Chapter 1584 Leading The Past And The Future

"We don't have much time left to waste. While I have temporarily stabilized the situation in the spiritual world, I must find a way to solve the problem of the spiritual world invading reality. Only in this way can we minimize casualties outside. Otherwise, when the next spiritual world attacks, it will be difficult for me to stay here peacefully."

"So, the attempt on this Yin-Yang Road will be carried out immediately."

"Zhang Xianguang, I'm still not sure if I can trust you, but now there are few ghost riders who are qualified to participate in this matter, so I am still willing to share some of my secrets with you. I hope you won't let me down."

"Of course, if you have other ideas , I don't mind burying you here."

After Yang Jian finished speaking, he didn't care what Zhang Xianguang thought and he immediately started to take action.

Although the idea of ​​using a ghost realm to separate reality and the spiritual world is a good one, it still requires repeated demonstration if it is to be truly implemented, and the best way to demonstrate it is to do it yourself.

Fortunately, this Yin-Yang Road is long enough and there is plenty of space for Yang Jian to conduct experiments.


Yang Jian’s ghost eyes overlapped, and five layers of ghost domains spread out. A scarlet light enveloped the Yin-Yang Road, making that Yin-Yang Road seem somewhat illusory.

"There are no ghosts nearby, so let me be the experimenter." Zhang Xianguang immediately walked towards the section of Yin-Yang Road.

Soon, his figure disappeared, but after a while, he walked out of the Yin and Yang Road and came to the supernatural world.

"Not enough. This level of ghost domain can only stop ghosts that are not scary enough, and the duration is also very limited. Without the subsequent supernatural power to maintain it, you can only maintain this section of Yin and Yang Road for a year at most. After a year, the supernatural world will completely erode the influence of your ghost domain."

Zhang Xianguang commented.

14 years of ghost hunters and evil spirits_What does ghost hunter mean_Is ghost hunter fourteen years real?

"So it is not only necessary to maintain the influence of the ghost realm, but also to prevent the erosion of the spiritual world? I see." Yang Jian pondered, and then tried again.

"My sixth-level ghost domain can temporarily stagnate everything around it, but as the ghost eye closes, this supernatural power will immediately disappear. The seventh-level ghost domain restarts itself, and the eighth-level ghost domain restarts on a large scale. The only one that can affect the surroundings for a long time is the fifth-level ghost domain."

"Then I am only unsure about the ability of the ninth level of the ghost realm. I have never tried the ninth level of the ghost realm before. Now is the time."

With Yang Jian’s current strength, there is no problem in opening the ninth level of the ghost realm, and there is no need to worry about the revival of evil spirits.

After all, after mastering the bus and ghost blood, the suppression of ghost eyes has reached an unprecedented level.

Zhang Xianguang, who was standing by, saw that Yang Jian was lost in thought and did not urge him.

He also wanted to observe and see whether Yang Jian's method could separate the Yin and Yang Road and delay the time for the supernatural world to erode reality. Although the previous attempt was still too far from success, the attempts were still going on and now was not the time to draw a conclusion.

Yang Jian didn't hesitate for a moment, and soon he took action again.

This time the ghost eyes opened and superimposed on each other, and in just a moment they were directly superimposed to the ninth layer.

"Hmm?" At this moment, Zhang Xianguang noticed some changes around Yang Jian.

He saw red light coming out around Yang Jian. The red light condensed into a ball and neither spread nor disappeared. It was like a door or a passage. No one knew where it was connected to. However, less than two seconds later, the ball of red light changed and began to move slightly.

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The red light twisted, and finally turned into a person.

This person was all red and looked a little weird, but his appearance and height were exactly the same as Yang Jian, and even the supernatural aura he exuded was the same.


This person is Yang Jian.

"So that's how it is. Is this the ninth level of the ghost realm? Ignoring all the constraints of reality, I broke free from the shackles of time. I used the ghost eye as a node to bring my past and future selves here. I just don't know how long I can stay here."

At this moment, the man whose entire body was scarlet and who looked exactly like Yang Jian spoke. His tone and way of thinking were completely different from that of Yang Jian.

It is not a ghost transformed by the supernatural at all.

"Is it similar to Meng Xiaodong's infinite invasion?" Zhang Xianguang's expression became solemn. He never expected that Yang Jian actually had such a terrifying trick hidden.

