Chapter 174 Killing The Corpse

The black donkey hoof fell beside me. This time, after I picked it up, I felt that it was not so cold. It must have absorbed too much evil spirit from the green-haired faceless monster corpse, which made me feel unusually cold. I handed the flashlight to my uncle and asked him to help me shine it. The ink fountain and the black donkey hoof must not touch the ancient corpse. If they accidentally touched the ancient corpse, the ancient corpse would definitely be hurt.

Although the faceless green-haired monster corpse has just broken free from the control of the ancient corpse, it is now constrained everywhere. Although it can still fight the ancient corpse on equal terms, the black donkey hoof just now has absorbed some of its evil spirit and corpse energy, causing its strength to be greatly reduced. But even so, the ancient corpse cannot tear the green-haired monster corpse apart like tearing apart a white-haired rice dumpling. If it wants to completely destroy this green-haired monster corpse, it can only rely on date pits. Oh, where are the date pits in my hand!

I was holding a handful of jujube pits in my hand before, but after being kicked away, the jujube pits in my hand were scattered all over the ground. Now I was holding the black donkey hoof in my left hand and the inkstone in my right hand, so I couldn't hold the jujube pits. I looked at my uncle and said to him, "Uncle, why don't you hold the black donkey hoof?" My uncle was stunned for a moment, but then he gritted his teeth and said, "If the nest is destroyed, all the eggs will be intact. If you can't do it, I'm afraid I will die here too. I'll hold the black donkey hoof!"

I handed the black donkey hoof to my uncle, then found the date pits on the ground, picked them up and put them in my pocket, pulled the ink line of the ink fountain, and moved towards the ancient corpse and the green-haired faceless monster corpse. I said to my uncle, "Uncle, you just need to hit the green-haired monster in the face with the black donkey hoof, and I will take care of the rest."

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The uncle hummed behind me, and the ancient corpse happened to kick the green-haired monster away, making it lie face down. I saw this as a good opportunity, and quickly rushed over. I couldn't let the ancient corpse get too close with the inkstone in my hand, for fear that the spirit on the inkstone would accidentally hurt the ancient corpse. I could only go up and wrap the green hair with the ink line when the ancient corpse and the green-haired monster were separated. In fact, if the ancient corpse pressed the green-haired monster to the ground again, I would put the black donkey hoof and inkstone on the green-haired monster, and then this dispute would end.

However, this opportunity is hard to find. As soon as the ancient corpse tried to press the green-haired corpse under it, it would provoke violent resistance from it, leaving the ancient corpse no chance at all.

I rushed to the side of the green-haired monster corpse in one step, and wrapped the ink thread in my hand that I had drawn out long ago around the green-haired monster corpse. My uncle was not to be outdone, and rushed over with the black donkey hoof. The two of us picked the opportunity very cleverly, just when the green-haired corpse just fell to the ground and had no time to change its strength.

However, this opportunity was fleeting. Before my ink line could wrap around the green-haired corpse, the green-haired creature began to crawl on the ground, trying to stand up. If I let it stand up again, it would be another hard fight. Looking at the green-haired monster that was about to stand up, I felt anxious. At this time, my uncle shouted behind me: "Hit!" Then I heard a sound of breaking through the air suddenly in my ears, and then a black afterimage flashed before my eyes. The black shadow went straight to the green-haired monster that was about to stand up. When I saw clearly that it was the black donkey hoof in the uncle's hand, the thing hit the back of the green-haired monster with a snap.

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The black donkey's hoof hit the green-haired body, splashing a series of sparks and emitting some burnt smell, but fortunately, the black donkey's hoof knocked the green-haired body to the ground. Because of this delay, the ink line in my hand also reached the green-haired body and floated around it.

The green-haired monster corpse was already struggling under the attack of the black donkey's hoof, and now with the addition of the ink line, the green-haired monster corpse fell directly to the ground and couldn't move at all. In fact, this is a long story. After the ancient corpse knocked the green-haired monster away and the uncle hit the black donkey's hoof, it only took me a blink of an eye to wrap the ink line around the green-haired monster corpse. I took a look at the ancient corpse and it was about to approach the green-haired monster corpse, so I quickly controlled him and didn't let him get close to me, so as to avoid being restrained by the ink bucket and the black donkey's hoof.

The ink line was just hanging on the green-haired body at this time, but just this small piece of ink line made the green-haired monster extremely painful and struggled constantly. I walked forward and carefully pulled out more ink lines, letting the ink lines press on the back of the green-haired monster. This time the ink line and the black donkey's hoof pressed the green-haired monster tightly, and it could no longer cause any trouble.

Seeing this, I gently placed the ink box on the green-haired monster's body, then took out a date pit, weighing where to start. I remembered that the master only said to be at the spine, but exactly where on the spine it was, I had no idea. In addition, now that the green-haired monster was pinned down, it began to emit some corpse odor, which made me even more embarrassed.

