strong wind behind him, accompanied by a strange cry, and a female nurse who had turned into a zombie flew out from the emergency room.

"Be careful!" Cai Yuanfeng suddenly pulled Erhu behind him. The zombie female nurse missed her and turned around and ran to the other side of the corridor, roaring like a wild beast.

"Chase her!" Cai Yuanfeng raised his pistol. The female nurse dodged and ran into a ward. Cai Yuanfeng stomped his feet and quickly chased after her.

There were bursts of screams coming from the ward, and some patients in hospital gowns ran out of the ward in panic and ran around in the corridor. The scene suddenly became chaotic.


The situation began to get out of control. The zombies spread like a plague in the emergency building, starting from the eighth floor and spreading rapidly to the upper and lower floors. The corridor was in chaos. Doctors, nurses, patients and their family members were running, shouting, "Run! There are zombies in the hospital!"

The crowd was like rats pouring out of their nest. God knows how many people were in the hospital.

Those people were running past us. We couldn't possibly shoot all of them, right?

However, among the people who fled in panic, there were people infected with the corpse poison. They turned into zombies while running, and then bit the people around them. The people around them turned into zombies again and started biting other people, forming an extremely horrible death cycle, causing the corpse poison to spread rapidly. The entire emergency building was in chaos, and the screams that came one after another were even more creepy.

Cai Yuanfeng's face was as black as the bottom of a pot, his eyes were gloomy and he looked depressed: "It's over! It's over!"

"You're screwed! Find a way to remedy the situation! Have that fat police officer send someone to guard the door of the emergency building to prevent the poison from spreading! At the same time, notify the hospital and broadcast a notice to have the medical staff and patients in each ward close the doors and windows and not follow the crowd! Go quickly!" I pushed Cai Yuanfeng.

Cai Yuanfeng woke up as if from a dream. While instructing Erhu to take care of the hospital, he grabbed the wireless headset and shouted loudly: "SWAT Captain Cai Yuanfeng calls for the command vehicle! SWAT Captain Cai Yuanfeng calls for the command vehicle!"

However, there was a loud noise coming from the command vehicle. After the crackling sound of electricity, there were shrill cries and screams, as well as gunshots one after another.

"Shit!" Cai Yuanfeng's face changed drastically: "Oh no! Something happened in the basement too!"

At this time, the terrified voice of Officer Wang was heard through the headset: "Damn it! All the zombies in the morgue are coming out, we can't resist them anymore, get out of here… Oh! God…"

"Aren't those zombies locked in the morgue?" Cai Yuanfeng asked.

Officer Wang's voice was shaking as he spoke: "Just now a powerful guy came and killed several of our brothers. He opened the basement and let the zombies out! Ah – my legs – my legs -"

Officer Wang's voice suddenly stopped, and only the shrill screams remained in the earphone, like sharp thorns, piercing our hearts.

Cai Yuanfeng turned his head and looked at me with a dead look on his face: "Brother, you heard it too, the situation is extremely bad!"

I nodded. Officer Wang said someone opened the basement door on purpose. Who was this person? Why did he do this? This crazy guy was most likely the culprit behind the corpse transformation!

When faced with disaster, the ugliness of human nature is undoubtedly exposed.

I saw a man abandon his wife and run to the stairs desperately; I also saw a doctor pushing the cleaning lady in front of him towards the zombies as his human shield; I even saw a man dragging a child out and squeezing in himself in order to squeeze into the elevator to escape. The child's mother-in-law cried and grabbed the man, and the evil man grabbed the old woman's hair, slammed the old woman's head against the elevator door, and then pushed the old woman out of the door. At this time, the elevator door just closed and happened to clamp the old woman's neck. Amid the screams of the crowd, the elevator fell down, and the old woman's head was cut off and flew to the ceiling, and blood was smeared all over the elevator door and the outer wall.

After a period of extreme chaos and scramble, the entire floor fell into a brief silence.

The scene in the corridor was horrible. The ceiling, walls, floor, and glass windows were all covered in blood. The entire corridor looked like it had been washed by blood. The floor was a mess, with broken glass, broken wooden tables and chairs, overturned medical equipment, and medicines scattered all over the floor. In addition, there were many corpses lying there, and some people who had turned into zombies, like ghosts, wandering around in the corridor, surrounding places where there were still living things.

