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Double ghosts knock on the door trend_Double ghosts knock on the door trend_Double ghosts knock on the door trend

"Oxygen Forest" is a resort located in the suburbs of a neighboring city, backed by the neighboring city's scenic spot "Tianma Mountain", which is named because its shape resembles a horse. Although Tianma Mountain is not as high as the mountains in the north, it is vast. The government has only built the part close to the city, and most of the area is undeveloped wild mountains.

This resort was once very popular and it was hard to find a room. This was mainly because the resort was connected to Tianma Mountain, and dozens of small houses were scattered among the woods. You could breathe fresh air when you went out, and there was a certain distance between the houses, so the privacy was also very good, making it a dating destination for lovers.

But recently, this type of resort has gradually become deserted, and it is also because the various facilities are difficult to maintain. Only some mountaineering friends use the resort as a base, which can barely maintain it.

Therefore, when our group of four walked into Cabin 13, we couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.

The living room is right at the entrance. It is simply furnished with a three-seater sofa and two single sofas. The dust cover is washed so white that it looks like it will break if you pull it. There are a few drops of dark stains on the coffee table. I don't know if it is greasy or something else.

The fireplace is just a decoration and cannot actually light a fire.

The kitchen is small, but it is equipped with a refrigerator and an induction cooker. When I opened the refrigerator, there was a smell that had not been cleaned for a long time, but fortunately the cooling function was normal.

There are two bedrooms, one large and one small, and the entire cabin can accommodate about four to six tourists.

Although there is nature right outside, we were still surprised by how old the cottage was.

"Forget it!" Kai Xin put down her backpack, uncovered the dust cover on the sofa, sat down on the three-seater sofa, and stretched comfortably. "I'll sleep in the living room tonight. This sofa is so comfortable!"

Kaixin, Yali, Qiyue and I are seniors at the same university. Although we are in different classes, we are united by our common interests. We all like hiking and camping in remote places. Lying on the grass and looking at the night sky is relaxing.

Soon we will graduate and go our separate ways. Since Kaixin and Qiyue are planning to develop their careers in other places, it may be difficult for us to have such gatherings in the future.

Our plan was to stay at this resort first, and then head north to a place called Feilaiquan. This place is actually an undeveloped area, and the so-called "Feilaiquan" is also a name given by hikers. It is a small stream of water, hanging obliquely on the mountain wall. I don't know where the source is, but whether it is raining or sunny, the water flow is neither fast nor slow.

It is very dangerous to go to undeveloped mountain areas without permission, but firstly, the Feilai Spring is not far from the resort, and there are no forks along the way. Secondly, this place is very meaningful to us.

A year ago, a few of us started climbing another ridge of Tianma Mountain. That place is a branch of the main mountain of Tianma Mountain and is also an undeveloped wild mountain. We have always been very cautious and usually walk in a straight line for two or three hours and take some photos to consider that we have been there.

But that time, although I was walking along the planned route, I got lost in the mountains.

As it got darker, we girls were scared and wandered around like headless flies. Since we didn't plan to spend the night outside, we didn't bring any tents or anything like that, so we ended up having to huddle together for the night.

On the second day, we still hadn't found a way out. The food was also consumed on the first day. We were getting more and more anxious. The physical fatigue, hunger and fear almost overwhelmed us. But on the afternoon of the third day, we miraculously arrived at the "Fei Lai Spring".

At that time, we didn’t know that this was Feilai Spring, and we just lowered our heads to drink water. Later, we met another group of hikers and realized that we had come to the other side of Tianma Mountain. We only needed to walk south for more than an hour to get down the mountain.

The group of hikers were very surprised at that time, because it would take at least three days to walk from that branch, and it was hard to imagine seeing us looking so exhausted.

But it was because we drank the water from Feilai Spring that our bodies were replenished with water, which gave us the strength to wait for that group of hikers and eventually we were rescued.

However, this incident left each of us with lingering fears, and we did not dare to go to the distant mountains for a whole year. It was not until graduation was approaching that we wanted to take this opportunity to summarize our university life.

After a short rest, we were ready to go up the mountain. At this time, Qi Yue suddenly said "eh" and hurried to the bathroom. After a while, she came out weakly and listlessly.

