Buried Alive In The Jungle: Absurd Revenge And The Choice Of Fate

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1. Buried alive

In the dead of night, there were occasionally a few cars on the road. Mao Juan drove to a dense forest on the outskirts of the city. She parked the car beside a dark path and turned off the engine. Looking around, there was no one except trees and weeds.

Mao Juan nervously lit a cigarette. Whenever she felt nervous, she would light a cigarette to calm herself down. She looked back at the woman lying in the back seat. She was sleeping with even breathing.

Mao Juan took big puffs of the cigarette in her hand eagerly. Her hands were shaking a little and she was very nervous.

The cigarette was quickly finished. Mao Juan put it out and got out of the car. He took out the military shovel he had bought in advance from the trunk and went to an open space with not much weeds and started digging.

In the empty dense forest, one could hear the chirping of insects and the rustling of leaves blown by the wind. At this moment, Maojuan's heart was beating a little faster.

She dug the hole while looking in the direction of the car. She was afraid that the sleeping woman would wake up, so she would stand quietly behind her and wait for her to dig the hole. Then she would kick her down with a grin. By then, it would be unclear who would bury whom.

In fact, Mao Juan didn't need to worry so much. The woman's hands and feet had been tied up by her. Even if the woman opened her eyes and knew where she was, she still couldn't scream because her mouth was sealed with tape by Mao Juan.

Mao Juan was thinking carefully about how deep the pit should be in order to bury the woman alive. If the pit was too shallow, the woman might be able to sit up with just a straightening of her body; if the pit was too deep, it would probably take until dawn.

Digging a hole is a physical job, and Mao Juan was already so tired that she was sweating all over, so much so that she began to doubt whether her original plan was flawed.

When he originally planned to take revenge on the woman in this way, he did not expect it to be so difficult. It would have been more convenient to just throw the woman into the river.

But then he thought, if he did that, there would be a great risk of being discovered later, and ending a woman's life in that way would be too easy for her. Thinking of this, Curly dug even harder.

Unconsciously, a small pit and a few ghost stories movie appeared in front of him. Mao Juan wiped the sweat off his face. A breeze blew, bringing with it a hint of dry earth.

Finally, the pit was dug, and Mao Juan returned to the front of the car and dragged the woman out of the car with great effort. The woman's head accidentally hit the car door, and Mao Juan was frightened and put her down. In the moonlight, she saw that the woman just frowned slightly, and her eyes were still tightly closed.

Maojuan breathed a sigh of relief and dragged the woman step by step towards the dug pit with great effort. A long trail was left on the ground by the woman's body.

When Maojuan dragged the woman to the pit, she kicked her down. The woman rolled into the pit with her eyes closed. Maojuan also jumped in. She turned the woman's body over and made her lie face up. Then she inserted a pre-prepared straw into the woman's lips through the tape that sealed her lips.

Mao Juan once watched a movie in which the murderer always killed people in various cruel ways, but he would let the victims hurt themselves to give himself a chance to be reborn.

This plot gave Mao Juan some inspiration. She also wanted to give the woman a chance, so she picked up a very thin straw used for drinking acid in the supermarket. She wanted to bury the woman in the soil and let the woman breathe through the straw in her mouth. Whether she could be lucky enough to survive depended on her own luck.

After Maojuan finished everything, she climbed up and filled the pit with soil one shovel at a time. She was buried along with the straw in the woman's mouth.

After the pit was filled, Mao Juan stepped back and forth on the pit a few times to make the soil more solid. She then moved a large stone and placed it on the soil to make the surface look more natural. After the work was done, she hurriedly cleaned up the long drag marks and ran back to the car.

Mao Juan took out a cigarette from her bag, lit it, and took a long puff. The smoke lingered around her face. She exhaled lightly, a feeling of relief coming over her, and a neurotic smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

While driving, Mao Juan was thankful that there was such a hidden forest in his city. All the light depended on the moonlight. The road was dark, and the dense trees on both sides concealed the path very well. No one would find that a woman was buried here. This woman would roll in the mud for a while. Maybe she would survive with her own perseverance, or maybe she would suffocate to death and finally become a pile of bones.

After returning home, Maojuan fell on the bed exhausted and fell asleep without even taking off his clothes.

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