An ability like Meng Xiaodong's would be a qualitative change no matter which ghost rider it was attached to. But now this similar ability has appeared in Yang Jian, which is simply a nightmare for others.

However, as the nine-layer ghost domain continued to maintain, a ball of red light appeared beside the second Yang Jian. The ball of red light changed, and the third Yang Jian appeared again.

Yang Jian's eyes moved slightly at this moment: "The first person was brought by me using the Nine-Layer Ghost Domain, but the second person has nothing to do with me. He was brought by the first person after opening the Nine-Layer Ghost Domain, and so on."

14 years of ghost hunters and evil spirits_What does ghost hunter mean_Is ghost hunter fourteen years real?

Then the third ball of red light appeared. At this time, Yang Jian closed his ghost eyes and no longer opened the ninth level of the ghost realm.


The third ball of red light that had originally appeared began to dissipate, and finally disappeared completely. The third person did not successfully invade into reality.

"The real me is the anchor point that guides other people to appear. If something goes wrong with me, other people will not be able to successfully invade. Therefore, the longer I open the ninth level of the ghost domain, the more people I can guide. However, the more people there are, the slower the speed of guiding the next person to appear." After this attempt, Yang Jian understood all the problems again.

Although he no longer opens the ninth level of the ghost realm, the second Yang Jian and the third Yang Jian have not disappeared. They are still covered in scarlet blood. It is obvious that the supernatural power of the ghost eye is maintaining them and forcing them to stay in this world.

I just don't know how long this stay will last.

Yang Jian said: "This is enough. It's just an attempt. It doesn't require so many people. When I find a way, I will try to reach the limit and separate the Yin and Yang Road in one go."

"That's right. It's not worth risking our lives just to try." Zhang Xianguang nodded. "However, if we increase the number of people, what we can do is very limited and it won't play a decisive role."

"It may be true for others, but it's different for me. My ghost domain can intersect and overlap with each other. If it's just me, the maximum overlap is the ninth level. Just like what you saw just now, I used the ninth level of ghost domain to bring in the second and third self, but when the second ghost eye appears, it means that my ghost domain can still have new changes."

Yang Jian’s ghost eyes opened again, and this time he looked at himself next to him.

The other person also opened his ghost eyes, and they seemed to know what each other meant.

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The two people used the ghost domain again.

This time, the two red lights intersected, representing their respective fifth levels of the ghost realm.

In just a moment, the Yin-Yang Road in front of him disappeared, and was replaced by a road paved with red light.

The road seems to be very close, but in fact it gives people a very far away feeling, as if once you set foot on it, you will never be able to come back.

Zhang Xianguang was not afraid, he immediately tried to walk over.

next moment.

His figure immediately disappeared from the spot. He neither appeared in reality nor in the spiritual world, but was directly lost in this strange path.

Even now Yang Jian cannot fully understand the road formed by the ghost realm.

Because this is formed by the intersection of two five-layer ghost domains, no one knows what effect it will produce, because this is also Yang Jian’s first attempt.

Yang Jian was waiting quietly at this moment.

He was waiting for Zhang Xianguang to come back, and also waiting for the second person next to him.

Is ghost hunter fourteen years real?_What does ghost hunter mean_14 years of ghost hunters and evil spirits

The disappearance of the third self.

Because Yang Jian needs to know the exact time to facilitate his subsequent attempts.

However, I waited for a full hour.

Zhang Xianguang hasn't come back yet, and the two red Yang Jians beside him haven't disappeared either.

"It's different from when we were in Baishui Town. My other self and I used five layers of ghost domains, but they only intersected, not overlapped, so it couldn't reach the so-called tenth layer of ghost domain as we imagined before. But even so, the changes caused by this intersection are unimaginable. A person with Zhang Xianguang's strength was trapped in it for more than an hour and couldn't get out. Ordinary evil spirits would probably be trapped for even longer if they entered it."

Yang Jian was satisfied with the results of this attempt.

"I want to know if using supernatural powers indiscriminately will shorten the time we stay in this world?" The third Yang Jian proposed an idea.

The two people actually started chatting.

This made the real Yang Jian feel a little weird.

It seems that there is nothing for me to do.

They can think and act independently and don't need to worry at all.

But this is also good. At least from now on I have two more helpers, and they have the same abilities as me.

"That's exactly what I meant." The second Yang Jian nodded in agreement.

Some people died, but not completely dead…

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