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My uncle seemed to know what I was hesitating about. He said to me, "I see that the inkstone and the black donkey hoof seem to be able to restrain this green-haired monster corpse. Why don't we wait and drive the date pit into his spine when the stench of the corpse has subsided a little?" After hearing this, I felt something was wrong. The inkstone and the black donkey hoof can only restrain the green-haired corpse, but cannot kill it. If we wait, we don't know what will happen.

I made up my mind and said to my uncle, "No, I'd better nail it to death now, otherwise I won't feel at ease." As I said that, I held my breath and walked towards the green-haired monster corpse lying on the ground. There was a black corpse gas on the back of this monster, which increased the difficulty of nailing the date pit. I thought to myself that I couldn't delay any longer, so I squatted down, picked up a date pit, estimated the spine of this faceless monster corpse, and pressed the date pit inside hard.

I remember that the master used his fingers to press the pit into the hole. He looked relaxed, just like he was hammering tofu. But when it came to me, I felt like he was hammering a stone. I spent a long time trying to hammer it in, but it was the same after several attempts. I quickly left the green-haired guy because I was exhausted and couldn't hold it in any longer.

Seeing my depressed look, the uncle said to me: "What's wrong? Is it not working?" I said disappointedly: "I remember the master just pressed it lightly and it went in, but I can't get it in no matter how hard I press!" After hearing this, the uncle was stunned for a moment and said: "The master is very strong, and how much strength do you have? It's not surprising that you can't get it in. Take a stone and smash it in and try."

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When I heard the same, I held my breath and went to the side of the green-haired monster corpse again. I took out Zou Yang's Yin-Yang Mirror from my arms, carefully stood up the date pit, and placed it in the middle of the spine of the corpse. I prayed silently in my heart that it must succeed this time, and then I suddenly smashed the Yin-Yang Mirror in my hand down. This time, I heard a small "puff" sound, and the date pit in my hand drilled into the spine of the green-haired corpse.

Before I could be happy, the hole in the spine where the date pit was nailed burst out with a strong smell of corpse gas, which attacked my face. Seeing this, I dared not hesitate at all. I pushed hard with my feet and leaned back backwards. The black mist sprayed past my face dangerously. My heart beat violently several times. I was scared to death. If I was sprayed, I would become a zongzi!

After I fell on my back, I didn't dare to stay there. I climbed up using my hands and feet and walked towards my uncle. My uncle was also shocked. He took out a handful of sticky rice and said, "Did you get sprayed , baby? I'm going to fuck your pussy to death . Hurry up and wash it with sticky rice!" I took a deep breath and waved my hands to show that I was fine. After a while, my breath stabilized and I saw that the green-haired monster corpse had stopped emitting corpse gas. I said to my uncle, "Uncle, it seems that I really need to nail seven jujube pits in. You help me watch and I'll nail a few more."

My uncle told me to be careful, and then I came to the side of the faceless corpse again. With the experience from last time, I went very smoothly this time, but the black corpse gas that gushed out at the end still made me tremble with fear. After going back and forth several times, I finally nailed seven date pits. After the last date pit was nailed in, the green-haired faceless thing could no longer spit out the black corpse gas. Now it has turned into an ordinary shriveled corpse, baby, I'm going to fuck your cunt to death . The creepy green hair also disappeared with the corpse.

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I looked at my uncle, breathed a sigh of relief, and said, "Uncle, we finally killed it." My uncle said with lingering fear, "Yes, we finally killed it." Without the external threat, my uncle's attention began to be attracted by the well next to us and the painting on the ground. Seeing that things were not going well, I quickly collected the inkstone and black donkey hoof from the green-haired corpse, put them in my backpack, and chased after my uncle.

At this time, the uncle stood at the mouth of the well with a flashlight, bent down and touched the stone slab with his hand. There were many corpses on the stone slab, and it should have been dirty and messy, but the stone slab on the well did not have that feeling at all. Instead, it was a kind of earthy yellow color. In this earthy yellow color, traces of the talismans from before could be faintly seen.

I saw that my uncle was still stroking the stone slab, so I quickly pulled him up and said, "Uncle, what's wrong with you? Ever since we saw this well, you have been uneasy!" My uncle stared at the stone slab above the well, as if talking to himself, or as if explaining to me: "Do you know what this well in the tomb is called? It's called Longyan. There must be something extraordinary in it!"

When I heard my uncle say this, my heart skipped a beat. I am not some hermit, and it would be great if there really were priceless treasures in this tomb. At this moment, I was eagerly imagining what kind of treasures were in the well and how precious they were. As I was thinking about it, I slowly walked towards the wellhead.

An idea in my mind was slowly expanding: open this manhole cover. After opening it, I will be rich enough to rival a country and have no worries about food and clothing for the rest of my life. Open it, open it! As soon as this idea came out, it expanded endlessly. At this moment, the greed in my heart completely broke out.

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