Chapter 3 The Terrible Human-Head Harp

This treasure is simply horrifying. It turns out to be a human head harp made from white human skulls and human skins!

The straight body of the instrument was made up of two white thigh bones, cleverly connected together. The knobs on the strings were probably deliberately loosened during the burial, leaving the black strings loose to prevent them from breaking over time.

There are two black holes on the headstock, two rows of ghostly white teeth, a collapsed nose bone, a hideous skull, and the solid thigh bones of the guitar body are firmly connected together.

The seventh brother, who is usually extremely daring and fearless, likes to rob tombs and hunt for curiosities. He has half a skull hanging on his butt, and his face suddenly changed when he saw this thing. He looked pale and bloodless.

Seventh Brother, who is used to eating the food of the dead and dares to sleep with the dead in the coffin, is certainly not a timid fool or a coward, but he has a little weird temper. Seeing such a horrifying change in him, who would dare to ask him why he changed his face so much?

This human-head fiddle is creepy and indeed very strange. It is nearly one meter long and is very similar to the horse-head fiddle. It has two strings that are actually made of thinly twisted human long hair.

Seventh Brother's face looked extremely ugly, as pale as wax, with beads of sweat appearing on his head and rolling on his forehead. He looked extremely excited and was trying his best to suppress his restlessness.

With trembling hands, he took out the human head harp, slowly tuned the strings, leaned against the edge of the coffin, and actually started playing.

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All I heard was the low and melodious sound of the piano from the ancient tomb. It was very melodious, elastic and magnetic, very beautiful and pleasant to the ears, which made people feel very comfortable. I didn't expect that this horrible musical instrument made of a human head could be so wonderful to play.

For a moment, the sound of the piano was so long and echoing in the tomb that everyone was stunned. For a moment, they forgot that they were in an ancient tomb and that the escape route outside the tomb was blocked by the evil people. Everyone pricked up their ears and listened until they forgot everything.

Only the angel sister noticed that the seventh brother's face was getting uglier and uglier. It had turned from pale to dark blue, and finally it was almost the color of purple potato. Two drops of hot tears burst out of his eyes and slid silently down his face.

As for the others, although they pricked up their ears like wolves, listening to the music, their eyes were as sticky as candied apples, staring at the treasure they had taken out. No one noticed the drastic change in Seventh Brother's facial expression at this moment.

These tomb robbers are used to dealing with corpses in ancient tombs and have experienced all kinds of strange and supernatural horror events. Their courage is made of solid iron balls and they are all brave and crazy.

In his mind, apart from stealing treasures, eating, drinking, having fun, and women with big breasts and fat buttocks, everything else is nothing to him.

In a word, tomb robbers are not afraid of life or death, nor are they afraid of being punished by heaven or earth, and they are not easily tempted by anything other than these things.

Actually, many people today know that in ancient times there was a sentimental shepherd who loved music very much. He missed the cute little stallion that had died, so he used the horse's leg bones as the column, the skull as the tube, and the hair on the tail as the tough bowstring to make a beautiful and unique duqin.

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Moreover, this skillful horse herder also carved an exquisite and lifelike horse head in the shape of a pony and installed it on the top of the handle. This is the original horse-head fiddle.

Look at the history of the horse-head fiddle; it has such a long history. It has gradually developed from the stringed instrument Xiqin in the Tang and Song dynasties to the present day. The melodious sound of the horse-head fiddle can be heard on the Mongolian grasslands and all over the country.

This popular instrument was already popular in the Genghis Khan era. In western Inner Mongolia, people affectionately called the horse-head fiddle "Molinhu Wuer". However, the head of the fiddle was not necessarily a horse head. It could also be in the shape of a crocodile head, a monkey head or a matel head. The matel is shaped like a dragon, but its face is like a monkey, symbolizing a divine object that suppresses evil spirits.

This human head harp is composed of several parts, including a resonance box, a headstock, a neck, strings and a bow. The sound box is made of human pelvis, which is really shocking! There are sound holes drilled on the left and right side panels, and the front and back of the harp box are covered with two layers of human skin. My god, it really makes my scalp tighten.

No one knows where this mysterious and terrifying human-head harp came from, nor whose head, thigh bone, hair, "pelvic bone", and human skin were combined to form this strange instrument. Is it a commemoration or a revenge?