At the end of the corridor, five or six zombies surrounded a man in his thirties. Behind the man was a little girl hiding, probably her daughter. She had a plaster on her leg and must have escaped from the ward.

The radiance of fatherly love was fully revealed in this man. He held a three-legged iron frame with an IV in his hand. In order to protect his daughter, he fought desperately with these zombies. Although he was forced into a desperate situation, he still did not give up. He swung the iron frame vigorously and smashed a zombie's head. Two more zombies roared and rushed over. The man had no choice but to raise the iron frame to parry, but he was no match for the two zombies. The veins on his forehead all popped up, his cheeks kept twitching, and his arms were shaking wildly due to excessive force.

"Go save him!" I pointed at the man.

Gu Meidi drew his bow and pulled the string, and the Dragon Arrow whizzed out, turning into a golden light that passed through the corridor, penetrated the body of one of the zombies, and disappeared into the dark night outside the window, like a meteor across the sky, dazzling and eye-catching.

At the same time that Gu Meidi shot the Dragon Arrow, Xiao Guoguo also launched a wave of demonic energy, which hit another zombie on the back, knocking the zombie away. The zombie broke the glass window and fell directly from the eighth floor, upside down, into a puddle of mud.

The man finally became exhausted, his knees gave way and he fell to the ground, sweat pouring down his face and he was gasping for breath.

I followed him, dealt with the remaining two or three zombies, and rescued the man: "Are you okay?"

The man shook his head. "Thank you! Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on?"

"The corpse poison has spread, and many people have turned into zombies!" As I said that, I stretched out my arm and pulled the man up.

"Is this your daughter?" I asked, pointing at the little girl.

The man nodded: "Yes!"

"You are a brave father! Take your daughter and leave us!" I said.

The man held his daughter in his arms and followed me closely: "My name is Deng Lan, what are your names?"

I didn't answer him because before I could answer him, a zombie rushed towards me. I raised my Tianxie Gun and sent the zombie flying to the ceiling, where it then fell heavily down.

Erhu ran back and reported to Cai Yuanfeng: "Captain, it turns out that the dean's office is at the end of the corridor!"

"Where is the dean?" Cai Yuanfeng asked.

Erhu said: "I don't know, but the office door is locked, so he must be hiding inside the office!"

We trotted together and came to the end of the corridor. There was a gold-plated sign on the door: Dean's Office.

Cai Yuanfeng walked up and turned the handle, and sure enough, it was locked. He raised his hand and knocked on the door again.

The lights in the office were on, but after hearing the knock on the door, the lights in the room went out.


More and more dead bodies transformed into zombies, emitting corpse odor and surrounding them by following the scent of living people.

Dense swarms of zombies blocked our retreat, and the dean's office in front of us was our only escape route.

However, the door was closed and the dean had no intention of opening it to let us in.

Cai Yuanfeng yelled angrily, "Fuck you! Open the door quickly! I'm a policeman! I'll count to three. If you don't open the door, I'll shoot the door lock and come in to blow your head off!"

Cai Yuanfeng cursed loudly, raised his gun and pointed it at the door lock.

In fact, he was just threatening the dean. If he really broke the door lock, he would not be able to stop the zombie army pouring in from behind.

Fortunately, at this critical moment, the door creaked open and we all rushed in. Cai Yuanfeng entered last, turned around, closed the door, and locked it tightly, then he breathed a sigh of relief.

I pressed the switch and the lights in the room came on again.

There were two people in the office, one was a fifty-year-old man, a little bald, wearing a pair of glasses. He was wearing a shirt with the buttons unbuttoned, his belt was askew, and the zipper of his pants was not zipped up. He looked flustered, and he seemed to be holding a pair of women's lace panties in his hand.

Next to the old man was a woman wearing a white nurse's uniform, with her stockings removed, revealing two white and tender legs, which looked very attractive against the nurse's uniform. The most important thing was that the nurse was very young, had big breasts, and was also quite pretty. Her nurse's uniform was half-open, and she was not wearing any underwear underneath, but there was a piece of underwear hanging on the sofa.

The female nurse stood by the window with her legs clamped together, her face flushed, her head lowered, not daring to pay attention to us.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that this old man and the female nurse must have just had an illegal relationship.

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