"Sorry, everyone. It seems… I can't go to Feilaiquan with you." Qi Yue said unhappily.

"Why?" We all felt very strange.

"Because… an unexpected guest?" She smiled awkwardly. "It should have been a week later, but somehow it came earlier. You know, I always have anemia during my menstrual period, and my stomach hurts, so…"

Her complexion had not been good since this morning, but I didn't expect it was because of this.

"How about this, you just stay in the room and rest. Anyway, it will only take us a little over two hours or less than three hours to go there and back." Qi Yue and I are in the same department but different classes, so we have relatively more contact with each other. I know that every time she has her period, she is in excruciating pain and she faints in class several times.

Qi Yue seemed to be really uncomfortable. She simply found a blanket to wrap herself up and lay sideways on the three-seater sofa. She said that she would feel better after boiling some hot water, drinking some hot black tea and taking some painkillers.

At 1:30 in the afternoon, Kaixin, Yali and I set out from the resort and headed towards Feilai Spring.

Double ghosts knock on the door trend_Double ghosts knock on the door trend_Double ghosts knock on the door trend

After walking for half an hour, we left the scenic area and headed towards Feilai Spring.

We hadn’t hiked for a long time, and we all felt a little tired. At this time, Kai Xin suddenly said, “Everyone, do you remember that we got lost in the mountains a year ago? It was really scary, just like a mountain accident. To be honest, at that time, I thought I was going to die in Tianma Mountain.”

"Speaking of mountain disasters, have you ever heard of a story about getting into danger on a snowy mountain?" I said.

"What story?" they asked in unison.

I sighed, found a rock nearby to sit down and rest for a while, and said, "It is said that five mountaineering enthusiasts went to climb a snowy mountain in Tibet, but they got lost in a snowstorm. One of them was unfortunately injured and died, and the other four were lucky enough to find a wooden house."

When I got to this point, I suddenly noticed that Kai Xin had a strange expression on her face. She stared at me closely. I smiled at her and continued, "There is no lighting or heating equipment in the wooden house. Once they fall asleep, they will easily freeze to death. In order to hold out until rescue, they decided to play a four-corner game. Four people stand in the four corners of the house, and one of them walks clockwise to the person in the next corner and pats the other person on the shoulder. The person whose shoulder is patted continues to walk clockwise and pats another person on the shoulder. This cycle repeats for a whole night."

"Stop talking!" Kai Xin interrupted me, "Let's go! It will probably take another 40 minutes to get to Feilai Spring, and we have to be back to the resort before five o'clock. After what happened last time, I don't dare stay in the mountains for too long."

"Okay." I stood up, dusted myself off, and the three of us continued to move north.

Along the way, Yali, who was usually taciturn, asked, "I want to know the ending of the story. What happened to these four people?"

Kai Xin said impatiently: "Save some energy!"

I smiled and said, "All the way up is Feilai Spring. We shouldn't get lost this time. Kaixin, you used to be the bravest. Why are you so cautious today?"

Kai Xin opened her mouth and her expression became very serious.

I continued, "Later, they were rescued, and the rescue team leader told them that he thought there was something wrong with the game. When the first person walked towards the second person, the corner where the first person was originally located should have been empty, so the fourth person should have passed by an empty corner. But these four people kept patting the next person on the shoulder, so… who was the extra person?"

Speaking of this, we arrived at Feilai Spring.

Here, as always, a clear spring water slowly flows down from the cliff, accumulates into a small puddle at the bottom, and then disappears among the rocks.

Yali took out the thermos, bent over to get some water, took a sip herself first, and praised, "It's still very sweet." Then she handed the kettle to me.

We planned to drink a sip of spring water each after arriving at Feilai Spring as a commemoration of the events of a year ago and to learn the lesson of our reckless behavior.

After Kai Xin finished drinking, Yali poured some more water into the kettle and said she would bring it to Qi Yue later.

We sat around Feilai Spring and chatted, and suddenly I felt my eyelids become heavy.

The sound of their voices became very distant. I took off my scarf and put it on the stone, wanting to lean against it and rest for a while. Gradually, the voices disappeared and were replaced by the regular sound of footsteps.

