Chapter 129 Ghost Claw's Thoughts

The bloody fight in the Shichahai courtyard frightened the ghost claw. He waved his sickle -like sharp catching feet, quickly cut off the feathers and arrows on his body, and then jumped up from under the half-foot thick snow. The ghostly six-legged shadow passed through the wall, rushed out of the alley outside the courtyard, and then fled.

The streets of the capital were deserted late at night. On the white snow, the strange six-legged shadow disappeared at the speed of light.

In the Japanese Embassy and Consulate apartment in Liangmaqiao, a six-legged shadow climbed up the steep outer wall and stuck to the window on the thirteenth floor. It easily squeezed in through the window gap and then regained its human form.

This is the room that Guizhua rents alone. At this moment, he is standing naked in front of the mirror in the bathroom, covered in blood, looking extremely miserable.

This White Light Nightmare is really too powerful. I didn't expect to encounter this big devil when I came to the Central Plains this time. If I hadn't escaped quickly, I would have died by now. Alas, although I got the secret of "Yayoi Testament", I also lost Mizunuma and Spider Hand, two famous Yin-Yang masters. The loss is not small.

Ghost Claw sat cross-legged on the ground and began to practice Qigong to heal his wounds. He had to force out the feather arrows in his body, otherwise it would be difficult to heal. These rusty iron caltrops have been there for who knows how many years. If they were ordinary people, they would definitely cause sepsis and endanger their lives. However, he was a magic flower mantis that had practiced for thousands of years and did not care about these mere arrows. External injuries are easy to treat, but mental illness is difficult to cure.

Now, Zhang Daoling's "Dunhuang Nightmare Picture" has been taken away by the big nightmare. His own skills are far from that of the big nightmare. It is absolutely impossible to get the scroll back by himself. The key is that there are more than 100,000 corpse worms hidden in it. This is a priceless treasure. Whoever possesses them will be able to dominate the world.

"Puff, puff, puff…" Gui Zhua used his inner strength to force out the arrow in his body, then stood under the shower head and washed off the blood stains on his body. He dried his body, changed into a set of clean underwear, put on a kimono, poured a glass of Japanese sake, and sat alone on the tatami, sipping it slowly.

The only way now is to fight the Nightmare head-on. It seems that only by joining forces with Youliang can we fight against this cruel demon. Fortunately, Taoist Master Xufeng has a close relationship with this young man with a broken eye and a broken arm, so he should be able to speak to him. He and the Chinese mantis belong to the same sect of six-legged arthropods, so they should help each other.

If this old Taoist priest really refuses to help, then I can only use the "insect taming technique" to control him, and there is no need to worry that he will not surrender.

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Guizhua drank the wine in the glass, pulled over the quilt and had a sound sleep.

The next morning, he took a train alone and headed straight to the snowy plateau in northwestern Yunnan.

A few days later, Guizhua finally arrived at Tabalin Temple at the foot of Meili Snow Mountain.


Inside the Zen room, everyone sat around and listened to Mr. Guizhua talk about the reason for his trip to northwestern Yunnan.

"I know that you are preparing for a battle with the Great Nightmare of White Light, so I hurried to Tabalin Temple to offer you some advice." Ghost Claw looked around at everyone, his two long centipede-like eyebrows slightly raised.

"You come to give us advice," said Master Jia suspiciously, "Why is that?"

Ghost Claw chuckled: "Because none of you here have ever fought against the White Light Nightmare."

"Have you seen this person?" Taoist Jia stared at him in confusion.

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"That's right," Ghost Claw looked extremely tragic and said angrily, "Not only have I seen this peerless demon , but I also had a life-and-death battle with him not long ago. Two of my Japanese Yin-Yang masters, Mizunuma and Spider Hand, both died in his clutches…"

When these words were spoken, everyone was shocked, and then they looked at each other and talked about it in private.

As for Bai Guang Da Yan, we only know a little bit from You Liang, but we don't know the extent of his incredible skills. As the saying goes, "know yourself and know your enemy", if you don't even know the most basic situation of your opponent, how can you win?

"Mr. Ghost Claw, please tell me in detail." Han Sheng looked at him encouragingly.

"This person is of average height, and of moderate size," Ghost Claw said as if describing prey, "He wears a grass-green military coat and a pair of black-framed glasses. He speaks softly, is calm and composed, and has a very high level of concentration. He is protected by nightmare rays, and his fingers and palms can instantly shoot out white lightning, making it hard to defend against. In particular, the nightmare wheel he emits is extremely strange, and can explode like a bomb. The old monk Wu Yu was burned horribly by this nightmare wheel, and not a bone is left."

Everyone was stunned after hearing this. It was simply unheard of that there was such a strange martial art in the world.

"In addition, the White Light Nightmare also sacrificed a fist-sized skull, which suddenly expanded several times, like a real person's head. Thick black gas gushed out of its mouth and nose, circling in the air, and shot out dense feather arrows from it, which made it impossible to avoid. Shui Nu and Spider Hand were pierced by the arrows like hedgehogs and died instantly. I was also hit by several arrows and almost died." Ghost Claw recalled the situation at that time and was still in shock.

