Car Accident On A Rainy Night: Good And Evil Will Be Rewarded, Cause And Effect Cycle

It was raining heavily that night. Kai wrapped himself tightly in a raincoat and rode his motorcycle carefully on the way home. His wife Li had just called and said that he should stay in the office for one night because it was dangerous to ride a motorcycle in a thunderstorm. But Kai was worried that Li would be scared when she was alone at home during the thunderstorm. Besides, the distance was not far, only about seven or eight kilometers, so he decided to rush back in the rain.

There were only two more intersections to go before home, and Kai breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. Just then, a big red truck came speeding from the opposite side. The two flashing lights were as bright as torches, making Kai dizzy and dazzled. He couldn't see the road ahead at all, and could only walk blindly by feeling. Suddenly, with a "bang", Kai felt that he was pushed out by a huge force, flying in the air for a few seconds and then fell heavily to the ground. His limbs were limp and powerless, and the strange pain spread all over his body. Kai tried to open his eyes, only to see the big truck that caused the accident was fleeing like crazy. "Save me! Save me!" Kai felt that he was shouting desperately, but he couldn't make a sound. The pouring rain poured mercilessly on Kai's body, and Kai's heart was full of despair. He thought of Li, so weak, so dependent on him and loved him so much, she must be looking forward to his return home! But his body didn't listen to the control of his brain at all, how could he go back? He hated the unscrupulous driver, and if possible, Kai would never let him go. It was his irresponsible escape that made him likely to die. Yes, he felt himself getting weaker and weaker, blood was gushing out from every part of his body, and if things continued for too long, he would surely die. "Save me! Save me!" he murmured. But on such a stormy night, there were few people walking on the road, so who would come to save poor Kai?

Just when Kai was in extreme despair, he suddenly felt a warm force slowly pouring into his body. His limbs regained feeling and strength, and he slowly stood up. The blood on his head and body was still flowing, but he didn't feel any pain at all. He felt like a robot that had just been fully charged, and his body was full of energy. He shook his head and ran quickly with his long legs. His first thought was to find the unscrupulous driver to settle the score.

Kai, as if he had divine help, caught up with the big red truck very quickly. Standing in the bright lights, Kai stared at the shirtless, rough and tough driver with a cold look. Kai's face was covered in blood, his clothes were torn and messy , and he looked hideous. The driver honked the horn frantically, but Kai didn't move. The driver closed his eyes and stepped on the accelerator to rush over. When he opened his eyes, Kai, with his face covered in blood, was still standing in front of the car, staring at him with his eyes like dead fish without blinking. The driver rushed left and right, but he could not escape Kai's resentful gaze. "Ah!" With a scream from the driver, the big red truck rushed off the road and fell into a ditch several meters deep.

Kai thought, revenge is done, it's time to go home. But before he could take a step, the inexplicable power that had just been injected into his body suddenly withdrew, and Kai's body collapsed to the ground like a cooked noodle.

Kai has no memory of what happened after that.

It was a week later that Kai woke up again. His legs were covered with thick plaster, his body was wrapped in layers of bandages, and his head was wrapped tightly like a big dumpling. Kai opened his eyes and saw Li dozing off on the bed, with her hands still gently holding his. Kai shook his hands and whispered, "Li, I want to drink some water." Li suddenly raised her head and looked at Kai in disbelief. After a long time, she hugged him and said with tears and laughter, "Kai, you're awake, you're finally awake. Thank God, he finally sent my Kai back."

Li told Kai that his injuries were not serious. His leg was only fractured, but three ribs were broken and his skull was fractured. These injuries were not fatal, but because of excessive blood loss, he had no breathing or heartbeat when he was sent to the hospital. The doctor almost gave up on treating him. It was Li who knelt down and begged for help. Unexpectedly, Kai miraculously survived. God really has a good heart!

"How did you know about my car accident?" A few days later, Kai was in a much better mood, and he asked Li. "It was a kind-hearted taxi driver who called the police. He stayed by your side until the police arrived and then quietly left without even leaving his name." Li then sighed: "There are still many good people in the world!" "The only good thing happened to the driver who ran away. It was raining so hard that there was probably no way to verify it." Kai clenched his fists and said angrily. "No, the driver has already got his retribution. He's dead!" "Dead?" Kai's eyes widened in surprise: "How did he die?"

Li did not speak, but took a newspaper from the bedside table and read it softly: "On the stormy night of July 2, a young man riding a motorcycle encountered a car accident, and the vehicle that caused the accident fled. Fortunately, a kind taxi driver called the police, and the man was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment in time. The man did not have fatal injuries, but due to excessive blood loss, he is still in a coma. That night, 1.5 kilometers away from the place where the man encountered the car accident, a large red truck ran off the road and fell into the river, and the driver died on the spot. According to the police investigation, the scratch marks on the front of the truck were consistent with the scratches on the electric bike ridden by the man in the car accident, so it can be seen that It was determined that the truck was the vehicle that caused the accident and ran away. Maybe the road was slippery due to the rain and the driver was extremely nervous, so he rushed into the river in a panic? As the saying goes, evil will be punished, and good will be rewarded. It's not that there is no retribution, but the time has not come. The retribution for this driver came too quickly. However, what is puzzling is that the driver only had minor scratches on his body, but his eyes were open and his heart was broken, as if he had been greatly frightened before his death. The forensic doctor concluded that he died of extreme fear. The forensic doctor was also puzzled by this result. The incident is under further investigation. Please continue to pay attention to follow-up reports. "

Kai listened carefully, and the vague memories in his mind gradually became clear. He thought it was just a dream, but he didn't expect that the driver was really dead, and died of shock. This was all so strange. Kai wanted to say something to Li, but he opened his mouth and immediately closed it tightly. Such an absurd thing, even he himself was confused, how could others believe it?

“God is watching what people do, and there is a god above our heads. Those wicked people who have lost all conscience and done evil things will be punished sooner or later!” Kai looked at the clear blue sky outside the window, and silently repeated in his heart the words that his grandmother often repeated when she was alive, and couldn't help but smile slightly.

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