Chapter 1521: Conflict And Dreaming

The next day, Li Yang collected as many miscellaneous items as possible and gave them to He Yiner. After receiving them, He Yiner left Dachang City very readily. It seemed that she was going to other cities to collect the relics of other captains.

But all this has nothing to do with Li Yang. He just hopes that the captain will not cause trouble in Dachang City.

But this simple idea seems a bit wishful thinking.

Because not long after He Yiner left, Li Yang received an important message.

He Yuelian, who had already resigned from the position of captain, appeared and was now near the silent blood pool of Yang Jian.

"What? He Yuelian appears?" Li Yang's expression suddenly became serious.

If he were to ask which captain in the headquarters he feared the most, it would undoubtedly be He Yuelian.

It's not that her strength is the most terrifying, but that she is the most unstable factor, because she was not a captain selected by the headquarters, but an ordinary person who rose to fame overnight, mastered the ghost painting, and was recruited by Yang Jian to become the captain directly.

God knows what such a person will do after losing the restraint of the captain.

"I have to go and check it out." Li Yang was really worried about He Yuelian, so he immediately set off for the suburbs of Dachang City.

"Li Yang, I'll go with you. It's more risky if you go alone."

Tong Qian also received the news. When she saw Li Yang leaving in a hurry at the company, she immediately understood what was going on and expressed her willingness to go with him.

"The company cannot be without people, so you'd better stay here," said Li Yang.

"Just let Huang Ziya stay here. He Yuelian is in danger and I'm afraid you can't handle it alone." Tong Qian said.

Li Yang finally nodded: "Okay, then let's go meet her together, but we have to be prepared for action. She showed up this time to target the captain, and I'm worried that she will take action against the blood pool. She is no longer the captain of the headquarters, and I will take action if necessary." Tong Qian said seriously.

"That's good."

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After hearing Tong Qian's words, Li Yang felt more confident.


The two men set off quickly and reached the blocked highway outside the city as quickly as possible.

at the same time.

Near the ghost blood, on a piece of ground burned black by ghost fire, stood a woman wearing a red wedding dress, a red veil on her head, and exuding a cold and weird aura.

This woman seemed to have walked out of an oil painting, looking so unreal.

She is He Yuelian, a person that everyone in the supernatural circle is afraid of because the supernatural thing she controls is ghost paintings.

He Yuelian seemed to have been standing there for a while. At this moment, she was doing a strange movement. She stretched out one arm and slowly waved it towards the direction of the red blood pool in front of her, as if waving.

She didn't do it, she was just waving.

Other people’s waving is just a greeting, but He Yuelian’s waving can attract evil spirits.

Under the influence of this strange spiritual power, the originally calm blood pool was actually bubbling.

The blood pool was boiling and a pungent fishy smell filled the air, as if something was about to emerge.

"He Yuelian, what are you doing? Stop immediately." Li Yang, who came rushing over, suddenly narrowed his eyes when he saw this.

As a survivor of the ghost painting incident, no one knows the supernatural power of ghost paintings better than him. Especially after He Yuelian put on the red wedding dress, she possessed the strange power of the mummy bride and could attract nearby evil spirits. This had a greater impact than the white ghost candle.

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Even the ghost in the body of a ghost handler will be pulled out alive by this kind of ghost-summoning spirit.

"Don't be nervous, I'm just checking Yang Jian's condition to see if he is really dead." He Yuelian's voice echoed around, flat and cold, without any emotions of a living person.

Li Yang shouted, "You are messing around. Your summoning of ghosts will disrupt the spiritual balance in the blood pool."

"It's been three months, the spiritual balance can't be maintained

Such a long time." He Yuelian said.

"You know very well that the captain is immersed in ghost blood. If you insist on doing this, I can't help but suspect that you are provoking us. Although your ghost paintings are very scary, if you really fight hard, we may be able to bring you down." Li Yang said coldly, with a threat in his words.

He Yuelian continued to wave her arms without turning her head, and replied calmly: "You are not qualified to say this. You are not the captain, and you will never understand the difference. I didn't come to Dachang City to fight with you this time. I just want to confirm Yang Jian's situation, that's all."

"No matter whether Yang Jian is alive or dead, as long as I get the answer, I will leave immediately."

When Li Yang saw this scene, he understood in his heart that it might not be so easy to get rid of He Yuelian today.

"He Yuelian, it looks like there's nothing to talk about, right?" Tong Qian also walked over with a gloomy face. A layer of bright paint had been smeared on her two ghost faces at some point.

The appearance of ghost makeup means that Tong Qian will be able to borrow the supernatural powers of two top ghost masters at any time.

"Your ghost costume is indeed powerful, but it doesn't last long. If you take action, you will have no chance of winning and will only exhaust yourself to death. It's not worth it. Besides, we are not enemies, so why are you trying to stop me? Don't you want to know whether Yang Jian is alive or dead now?" He Yuelian shook her head slightly, obviously knowing all the information about Tong Qian.