Take a few steps, stop, and then take a few more steps.

The sound of each footstep is different in weight, as if different people are walking.

I seemed to be in that small cabin on the snowy mountain. I heard rustling footsteps behind me, and then someone patted my shoulder gently.

"It's your turn…" The soft voice was like a mosquito buzzing into my ear.

I woke up with a start and saw Yali looking at me.

"Just now I… fell asleep?" At this time, the sun was setting and the mountain breeze was as cool as water.

"It's not just you." Kai Xin pulled the scarf around her neck tighter, sneezed, and said, "Ya Yan and I also fell asleep for no apparent reason just now. It's so cold."

The time pointed to half past four, and we hurried down the mountain in silence. Although we all quickened our pace, the moon was already shining brightly when we returned to the resort.

Today was not a holiday, so there were only a few tourists in the resort. There were no guests near the cottage where we stayed, and only the lights outside the house emitted a pale light.

We went outside and found the door was locked. We knocked on the door, but there was no response from inside.

"Could it be that Qi Yue went out?" Kai Xin said.

Double ghosts knock on the door trend_Double ghosts knock on the door trend_Double ghosts knock on the door trend

I shook my head and said, "Not very likely. She feels very uncomfortable during her menstrual period and almost always takes leave."

"Is she asleep? Why don't you call her cell phone to check?"

As I was talking, I heard footsteps, the lights came on in the living room, and Qi Yue's voice appeared behind the door: "Who is it?"

"Xiao Yue, it's us! We're back, open the door quickly!"

"Go! Go! I won't open the door!" Qi Yue's voice was a little hoarse, and she said in a panic: "Go! Don't bother me!"

The three of us looked at each other. It was getting colder outside. Kai Xin banged on the door impatiently and shouted, "Please! Stop acting like you're on your period, okay? It's very cold outside now!"

"Get out! I won't open the door. There is an evil spirit among you. Don't you realize it?"

Evil spirit?

Before I could react, Qi Yue spoke coldly through the door: "Just over half an hour ago, I received a call from you saying that the three of you were lost in the mountains. You didn't find the Feilai Spring, nor the way down the mountain. So, who are you?"

Kai Xin immediately looked at me, and I said anxiously, "What? I called you?"

As I said that, I took out my cell phone, but there was no call record. Nowadays, people like to communicate via apps, and the most recent call was about a real estate salesperson.

"Xiao Yue, look, I haven't made any calls. Can you open the door and let me see your phone?"

Qi Yue sneered, "I knew you wanted to trick me into opening the door, but that's impossible. From here to Feilai Spring, under normal circumstances, it would take you just over three hours to go back and forth, and you would definitely be back before five o'clock at the latest. But look, it's already past six o'clock, are you walking in the mountains against the wind?"

I explained, "We did arrive at Feilai Spring, but… but after drinking a few sips of the spring water, we… we fell asleep, so we came back so late."

Qi Yue sneered. In fact, not to mention her, even I find this explanation ridiculous. But why did the three of us lose consciousness at the same time? Is there something wrong with the spring water?

The night wind was getting colder and colder, and my teeth were chattering as I spoke. If I stayed here all night, I would definitely get sick from the cold.

At this moment, Kai Xin suddenly made a gesture to me, as if she wanted to say something.

She and I walked to the back of the house, and Kai Xin whispered, "Xiao Yue doesn't seem like someone who would joke around so easily. I thought something special must have happened while we were away."

"for example?"

"For example, she said she received a call from you, which is very suspicious. But if we think about it from another angle, maybe she really received a call from you, but it was not necessarily you who called."

I was very confused, "What do you want to say?"

"She said there was an evil spirit among us, and that might not be a lie. Do you feel that Yali has not spoken since she came down the mountain?"

At this point, I couldn't help but turn my head to look at Yali who was standing there. She didn't follow me, but remained motionless in her previous position. As the night deepened, the lights in front of the house projected a circle of light with a radius of one meter in front of the house, just excluding her.

She just lay dormant in the darkness, like a lifeless stone statue.

"You're not right." Although Yali and I are not a ghost relationship , and our friendship is limited to camping together, I would never believe if you said she was an evil spirit.

