Chapter 1561: Waking Dream

Time flies and another month has passed.

Half a year has passed since Yang Jian sank into the blood pool.

This period of time is not long for ordinary people, but for the supernatural circle, these six months have almost buried a generation. Let alone Yang Jian, even the headquarters is rarely mentioned. People only know that there is such a backward department that is still struggling to find ways to deal with supernatural events.

However, during this period, He Yuelian still performed her duties well. She stayed guarding Yang Jian's body in the blood pool.

Although she had never appeared in a dream again since then, nor had she received any information about Yang Jian, she still did not dare to test whether Yang Jian was dead or not.

Because she no longer has the capital to make mistakes, if she takes a wrong step, death will be waiting for her.

"Maybe he is dead." He Yuelian had this thought more than once.

But every time she quickly dismissed this guess.


Several people broke into this blocked area. They were not ordinary people, but a new generation of ghost riders.

Ignorance gave them the courage to break in here.

"We came here for only one purpose, to find the coffin nail that Yang Jian left here. As long as we get that supernatural item, we can fight against any evil spirits, including other ghost masters. If we succeed, we can save our lives and find a way to survive."

His name is Wang Zhuo, a man in his twenties, young and full of fighting spirit. An accident made him a ghost rider.

But the life of ghost riders in this era is not easy.

While facing the resurrection of evil spirits, he has to continue to fight against the spirits and find the evil spirits that are suitable for him to control in order to prolong his life.

However, it is not easy to become a ghost rider by chance, and it is even more difficult to try to ride a second ghost.

But once you take this path, you have no choice.

So there were three people willing to accompany Wang Zhuo to Dachang City to take a gamble.

"That Yang Jian must be dead. He has disappeared for half a year. The supernatural circle has never heard of anyone coming back to life after being silent for half a year, even though he was once the captain. So now we only need to worry about whether there is anyone guarding this place." A ghost rider who was traveling with him whispered.

"It is said that there are guards, but that news was a long time ago. It is still unknown whether the guards are still there. There are many people in the spiritual circle who are eyeing this piece of meat, but there is a lack of a pioneer. As the saying goes, the brave will die of overeating and the timid will die of starvation. Today we are the pioneers. Either we get rich or we die."

"Death? I don't think so. If we meet a guard, the worst that can happen is a fight. If the four of us join forces, we may be able to successfully kill the guard and take over Yang Jian's legacy. You must know that the person in charge of Dachang City, Li Yang, has disappeared for several days. The person in charge now is Tong Qian. It is obvious that the previous batch of ghost riders could not hold on and are almost dead. If we wait until Tong Qian leaves, I don't know how many ghost riders will rush out to take over Dachang City." Another colleague said with a sneer.

"Everyone, be quiet. We are just ahead of you, the blood pool." Wang Zhuo said in a deep voice.

Several companions immediately kept quiet.

At this moment, the surrounding environment has become a little weird. The surrounding ground is charred, as if it had been burned by fire.

Even after half a year, they still felt the air was a little hot when they walked into this place, making them feel very uncomfortable.

"Look, is the spear standing there the magical weapon of Yang Jian?" Suddenly, a man pointed to a place not far away and said.

The red spear stands deep in the soil, looking as good as new.

"It is rumored that Yang Jian has embedded the coffin nail into the tail of the spear. As long as the spear is pulled out, the coffin nail buried in the soil can be easily removed." Wang Zhuo stared at the red spear.

At night, the red spear is still so bright and eye-catching.

"Such a long time has passed, I thought Yang Jian's supernatural weapon had been taken away by Li Yang, the person in charge of Dachang City, and we might come back empty-handed this time. Now it seems that God is still kind to us." Someone next to him became excited.

"Be careful, let's move closer." Wang Zhuo gestured to his three companions, then slowly approached the spear.

Everything went smoothly. We didn't encounter any danger or any supernatural attacks during the approach.

However, the group was still vigilant. They knew that there must be danger here, but it had not appeared yet.

“Very close.”

Looking at the red spear that seemed to be within reach, Wang Zhuo couldn't help but get a little excited.

However, their eyes were drawn to the mysterious weapon, and they did not notice that they were getting closer and closer to the warning line deliberately drawn on the ground.

That is not just a warning line, it is also a line between life and death.

However, at this moment, a light, cold voice suddenly echoed faintly in the night sky: "Stop, if you come any closer you will all die here."


The four people were startled, then stopped and became alert, then quickly searched the surroundings.


Their eyes suddenly narrowed.

I saw a woman standing in the wilderness not far away. She was wearing a red wedding dress and a red veil on her head. In the dark night, she seemed to be emitting a faint red light, which made people feel weird and horrified.

"It's He Yuelian, the woman who is rumored to control ghost paintings." A female ghost rider in the team screamed upon seeing this.

"He Yuelian? This guy actually appears here." Wang Zhuo's face suddenly changed, and he felt something was wrong.

Although they are the new generation of Ghost Riders, they have only been rising for a short time and are still wary of the captains of the previous generation at the headquarters. However, there are only a few captains left at the headquarters, so many people do not take them seriously since they cannot be encountered anyway.

