Chapter 34

Subconsciously, Wu Gangying gradually approached Xingchen until he touched Xingchen's back. The two people who had fought each other stood back to back on the edge of death. Wu Gangying turned his head to seek some calmness from Xingchen, but found that Xingchen was staring at the pillars in the corridor without moving, and was still mumbling some incomprehensible words. At this time, he still had the mood to appreciate the surrounding environment? !

Wu Gangying felt that he was doomed this time. He was stunned for a long time, and then he slowly pulled off a jade pendant that he had been wearing. It was the jade pendant that his master had worn around his neck when he was a child. He had never taken it off in the past 20 years. He remembered that one time when he was a child, the weather was too hot and the jade pendant felt uncomfortable on his chest. So he secretly hid behind a Buddha statue and tried to take it off. Unexpectedly, he ran into his master who was also sleeping behind a Buddha statue. He was caught red-handed. He complained and asked to take it off. The master hugged him and taught him a lesson: "Even when you marry a wife, you can't take it off unless you die."

Unexpectedly, his words came true. Wu Gangying burst into tears and said, "Master, I am sorry for you! I failed to make Luojia Mountain flourish. I failed your twenty years of teaching. Goodbye, Master!" Then he threw the jade far away. This jade is a thing to ward off evil spirits. If the master is dead, he will try his best to escape even to the underworld and report to the master.

To Wu Gangying's surprise, he saw the jade thrown high in the air. Suddenly, a figure flashed by. Xingchen, who had been like a puppet just now, had already rushed to the corridor and rescued the jade. He turned around and angrily said to Wu Gangying: "How dare you throw away this only life-saving magic weapon like this?!"

Wu Gangying was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. Just as he was about to explain that it was not a magic weapon but a piece of spiritual jade, Xingchen grabbed his collar and asked viciously, "How many years have you been worshipping this jade?"

Wu Gangying was shocked: "Eight… eighty years, probably. It's just a piece of jade, it doesn't have any magic power to exorcise demons…"

Xingchen let go of him and held the jade tightly, saying, "Whether you can escape depends on this."

Wu Gangying didn't understand what he said, but he clearly saw big beads of sweat on the forehead of this boy who was usually so calm that he could walk leisurely even if the building collapsed. The figure in the corridor was becoming clearer and clearer. The familiar nightmare looked a different kind of horror today. The action of holding the candle that was already familiar to them and the "smile" that was about to appear and could never be imitated became the last swan song of their lives!

Wu Gangying laughed bitterly and said, "This is a tragic way to die. After all, we died at the hands of the No. 1 Legend. After all, it still values ​​us and specially created such a macro environment to deal with us."

"Candle…" Xingchen slowly uttered these two words. Wu Gangying was shocked: "What did you say?"

Xingchen said: "Have you forgotten the true meaning of candles? You deduced it."

The true meaning of candles – flames purify, burn away resentment, and restore normal order. What Sister Yang Chong desperately wants to reveal may be the only way to find the ninth classroom. Use flames to burn through this momentary scene and burn a way out? Wu Gangying shook his head and said, "Are you crazy? Xingchen, where do we have fire? If I had it, I would have used it long ago. Why would I have to wait until now?"

Xingchen panted lightly and it was obvious that his nerves were stretched to the limit: "We don't have it but someone does."

"Who? Who else is trapped in this damn place?" Wu Gangying looked around. There was no one in sight. Everything was dead and silent. Suddenly, his whole body went numb. "Someone…you mean…"

"That's right," Xingchen said word by word, "The candle in the hand of the undead is the only flame here!!"

Wu Gangying jumped up at once: "Xingchen, you are crazy! Don't say that we can't get close to that undead . Once we touch his death aura, even his soul will dissipate. Even if we can touch him, can you still snatch the candle from him?! What's more, the flame on the candle is not the yang fire of the human world, but the fire of hell!! Can you use the fire of hell to purify hatred?! Can you kill your way to the human world?!!"

Xingchen yelled, "Who told you that must be the fire of hell?!"

Wu Gangying also roared: "Isn't the fire of hell in the hands of the dead spirits ?"

Xingchen rushed over and pressed Wu Gangying against the wall. This polite boy who had to think of many words to curse was now as ferocious as a lion seeing its prey: "Don't let fear seize all your reason, disciple of Luojia Mountain! This is not the underworld, this is instant memory! "

Wu Gangying stared at Xingchen in amazement. Suddenly, he realized that he had just fallen into a common sense logical error. Because of the appearance of the dead spirits and the distortion of time and space here, he forgot that there was also a most important element mixed in – instant memory. The so-called instant memory is the reproduction of the scene before death! The candle she held in her life to find the ninth classroom was the Yang Fire of the human world. People can become dead spirits due to the distortion of time and space, but the indestructible flame will rely on this resentful environment and the candles that are constantly created by instant memory to survive forever! The only flame here! !