During the time she was the captain, she had mastered all the intelligence information from the headquarters. In addition, she also paid attention to the supernatural powers of others during the fight with the King's Organization.

He Yuelian wanted to confirm which ghost rider posed a threat to her and which one posed no threat to her.

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However, after some observation, He Yuelian found that since Yang Jian disappeared, some captains died in battle, and she seemed to have become the strongest captain in the headquarters. No captain could threaten her. Perhaps the necromancer was a hidden danger, but the necromancer had great flaws. She did not think that He Yiner could pose a threat to her.

It was for this reason that she resigned from the captain position without hesitation.

I am already the most powerful ghost rider, there is no need for me to be under the jurisdiction of the headquarters.

He Yuelian believed that even if she resigned, the headquarters would not dare to offend her.

This is indeed the reality.

Therefore, the only thing that worries her now is whether Yang Jian is still alive and whether there is a possibility of waking up.

Tong Qian didn't care what He Yuelian was thinking now. His ghost makeup was complete, and his whole body exuded two completely different terrifying and mysterious auras.

He Yuelian, if you are willing to stop your current behavior, we can refrain from taking action, but if you still insist, I will not show mercy. Perhaps you are confident that you can defeat us, but we may also have the ability to drag you down with us. You should also think about whether it is worth taking such a big risk for such a small matter.

"What if your summoning of ghosts awakens Yang Jian? Aren't you worried about being killed right away? As for whether Yang Jian is dead or alive, time will tell. You are so anxious, do you have some unspeakable secret?"

"Tong Qian, you're too trembling." He Yuelian's tone became fierce.

The next moment, gray paper ashes floated down from the sky, and the world around them began to become strange, making people feel particularly unreal, as if they were gradually being separated from reality and about to be pulled into an unknown spiritual place.

Li Yang didn't say anything, just stared at He Yuelian.

He knew that he could not hesitate in attacking He Yuelian and he had to use his most powerful spiritual power in the shortest possible time. Only in this way, together with the cooperation of Tong Qian, might he have some chance to defeat her. If he hesitated, he might not have any chance at all.

"You are so disregarding the overall situation and acting recklessly. Maybe it is a good choice to kill you here." Tong Qian turned her neck slightly at this moment, and a ghost face came to the front.

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This ghost face was painted with heavy, colorful makeup, which changed the appearance of the ghost face, making the originally weird face look like a familiar person.

That was Wei Jing, codenamed Ghost Messenger.

But more than that

In this way, Tong Qian's other ghost face was also heavily made up, and at the same time, a strange ring was slowly put on his hand without knowing when.

The ring was pale white, as if it was made from a piece of polished bone.

This is a supernatural item, a ghost ring.

After putting it on, as long as the number of people around him is greater than two, he will not be discovered.

Tong Qian quickly approached He Yuelian at this moment. At the same time, the light around him began to dim, and darkness spread out in all directions with him as the center.

The floating gray paper ashes could not erode the darkness.

Li Yang said nothing, but just held a rusty iron hook, then walked into the darkness, blending in and ready to hook away He Yuelian's soul at any time.

As long as we find her true form, there may be a chance of success.

But just when the two sides were about to fight.

There was a sudden loud noise from the blood pool that was bubbling, and then the scarlet water exploded, as if something rushed out of it.


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He Yuelian, who was summoning ghosts, was suddenly startled. She thought it was Yang Jian who rushed out.

But she soon discovered that it was not.

What rushed out of the blood pool was actually a huge, pitch-black vicious dog.

The vicious dog pounced on He Yuelian as soon as it appeared, but disappeared into thin air before it touched her body.


He Yuelian felt an irresistible sleepiness.

Not only her, but Tong Qing and Li Yang beside her also felt something unusual.

"It was a ghost dream." Li Yang reacted.

But this kind of spiritual power targeting consciousness is irresistible.


The three people's consciousness fell into a deep sleep, and they were pulled into the ghost dream world together.

"Even I can't resist this kind of supernatural power?"

He Yuelian suddenly became flustered after entering the ghost dream world. She looked around and found herself in a quiet village. She was no longer wearing her red wedding dress and seemed to have turned back into an ordinary person.

Li Yang seemed very calm. He said, "Don't be nervous. He Yuelian has ruined herself. She summoned the captain's vicious dog. Now we have entered the ghost dream world. In this world, everyone is an ordinary person and does not have supernatural powers. But it is worth noting that in this world, if we die, our consciousness outside will also disappear."

"So that's how it is. If that's the case, then I have a great advantage." Tong Qian laughed and looked at He Yuelian not far away.

In terms of skills, it is no problem for him to knock down three people by himself.

He Yuelian is just a beautiful ordinary woman now, and she can't be his opponent here.

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