I didn't expect that I would be so unlucky to meet someone here.

"Wang Zhuo, what should we do? Should we fight?" a companion nearby asked cautiously.

Wang Zhuo's expression changed constantly, not knowing how to decide.

On the one hand, the captain in the rumors makes people feel fearful, and on the other hand, the supernatural weapon left by Yang Jian is within reach, and as long as he gets it, he can rise.

It's very difficult to be left alone.

But you can’t make the wrong choice here, because if you make the wrong choice, you may die.

"Can the four of us fight He Yuelian together? Even for a short while. Her duty is to guard the blood pool, not this magical weapon. If we can hold her back and take the weapon and run, He Yuelian will most likely not chase us."

Wang Zhuo's eyes flickered, and a bold idea gradually emerged in his mind.

However, at this time, He Yuelian's voice echoed again: "Considering the lack of ghost riders in this era, you should leave here. It is not worth dying here in vain. Yang Jian's supernatural weapons are not something you can touch."

"We came here just for a chance to survive. Now that the opportunity is right in front of us, I don't want to give up." Wang Zhuo said seriously.

"Yes, although you are the captain of the headquarters, you have no right to deprive us of the chance to live. I hope you can stay out of this matter. After all, a fight will be bad for everyone. Of course, we know that the captain is very powerful, but we are not just here to eat and do nothing. We may be able to bring down a captain if the evil ghost revives."

Several people stared at He Yuelian, ready for a life-and-death fight.

The scene seemed to become a little solemn.

But things soon changed.

He Yuelian, who was standing in the wilderness, gradually faded and finally disappeared from the sight of several people.

"Gone? Is she going to take action?"

"There were no signs of action. I didn't feel the spirit approaching."

"It seems that she is afraid that we will fight her here, so she chose to retreat. The so-called captain is just like this. That's right, He Yuelian is not the strongest captain in the headquarters. The strongest is Yang Jian. If they want to wipe us out, He Yuelian is not qualified, unless Yang Jian comes back to life."

Several people discussed it for a while.

Wang Zhuo said: "Don't waste time. While He Yuelian is away, we should immediately take the spear and evacuate here, so as to avoid any more trouble."

"Okay, let's do it now."

The others didn't think any more and immediately followed Wang Zhuo and quickly approached the spear standing in front of them.


Several of them have crossed the cordon.

At this moment, something strange happened.

The spear that had been standing motionless on the ground suddenly began to shake, as if an incomprehensible supernatural power had revived and was affecting this supernatural weapon.


The shaking spear bounced up and flew towards the few people at an incredible speed.

"Be careful…" Wang Zhuo yelled.

But before he could finish his words, a companion beside him flew backwards, then was pierced through the body by a flying spear and nailed to the ground.

"How could this happen?" The man nailed to the ground vomited blood and looked at the scene in disbelief.

"Quickly pull out the spear, or he will die. There are coffin nails on this spear, which can suppress the supernatural power in him. Without supernatural power to maintain his life, he will not survive with such injuries." Wang Zhuo said hurriedly while rushing over.

"I'll do it." Another ghost rider said, and immediately disappeared.

"Ghost domain? You actually have a ghost domain? Li Cheng, you hid it really well." Wang Zhuo was stunned for a moment, then reacted.

No, he is now exposing the ghost domain and wants to escape with the spear.

The ghost rider named Li Cheng immediately appeared next to the spear. He sneered and said, "Sorry, there is only one nail for the coffin."

After saying that, he grabbed the red spear.

At this moment, Li Cheng was quite excited.

The coffin nail that was rumored to be there was about to fall into his hands.

However, as soon as he touched the spear, the expression on his face froze, and his complexion instantly turned pale. He fell to the ground in an instant, no longer breathing.

Seeing this scene, Wang Zhuo and the only remaining female ghost rider next to him were stunned.

"It's a curse. There is a curse on the spear. You can't touch it with your hands. Wear gloves." Wang Zhuo reacted later and took out a pair of special gloves.

This kind of gloves is made of gold that is pulled into gold threads and then woven, in order to prevent living people from being contaminated by inexplicable curses when they come into contact with supernatural objects.

Although the ghost handlers of their generation have not yet grown up, the various methods and techniques for fighting against the supernatural have already been circulated, and everyone who deals with the supernatural will remember these things.

It wasn't that Li Cheng didn't understand just now, but he was too greedy and ignored this detail, which led to his loss of his life in vain.

If he had remembered this, he might have taken the nails out of the coffin.

But when Wang Zhuo just put on the gloves, the red spear that had nailed a man to death began to vibrate again.

"Be careful, the second round of attacks is coming. Don't try to fight with supernatural powers. There are coffin nails on it that cannot be stopped by supernatural powers. You can only grab it with your gloved hands the moment it flies over." Wang Zhuo reminded again, with cold sweat on his face.

This was just a supernatural weapon that was not controlled by anyone, but it easily killed two people on our side.

And it is still unknown whether the coffin nail can be taken away instantly.