"If there is an evil spirit among us, then who reminded Qi Yue? Could it be that the evil spirit pretended to be me and called? What's the point of doing this? If the evil spirit's purpose was to enter the house, can it still enter now?" I said.

Kai Xin shook her head. "I don't know, but think about it. We all lost consciousness after drinking the spring water. Isn't that strange? There must be nothing wrong with the spring water, unless… unless someone tampered with the kettle containing the spring water! Isn't this the kettle brought by Yali?"

At this time, Yali walked over slowly, the light in front of the house covered her. She opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, and suddenly there was a video call prompt sound. She took out her mobile phone from her pocket, took a look, and couldn't help showing a very surprised expression.

"Xiao Yue?" she called, and I hurried over, and sure enough, I saw on the screen: Qi Yue invites you to a video call.

Yali and I looked at each other, and Yali hesitated and pressed the OK button.

"Yali, Liying? Where are you? I told you that there will be fireworks here at 7 o'clock. I have already gone to the best viewing spot in the restaurant! Where are you? Why haven't you come back yet?"

Double ghosts knock on the door trend_Double ghosts knock on the door trend_Double ghosts knock on the door trend

Qi Yue kept talking like a machine gun. She even pointed the camera at the location where she was. It should be the buffet restaurant on the third floor, where dinner had already started.

"Xiao Yue, aren't you in the room?" Yali asked knowingly, her face turning pale.

Qi Yue smiled apologetically and said, "I'm sorry, I've been waiting for too long, so I just wanted to go out for a walk. Are you guys back? Come over quickly to have the buffet and watch the fireworks."

If the real Qi Yue is in the buffet restaurant, then who is the person staying in the cabin now?

Maybe the signal was poor and the video call was disconnected.

There was deathly silence all around, so I tentatively called out to the room, "Xiao Yue?"

There was no response from inside the house, as if that "Qi Yue" had disappeared out of thin air.

"I…I remembered a ghost story about a mountain accident."

Yali stammered, "A group of people went out to climb the mountain. A girl stayed in the holiday home to rest because she was feeling unwell. After a while, one of her friends came back covered in mud. He said that there was a landslide. Except for him, everyone, including the girl's boyfriend, died."

The holiday houses surrounding the cabin where we were were uninhabited. Gusts of cold wind blew, and the lights on the porches of those houses swayed in the wind. The lights flickered, making the woods dim and bright, which made people feel uneasy.

Yali continued, "Before the girl had time to feel sad, someone knocked on the door. She heard her boyfriend's voice calling her and asking her to open the door. The friend who came back first tried to stop him. He said that he saw with his own eyes that those people were buried under the soil and it was impossible for anyone to survive. The boyfriend must be a ghost. As a result -"

"My boyfriend said outside the door that they did encounter a landslide, but everyone escaped, except that person…"

Yali's voice became lower and lower, but more and more filled with fear.

Yes, our current situation is really similar to that ghost story.

"So what happened to the girl in the story in the end?" I asked.

Yali shook her head slowly. "Both sides are trying to persuade the girl, one is trying to persuade her to open the door while the other is trying to stop her from opening the door. But this story is confusing. Perhaps it wants to express that the ghost is both outside and inside. The outside is the inducement, and the inside is the human heart."

I responded calmly: "Then tell me, in this situation, are we the ghosts, or is Qi Yue the ghost?"

Yali did not answer but asked: "I want to ask you first, what were you and Kaixin whispering about just now? If I am right, you were talking about me, right?"

My eyes shifted to Kai Xin on the other side. She seemed to be very wary of Yali and was unwilling to come over. She just watched from a distance.

I smiled and didn't answer her directly. I said, "Actually, think about it, if there are only three of us here and Qi Yue is in the cafeteria, then who would be the fifth person in the cabin?"

When she heard me say "the fifth person", Yali's face changed. Kaixin should have heard it as well. She walked a few steps towards us and suddenly stopped. I don't know if it was because of the cold, but her hands that were tightly holding the scarf were shaking.

"Could it be that… we are actually dead? Dead a year ago?"

