Chapter 1263: A Dead Duck's Mouth

"It seems that your plan is still in the implementation stage and has not been completely completed. In this case, I can declare that your plan is over."

In the ghost realm, Yang Jian walked out from the fire.

He once again took notice of the situation around him.

The most crucial point is the woman in the red wedding dress. Although her head is covered with a red cloth and her appearance cannot be seen clearly, if my guess is correct, she should be He Yuelian who was taken away from the ghost post office by Zhang Xianguang before.

The cold and blurry red female figure at the side was undoubtedly the evil ghost in the ghost painting.

At this moment, He Yuelian was holding hands with the evil ghost. They were both stiff and stood there motionless. No one knew what kind of supernatural impulse had arisen in them secretly.

But the results are good so far.

Because Zhang Xianguang did not succeed.

"Including Yang Jian, there are a total of four captains who rushed here. Does that mean that the action over there killed four people on the other side? This is a huge difference from the expected result. The most important thing is that Yang Jian is not only alive, but also seems to have mastered new spiritual powers… This fire is cold and burning, and it only targets ghost riders. It is most likely the ghost fire on Li Jun."

Nie Yingping's expression was extremely solemn, and he was no longer as arrogant as before.

There were four captains standing before him. If he took action, he would definitely be the one to die. There was no possibility of winning.

"Did the plan really fail?" Nie Yingping felt powerless and unwilling.

He still wanted to fight, but Du Hong and Zhang Ying were dead. Although Zhang Xianguang was the manager of the post office, he did not have much supernatural power, and was restrained by the nightmare Yang Xiao. He was still sleeping and it was unknown when he would wake up.

He was the only one who was still able to move.

However, Nie Yingping had to face Sun Rui, a dozen ghosts, Yang Jian and the remaining three captains.

How could he possibly do such a thing?

"Weren't you very talkative just now? Why are you silent now? Are you scared?"

Yang Jian stared at Nie Yingping and spoke calmly.

But hidden beneath this calm tone was a sinister murderous intent.

How can the evil ghost survive_How can the evil ghost survive_How can the evil ghost survive


Nie Yingping snorted coldly and said, "I have been dealing with the supernatural for so long and have survived until now. Do you think I am afraid? It's just that there was a flaw in the plan, which allowed you captains to survive. Otherwise, I would have won this battle."

He backed away slowly as he spoke.

The cold and charred ghost hands covering his body were now frozen, and their spiritual powers were weakened. He shook slightly, and the strange hands separated from his body and were thrown away by him.

Just one ghost hand can't suppress him.

"You have a nice tattoo. I used to know a friend who also had a demon tattooed on his body, but unfortunately he didn't survive. It seems like you have better luck and have found a way to master the spiritual balance."

Yang Jian noticed the evil ghost tattoo on his skin.

no doubt.

It is the same as the one on Zhang Han’s body. Although the pattern of the evil spirit is different, it is obvious that they come from the same place.

That place should be the Horror Tattoo Parlor.

However, Yang Jian didn’t know the real location of the horror tattoo parlor, nor did he deliberately look for it. And with Zhang Han’s death, he no longer cared about this matter.

"Why, are you also interested in that damn place? But I won't tell you, so you'd better give up on this idea."

Nie Yingping took a look at the tattoo on his body and knew that Yang Jian wanted to find out.

Yang Jian said: "Since you said so, I won't ask any more questions. I will send you on your way now."

His ghost eyes were turning restlessly at this moment.

The ghost realm was filled with fire, igniting everything, but the only one affected was Nie Yingping, while no one else was affected at all.

With Yang Jian's control over the ghost realm, he can completely separate humans and supernatural powers so that they do not affect each other.

The flames made Nie Yingping feel a burning pain, and this feeling was not on the surface of the skin, but inside the body, as if his internal organs were burning.

How can the evil ghost survive_How can the evil ghost survive_How can the evil ghost survive

You have to know that this was the case when he had the supernatural power to fight back. If he didn't have the supernatural power to fight back, he would have been burned to death by now.

"If I continue to fight, I will surely die. If I fight hard, there is still a chance. Although Yang Jian survived, he must have suffered some losses. At least I didn't see the coffin nail in his hand, and the vicious dog that has been following him. If we fight him to death here and let his supernatural power go out of control, there may be a chance for a turnaround."

Nie Yingping's eyes flickered, and this idea came into his mind.

At this point, there is no other way to go except to keep fighting.

"Do it."

He was very decisive. As soon as this idea came into his mind, he immediately became firm in his heart. Nie Yingping clenched his hands, intending to rely on the old rattle to disturb everyone around him, and then decide the outcome with one attack.

But at this moment.

Nie Yingping clenched his hands, but found that he had grabbed nothing.

Then he saw that the person behind Yang Jian was playing with the rattle that he had just held in his hand.

"This rattle is really good. It's a rare toy I've never seen before. I wonder what kind of supernatural power it has. I'll study it carefully later."

Zhou Deng was delighted at this moment. He watched the scene again and again, playing with the rattle in his hand, and paid no attention to Nie Yingping's murderous look.

"You stole other people's things again." He Yin'er glanced and said.

Zhou Deng immediately retorted: "How can this be called stealing? I took the enemy's weapon openly. He was on guard just now. I didn't do anything dirty."

"Damn you."

Nie Yingping was furious at this moment and wished he could cut Zhou Deng into pieces.

Without this magical weapon, he didn't even have the capital to fight to the death. Just as he was about to move, the next moment he saw endless flames rushing towards him.

His eyes suddenly shrank, and there was nothing left in the whole world except a gloomy sea of ​​fire.

“Damn it…”

How can the evil ghost survive_How can the evil ghost survive_How can the evil ghost survive

Nie Yingping let out an unwilling roar.