No one can tell.

After playing the song, Brother Qi quietly wiped away a few tears, put the human-head harp on the tiger's back, turned around and continued to search for gold with everyone.

The seventh brother reached out and took out a few golden bars and put them into the mouse's clothes, while the land god took out a piece of old jade with a ghost head the size of a walnut. He knew that this old jade from the Han Dynasty was very expensive on the black market.

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As for Huadan, he smiled like a woman and took out a emerald green jade bowl.

As for the beautiful angel youngest sister, although she was in the tomb-robber team, she had no interest in gold and silver treasures. She just stared blankly at the few people who were busy searching for gold on the Taobao.

The other tomb robbers, like the Guillotines, the gorilla, the monkey king and the baboon, all searched for treasures according to their own preferences.

Finally, the seven tomb robbers counted the treasures and found a total of thirty-three treasures.

The country has its own laws, the family has its own rules, and thieves have their own code of conduct, so even tomb robbers have many corresponding rules.

For example, among the seven tomb robbers, they usually don't call each other by their names, but by their nicknames. So each of them sounds weird and shocking, neither human nor ghost.

At this time, the Seventh Brother and the God of Land discovered that there was a small entrance to a sub-tomb chamber in the main tomb chamber, and they were overjoyed.

According to general experience of tomb robbing and gold digging, sub-tomb chambers are often more hidden and often contain unexpected treasures.

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They hid in the darkness, and with the help of the ghostly light from the Qisifeng lantern, they were surprised to see that there was a long, pitch-black corridor half a person's height leading from the main tomb chamber to the sub-tomb chamber, and it was deathly silent inside.

The air at the entrance of the tunnel was gloomy and damp, "blowin' at you with sincerity"! It was bone-chillingly cold, making one grit their teeth and shiver!

Not only that, the air inside was damn fishy and stinky , baby, I'm going to fuck your cunt to death . The leading brother Seven sneezed three times in a row like a big stud.

As a result, the seven tomb-robbers became unusually active, and they were all ready to go, a bit like Columbus who discovered the New World and was immediately ecstatic.

The seventh brother has always been like the eldest brother. He pinched his nose and took the lead to enter the corridor cave. After turning around several times, a sub-tomb chamber with a stone door appeared in front of them.

At the entrance of the ancient tomb, there was a thick and long colorful poisonous insect coiled up, which looked to be more than two meters long! It was holding up its big triangular head like a branding iron, spitting out a terrifying fiery red snake tongue, flashing its cunning and cruel green bean eyes, staring at the seventh brother with a fierce look.

This is what has been commonly known as the "Little Green Dragon" for thousands of years! It is a well-known guy on the list of venomous snakes in the world. In recent years, zoologists have given it a new name – Mangshan Iron Head.

Later, "Little Green Dragon" became its stage name! Haha, the Mangshan iron head is a wild and cruel symbol of death in nature.

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Speaking of the terrifying Mangshan Ironhead, we have to talk about the famous snake king Chen Yuanhui! Because his relationship with the Mangshan Ironhead is inseparable.

Chen Yuanhui, a famous snake king in contemporary China, is known as Dr. Snake! Over the past 30 years, he has treated more than 500 snakebite patients!

Dr. Snake was bitten by venomous snakes nine times in his life and almost died in the mouth of a Mangshan ironhead. And the snake that bit him was not a big snake, but a newly born baby Mangshan ironhead.

The name of the venomous snake Mangshan Ironhead was given by him personally based on the suggestion of Academician Zhao Ermi, a reptile expert at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and visiting professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

Dr. Snake has danced with snakes for more than 30 years and discovered the 50th venomous snake in the world. Today, there are only 300 or 400 Mangshan ironheads in the world, which is more precious than giant pandas!

In 1996, the International Animal Protection Organization officially listed it on the Red List of the World Conservation Union.

Even if Augustine, the world-famous snake king, wants to meet this Mangshan Iron Head, he has to take a plane himself, bring snake venom medicine and insurance pills, and travel across the ocean to Mangshan, China.

The weight and toxicity of the Mangshan soldering iron tip are unimaginable. In a word, the Mangshan soldering iron tip is synonymous with the god of death!

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