Wu Gangying was overwhelmed and couldn't breathe: "I…we can't get close to her…"

Xingchen let go of his hand and Wu Gangying fell off the wall. Xingchen tore a piece of cloth from his hand and wrapped it around the jade token Wu Gangying threw out: "This is a thing to ward off evil spirits. The breath of the dead cannot corrode it. It is better than your nail. It can be returned to us intact."

Wu Gangying suddenly understood what Xingchen was going to do: "You want to use this jade to borrow the fire from the candle?! This… this is crazy!"

Xingchen revealed a more ferocious look than the undead : "Is there anything crazier than death? In order to survive, we must do whatever it takes!"

The silhouette, the candle, and the flickering flame had already taken shape, and Xingchen and Wu Gangying had already retreated to the end of the corridor. This life-and-death duel between the strong and the weak began with the jade whirring in Xingchen's hand.

"Can you use the Fire Assist Technique?" Xingchen asked. Wu Gangying was already sweating profusely. "I can do a little bit."

Xingchen raised his voice and said, "Alright! If you let that flame go out, I will kill you!"

Wu Gangying yelled: "I will fight to the death whether I am destroyed or not!!" Xingchen had already swung the rope high up in the roar. The huge inertia made the noose spin in a big circle in the air. The jade plate moved in a nearly perfect arc towards the undead, emitting a hissing sound and a strong light. That was their last life-saving meteor.

The jade token flew right past the face of the dead spirit and landed above the candle. The almost corroded cloth immediately burst into a bright flame when it came into contact with the fire. Xingchen shouted, "It's Wu Gangying now!"

Wu Gangying put his index fingers together and pointed them at the flames and shouted, "A lotus flower is born in the fire and Nirvana rises with the wind!"

Xingchen pulled the jade token back with force, and it made a perfect semicircle. The jade token flew back with a blazing flame. Xingchen ducked his head to avoid it and threw it out of the corridor. Wu Gangying shouted, "Break!" The fire suddenly grew bigger with a "whoosh", followed by a huge "boom". The undead had walked to a place less than two meters away from Xingchen and the others, and gradually raised its head. The drooping blue-black rotten flesh, the pungent stench, and the evil upturned corners of its mouth were all reenacting the last scene of this instant drama.

"Hurry up!" Xingchen grabbed Wu Gangying and jumped towards the corridor desperately. A strong white light flashed and a crack appeared in front of them. The two of them passed through the crack and fell heavily to the ground. There was bright sunshine and green grass around them. The steps were real. The ninth classroom, which had never failed, finally broke the cycle of this round with their escape!

Wu Gangying raised his head, the panic on his face still there: "Ahaha…"

Before he could even utter the next word, Xing Chen had already stood up and pulled him up to run: "Ha, you big head, run!"

The two ran to a place a few hundred meters away from the teaching building before staggering and sitting on the ground, gasping for breath, with beads of sweat dripping down their heads. Wu Gangying looked back at the building with lingering fear, put his hand on Xingchen's shoulder and panted, "Brother, you saved my life this time. A drop of water should be repaid with a spring. I, Wu Gangying, am not a person who does not understand loyalty and loyalty."

Xingchen panted and said, "You have no money and no power, what can you give me in return?"

Wu Gangying wiped the sweat off his head, thought seriously for a while and said seriously: "How about this, you come from an aristocratic family and you don't care about mundane things at all. I promise you that after you die, I will definitely put your spirit tablet in the center of the first row of the hall, the third from the left, so that you can be worshipped for generations. Don't worry, it's free!"

Xing Chen gnashed his teeth and said, "You ungrateful bastard, just wait for me to massacre the undead spirits of Luojia Mountain sooner or later."

Wu Gangying laughed and said, "Just you? Wash Luojia Mountain with blood? Washing the floor of Luojia Mountain with water is more like it."

Xing Chen stood up shakily and said weakly, "I don't care whether it's water or fire. Next time without Lin Yuanyin, I will never go into that building again."

"Lin Yuanyin?" Wu Gangying was stunned: "What? Psychic medium has the ability to resist instantaneous scenes? This is the first time I've heard of it."

Xingchen used up his last bit of strength to roll his eyes. "The psychic medium can sense the Ninth Classroom's dispatch immediately, so we can use the two legs below to run as fast as we can. The Ninth Classroom has learned its lesson. If we are trapped in it again, don't even think about borrowing a flame or a hair! I'll return the jade to you!"

Wu Gangying quickly caught the jade thrown to him and looked at Xingchen's departing figure and shouted, "Hey, where are you going?"

Xingchen waved his hand softly: "I don't want to stay with a fool like you anymore. Something bad will happen if I stay with you."

Wu Gangying made a trumpet shape with his hands and shouted with all his might: "Don't worry, I won't break my promise. I will go back to the main hall and make room for you."