He didn't even have a chance to fight back before he was engulfed by the flames. Although he struggled to resist under the will-o'-the-wisp fire, it was still useless because the will-o'-the-wisp fire carried the spirit of the furnace fire, which ignited his body and his bones. The spirit in his body was used as fuel, burning madly. Unless he gave up his body, the flames on his body would not go out.

Of course, if he could escape from Yang Jian’s ghost domain and get away from the ghost painting now, he might still have a chance of survival.

But Nie Yingping couldn't do it. His ghost realm was not as good as Yang Jian's. If he couldn't break free from the ghost realm, it meant he couldn't get rid of the sea of ​​fire. He could only endure the burning.

This is the qualitative change that has taken place in the Yangjian Ghost Domain now.

“What a tenacious fellow.”

Yang Jian narrowed his eyes and saw Nie Yingping's struggling body in the fire.

In a short period of time, this guy was not burned to death and was still jumping in the flames. This kind of vitality is really tenacious.

However, this also indirectly shows that Nie Yingping is indeed a master, but it is a pity that he met me. If such a person is willing to join the headquarters, he will most likely be a captain-level figure.

"Is this the end? I still want to make another move."

Zhou Deng opened his eyes wide at this moment, looking at Nie Yingping who was engulfed by the sea of ​​fire, and immediately felt a pity.

He wanted to steal something back, but now he had no chance.

"They have already lost. Nie Yingping is just making a last-ditch effort. It is inevitable that he will lose when facing so many of us alone." Lu Zhiwen said slowly.

"Yang Jian, you came just in time. We almost lost."

Sun Rui breathed a sigh of relief at this moment and limped over.

Yang Jian said, "We are already late. We were held up by another Zhang Xianguang for too long. Otherwise, He Yuelian wouldn't even have the chance to hold hands with Guihua. Now all of Zhang Xianguang's teammates are dead, but the hidden dangers he left behind are still there. This matter is not completely over yet."

"But this is already a very good result." Sun Rui said.

At this moment, Yang Xiao who was standing by suddenly said, "Zhang Xianguang is about to escape from the nightmare world. As the manager of the post office, he couldn't be easily killed in the nightmare, so he found a way to break the nightmare."

How can the evil ghost survive_How can the evil ghost survive_How can the evil ghost survive

"I am familiar with the supernatural powers of ghost dreams. It is reasonable for him to break free. But now, I'm afraid he will regret waking up." Yang Jian said.

Being dragged into a nightmare does not mean death for the person. As long as they kill the evil spirit in the dream, they can end the nightmare for the day.

Of course, it was just the end of the day.

The nightmare would continue the next day.

This cycle repeats itself over and over again until the person who enters the nightmare dies.


Just as Yang Xiao said.

Zhang Xianguang, who had fallen into a deep sleep, opened his eyes and woke up.

He succeeded.

I defeated the evil spirit in the nightmare and escaped from it.

However, the moment Zhang Xianguang opened his eyes, he was stunned.

He was surrounded by flames. The whole world was no longer gray, but golden. Surrounding him were more than a dozen ghosts including Yang Xiao, the fourth manager Sun Rui, and several people who could not have appeared here… Yang Jian, He Yiner, Zhou Deng, and Lu Zhiwen.

The three teammates who were there just now, Du Hong, Zhang Ying, and Nie Yingping, have disappeared.

The results are obvious.

"Is it necessary to welcome me with such a grand ceremony?"

Zhang Xianguang quickly came to his senses and a bitter smile appeared on his lips.

He understands.

Now he is the only one left, all his like-minded teammates are dead, and only the captain of the opposing team is still alive.

How can the evil ghost survive_How can the evil ghost survive_How can the evil ghost survive

" How could you survive by fighting against the evil ghost Jiangying from the headquarters alone? It's not unfair for you to lose against the top force in the domestic supernatural circle." Lu Zhiwen said.


Zhang Xianguang glanced at everyone and said, "I didn't say I lost."

"Under this situation, do you think you still have a chance to turn things around?" Yang Jian stared at him.

"Sometimes failure is actually part of the plan. I never thought that everything would go smoothly from the beginning," said Zhang Xianguang.

Zhou Deng cursed, "You are just being stubborn. Losing is losing. Why are you still talking so much nonsense?"

Zhang Xianguang smiled and said, "Whether I win or lose depends on the situation over there."

As he said this, he looked at He Yuelian, who was holding hands with the evil ghost in the ghost painting.

"Will the ghost painting corrode He Yuelian and completely revive the evil spirit, or will He Yuelian control the ghost painting and become a unique ghost rider? I think this is something worth looking forward to."

"Even if He Yuelian successfully controls the ghost painting, it has nothing to do with you." Sun Rui said.

Zhang Xianguang said: "Yes, it has nothing to do with me, but how can you be sure that He Yuelian will not follow the path I arranged? Ordinary people can be easily affected by the supernatural."

"Actually, I'm not that obsessed with who controls the world of ghost painting."

"I see." Yang Xiao understood Zhang Xianguang's thoughts.

It doesn't matter if he fails, as long as the plan succeeds. It seems that He Yuelian is not only a pawn, but also a backup plan.

"Kill He Yuelian now." He Yiner said coldly.

Yang Jian frowned and reached out to stop him.

"What are you doing?" He Yiner asked.

Zhang Xianguang said, "It's too late . How can the evil ghost Jiangying survive ? The spiritual conflict has already begun. If you kill He Yuelian at this time, the ghost painting incident will be completely out of control. By then, the danger will be greater than He Yuelian becoming a ghost rider."

"After all, the ghost painting has affected a large enough area now. If it loses control at this moment, it will kill countless people."

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