"Ghost pot!" Han Sheng and Taoist Jia looked at each other, both of them were shocked…

Who would have thought that this person had actually figured out the secret of the Wind Queen's Skull and could use the Qin King's powerful army at the top of the West Mountain in Lintong for his own use. This nightmare was simply too terrifying.

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No wonder he returned the Ghost Pot so easily. It turned out that he had seized all the secrets and energy left by the Queen of Wind and sent back a useless pot.

"Mr. Ghost Claw," Taoist Master Xufeng, who had been listening quietly but not speaking, spoke up now, "What caused this conflict between you and the Great Nightmare?"

Everyone's eyes were focused on Mr. Ghost Claw. Yes, Taoist Xufeng hit the key point in one sentence about what exactly caused this incident.


Mr. Ghost Claw smiled and glanced at Taoist Xufeng, thinking to himself, "As expected of the Chinese giant mantis, our six-legged arthropod sect is full of smart and clever people."

"Because Miss Xiaojian's scroll was stolen, she begged me to help find it, so she fought a desperate battle with the White Light Nightmare." He spoke with certainty and seemed to be full of righteousness.

"Are you saying that Zhang Daoling's "Dunhuang Nightmare" was stolen?" Taoist Master Xufeng was surprised.

"That's right." Ghost Claw nodded.

"After returning from the Andaman Sea, haven't you and Old Monk Wu Yu been in the scroll all the time?" Xu Feng looked puzzled.

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"Yes, it is true that I was in the painting, but as soon as we returned to the capital, Xiao Jian let us out." Guizhua explained.

"So who is the person who stole the painting?" Xu Feng asked.

"He's Xiaojian's grandpa." Guizhua replied.

"Chief?" Xu Feng was secretly surprised, and even Han Sheng, Taoist Jia and others were also surprised.

"Yes," Ghost Claw nodded, "He not only stole the scroll, but also stole the key to enter and exit the Dunhuang Nightmare Map, which is the dog tooth of the Great Lomo. This incident caused Xiaojian to suffer a great mental shock. He did not eat or drink all day, and did not sleep. His physical condition is very bad."

"The chief is still harboring evil intentions…" Taoist Jia snorted.

Xu Feng frowned slightly when he heard this, and said thoughtfully: "Although the chief is a bad person, Xiao Jian is his granddaughter after all, and he has always treated her like the apple of his eye. Logically, this shouldn't happen…"

"Because he is no longer the 'chief', but Uncle Fei." Ghost Claw sneered.

"What do you mean?" Xu Feng was stunned, and couldn't help muttering to himself, "Could it be that Uncle Fei is not dead yet and has taken over the leader's body…"

Introduction to Yin Yang Ghost Art's characters_What is Yin Yang Ghost Art about_Yin Yang Ghost Art

Ghost Claw smiled approvingly: "That's right. Uncle Fei first possessed Officer Xu's body and was killed by me in the painting. However, his spirit secretly hid in the body of Xiaojian's pet giant roundworm Diandian, and eventually returned to the capital to possess the chief's body."

"So that's how it is." Xu Feng finally understood, thinking that Uncle Fei was indeed "strong as a pig". He was so tenacious in doing things, and his willpower was truly amazing.

Ghost Claw continued to narrate: "When we rushed to Xiaojian's house late at night to look for clues, we accidentally discovered that her grandfather was hiding outside the door and eavesdropping. Because there were only a few people who knew the secret of the scroll, the suspicion was focused on the 'chief'. He finally revealed the truth and admitted that he had stolen the scroll and the dog's tooth."

The Zen room was very quiet, and people felt like they were listening to a detective novel with twists and turns and thrilling plot.

"But at this critical moment, the Big Nightmare suddenly appeared and snatched away the scroll and the dog's tooth…" Ghost Claw said sadly with a pale face and red eyes, "We argued with him first, and finally we started fighting. Due to the huge gap in strength between us, Mizunuma, Spider Hand and Old Monk Wu Yu were all killed at the same time. Only I was injured and escaped." After saying that, he silently tore open his clothes, revealing several arrow holes on his chest that had not yet completely healed.

"Yes, this is indeed the wound left by the ancient feather arrows," Han Sheng nodded. He had seen this before on the top of Lintong West Mountain. "I'll give you some medicine later. It will heal faster."

"Thank you, Doctor Zhu." Guizhua bowed.

"You're welcome. I wonder what Mr. Guizhua's plans are for the future?" Doctor Han Sheng asked with sympathy out of his kind heart.

"The two brothers of Yin Yang Dao were both killed by this big nightmare. I am willing to fight to the death with you against this peerless demon!" Ghost Claw said passionately, full of righteousness.

Taoist Master Xufeng glanced at the ghost claw and thought to himself that any story that seems to be told perfectly must have something fishy in it.

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