With a thud, Xingchen sat down on the grass and had no strength to get up anymore.

Anger can evaporate the last bit of strength; longing can devour the last inch of the soul.

Lin Yuanyin listlessly played with the cup in her hand, looking absentmindedly at the rough marks on the ceiling. Her face no longer had the youthful smile she once had.

Yang Chong saw it with his eyes and felt pain in his heart. He was about to say a few words of persuasion when the door was suddenly pushed open and Wu Gangying, with a dark face, stumbled in and fell to the ground. Yang Chong was shocked: "You…what happened to you? Didn't you go to check the eighth classroom?"

Wu Gangying said angrily: "Don't even mention it. I almost lost my life when I encountered the ninth classroom! Who the hell told me that I wouldn't kill anyone casually?" He raised his head and was stunned by Lin Yuanyin's complicated eyes staring at him.

"She…she woke up? Damn! Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Wu Gangying was so scared that he spoke incoherently to Yang Cong.

Yang Cong resisted the urge to laugh: "Can't you see it yourself? Our Wu Da disciple can also swear. I'll go out and see if the meal is ready." He said calmly and withdrew from the dead spirit . Wu Gangying was both amused and annoyed. He wanted to explain something, but his lips trembled for a long time and nothing came out. Until the end, he lowered his head dejectedly. The friendship between childhood sweethearts has evolved to today, and the two can only remain silent.

After a long while, Wu Gangying reluctantly smiled and said, "Do you know who I escaped from the ninth classroom with today…"

With a crisp "ding dong" sound, Wu Gangying saw a puddle of water on the floor. Now, no matter how much more words Wu Gangying had to say, he swallowed them alive.

Silence became the best way to get along. I don't know how long it took before Lin Yuanyin said softly, "I'm sorry."

Wu Gangying smiled slightly: "Why do you have to say sorry?"

Lin Yuanyin closed her eyes and said, "Because I betrayed you."

Wu Gangying asked: "Do you think this is a betrayal?"

Lin Yuanyin said: "At least I deceived your feelings."

Wu Gangying sighed, "It's not that you deceived my feelings, it's that we teamed up to deceive our feelings. It's just that you are on the side that found happiness. If the roles were reversed, I would be the one who betrayed."

Lin Yuanyin was stunned and didn't know how to answer. Wu Gangying said, "I want to clarify this question even if you don't come to me. What exactly is betrayal?"

Lin Yuanyin said: "Betrayal means not being faithful to one's love."

Wu Gangying then asked: "What if that is not love?"

Lin Yuanyin stared at him blankly for a long while. Feeling the uncomfortable atmosphere, Wu Gangying quickly ended the awkward conversation with one sentence: "We all thought it was a betrayal, but it turned out to be a return to the right track. Betrayal is just an illusion, so you don't have to carry this heavy burden anymore. As you said, there are too many things we need to do to save all living beings. It's better to resolve the love affairs as soon as possible."

Lin Yuanyin felt as if a huge stone had been lifted off her chest: "You said…you said that you were… "

Wu Gangying said firmly: "It's not love, we are all illusions."

Lin Yuanyin held back her tears and said, "Thank you, I am not as fragile as you think. I am very strong." After saying this, Lin Yuanyin turned her head to the side and lay quietly on the bed. Wu Gangying quickly slipped out of the room as if he had been pardoned.

As soon as I walked out the door, I met Yang Cong's piercing eyes: "Wu Gangying, you are lying. You obviously love her to death."

Wu Gangying smiled bitterly and said, "Someone has to sacrifice, right? Otherwise, all three of us will be unhappy. Why bother? I had no choice. She is too smart. If I don't say it to the end, her knot will only get bigger and bigger."

Yang Chong asked: "Do you think you just deceived her?"

Wu Gangying scratched his head and said, "I don't know. I tried my best. Anyway, if it doesn't work, there's Xingchen to help."

Yang Cong didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so he changed the subject and asked, "You just said that you encountered the ninth classroom?"

When this topic was brought up, Wu Gangying immediately recalled the thrilling moments he had experienced not long ago and said excitedly, "Yes, Xingchen and I have accidentally discovered a big secret. Didn't we say before that anyone who saw the ninth classroom would die? But Xingchen and I have actually been trapped in the illusion of the ninth classroom and were able to escape. This shows that the turning point of the murder in the ninth classroom is not the moment of seeing it!"

Yang Chong was surprised and said, "Really? That's really a big discovery!"

Wu Gangying pondered and said, "I think even if it has the ability to distort time and space, there is a gradual process. According to my inference of the scene, your sister did not show that weird smile as soon as she appeared, but there was a process. Therefore, I infer that the boundary of time and space distortion is exactly the moment when your sister smiled. As long as we don't let your sister laugh, we can stay alive. So to be honest, your sister saved us. At least we know how much time we have.

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