He Yuelian didn't take action just now. Did she think that even if she didn't take action, she and others would not be able to deal with this spear?

What a joke.

The gap between ghost riders cannot be that big.

In a moment of distraction, the red spear flew over again.

It was moving at an extremely fast speed and heading straight towards Wang Zhuo.

"Coming towards you, Wang Zhuo." The female ghost rider next to him shouted.


Wang Zhuo's whole body was tense, and the supernatural power in his body controlled his body, allowing him to break his waist in an incredible way and avoid the flying spear.

As long as he is not nailed by the coffin nails, he is not afraid.

There was a brief pause after the spear missed.

"Now." Wang Zhuo stretched out his gloved hands and grabbed the red spear tightly.

The spear vibrated, trying to break free from Wang Zhuo's control.

If it was just a confrontation of strength, Wang Zhuo would not be afraid at all. After all, the power of the ghost rider was not small at all.

"Let me help you." The female ghost rider also rushed over, grabbed the spear and cooperated with Wang Zhuo to control it.

"Don't worry about it. Take away the coffin nails and retreat immediately." Wang Zhuo growled, asking his teammates to change their strategy.

This spear was terrifying. It contained too many unknown supernatural powers, which was not what he needed. He only needed the simple yet powerful coffin nail.

The female ghost rider immediately grabbed the coffin nail, and then with a little effort, she successfully removed it.


Seeing this, Wang Zhuo gave up fighting the red spear without any hesitation, and fled with the female ghost rider.

Without the threat of the coffin nails, he was not worried about being nailed to death. Even if the spear flew at him again, he could use his supernatural powers to fight against it.

"It actually worked." After escaping from the dangerous area, the female ghost rider looked at the coffin nails in her hand with both excitement and disbelief.

Wang Zhuo smiled as he looked at the rusty coffin nail.

Although we lost two of our companions, we finally gained something.

With this nail in the coffin, he had the capital to rise.

However, as the two were laughing, they noticed a strong light appearing in the distance.

"What's going on?" Wang Zhuo squinted his eyes and couldn't help but put his hand out to block the light.

When the light faded, Wang Zhuo froze when he opened his eyes again.

He found himself lying on a charred ground without knowing when.

After realizing something, Wang Zhuo sat up suddenly.

He looked at his hands and found that he was not wearing gloves. He looked around and found that his three companions were also lying on the ground with their eyes closed, as if they were in a deep sleep.

"Wang Zhuo, where is the coffin nail? Where is the coffin nail that I just got with great difficulty?" The female ghost rider also woke up. She was confused and looked around, but found nothing around.

Wang Zhuo looked up at the sky.

The sky was blue and the sun was shining brightly.

At this moment, he laughed, but his laughter revealed a deep fear.

"There are no coffin nails, nothing. We just had a dream, a daydream." Wang Zhuo understood his situation at this moment.

But it is because we understand that we are afraid.

I don't even know when I fell asleep.

And from beginning to end he did not find anything wrong between the dream and reality.

Then he looked towards the direction of the blood pool.

The red spear was still standing there, not moving.

Wang Zhuo took a deep look and didn't dare to go any further.

This level of supernatural power is not something I can fight against. It’s already great that I can survive today.

"Let's leave here." Wang Zhuo immediately stood up and said.

"Is it a dream?" The female ghost rider was also in a trance and only woke up when Wang Zhuo called her.

The two of them did not dare to hesitate and immediately turned around and fled from here.

But the other two people were still lying on the ground and seemed to have no signs of waking up.

Wang Zhuo looked back and found that Li Cheng and the others had stopped breathing.

At this moment his heart trembled violently.

It turns out that if you die in a dream, you really die.

After the two people left, He Yuelian, who had disappeared, appeared again near the blood pool.

He Yuelian looked at the two dead people on the ground, then looked at Yang Jian's body floating in the pool of blood, and then said, "You should let me kill them directly. Some people in the spiritual circle are already targeting you. If I take action, it can shock some people and reduce unnecessary trouble."

But Yang Jian's body was still floating there quietly, without any movement.

He Yuelian observed for a long time but still did not respond.

She stopped talking and disappeared again.

But at this moment, Yang Jian's body in the blood pool began to sway slightly, as if blown by a gust of wind.

But in the previous few months, Yang Jian's body did not move at all.

Any movement means one thing.

Some kind of supernatural confrontation is coming to an end.

In a ghost dream.

"That young ghost rider named Wang Zhuo has great potential and actually passed the test of ghost dreams. In that case, let him leave alive. After all, in this era, we need a large number of ghost riders to fight against the supernatural. Leaving two behind to serve as a warning to the monkeys will be enough." Yang Jian was walking the dog at the moment. It's not like he had nothing to do during this period of time.

During this period of silence, he became more and more proficient in using ghosts, dreams and the supernatural.


Suddenly, Yang Jian stopped and a strange feeling came over him.

This feeling is strange.

I feel like I am about to wake up.

Yang Jian stood there for a moment, then suddenly smiled: "It looks like the time is almost up. The spiritual balance in the blood pool has been broken, and I am the final winner."


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