"Stop, stop talking!" Kai Xin said loudly, "Since Qi Yue is in the cafeteria, I suggest that we stop thinking too much and go find her in the cafeteria!"

"Then don't you want to know who the 'Qi Yue' in the wooden house is?" I said calmly, "Why do you think that the Qi Yue in the cafeteria is the real her?"

Kai Xin stared at me for a moment and said coldly, "You are the one who makes people feel weird. Qi Yue in the room just now said that it was you who called her and told her that there was a ghost among us. What is your purpose? Are you the ghost?"

I took a few steps back, and Kai Xin continued, "Now that I think about it, there's something wrong with you. You told us that strange story along the way, and kept hinting at the existence of a fifth person. And the kettle containing the Feilai Spring, although it was Yali's, I clearly saw you holding it before. You have always been a germaphobe and would never use things that have been used by others, so why did you take her kettle?"

"Yes," Yali also said, "After we drank the Feilai Spring, we all lost consciousness for a while. The spring water is natural, there won't be any problem. My kettle must have been drugged beforehand. Before I woke up, I felt someone kick me in a daze, and it was this kick that woke me up. Now think about it, you were the closest to me, so weren't you the one who kicked me?"

Both of them stared at me closely, their faces were distorted due to nervousness, and I suddenly felt a great fear, they – really looked like evil spirits.

"Qi Yue" in the cabin said that there were "evil spirits" among us, but she didn't say how many. One, or two?

At this moment, the door of the cabin suddenly opened silently. There was no light in the house, and it was pitch black inside. The dark door was like the mouth of a wild beast.

While they were distracted, I ran into the house without hesitation and locked the door.

Double ghosts knock on the door trend_Double ghosts knock on the door trend_Double ghosts knock on the door trend

"Open the door, what are you doing hiding in there?"

Outside the door, Kaixin and Yali were knocking on the door.

I pressed my back against the door, and a voice in my head said, "Don't open the door! Don't open the door! The people outside are dead! They are here to take my life!"

Yali's tone suddenly became cold and teasing: "Liying, are you really not going to open the door? Don't forget, the real Qi Yue is in the cafeteria, but there is another 'Qi Yue' in the house. Do you really want to stay with this 'Qi Yue'?"

There was a strange clucking sound, and I looked in the direction of the sound, only to see a bedroom door slowly opening a crack. I held my breath and waited quietly, but there was nothing but endless darkness. But because nothing happened, it made my scalp tingle even more.

What should I do? Should I go out or stay inside?

I felt I had no choice. I was exhausted both physically and mentally from the day's experiences. I sat down on the sofa, my eyelids growing heavier. The knocking on the door stopped, and the strange noises in the house disappeared. My mood returned to calm.

"When I count to three, you open your eyes. One, two, three…"

As soon as I finished speaking, I slowly opened my eyes.

I found myself lying on a bed, with a woman and two men leaning over and looking at me. The girl was Qi Yue.

I sat up and found myself in a small wooden house.

"What's going on?" I was full of doubts. Qi Yue avoided my gaze and said to one of the men, "Dr. Pan, thank you."

Another man showed me his police ID and said sternly, "Ms. Li Ying, one year ago, you climbed the undeveloped northern foothills of Tianma Mountain with Liu Kaixin and Zhu Yali, and then lost contact. Three days later, you were found by a passerby near Feilai Spring. Afterwards, you said that you were separated from your two classmates and didn't know their whereabouts, but just one month ago, a search team organized by the two families found the bodies of the two in a ravine. After the autopsy, we can confirm that they both died from heavy blows to the head."

"So what?" I replied coldly.

Qi Yue pointed at Dr. Pan and explained, "I know you won't tell the truth, so I brought you to the resort and asked psychologist Dr. Pan to hypnotize you. Li Ying, tell the truth, you can't get away with it."

I smiled coldly, "What? Can the answers obtained through hypnosis now be recorded?" I jumped off the bed and opened the door immediately without waiting for their reaction.

Kaixin and Yali stood outside the wooden house. They were skinny and covered in mud. Kaixin's head was half sunken, like a squashed ball. Yali was a little better, but one of her arms was hanging limply by her side, as if it was broken. Her eyes were swollen like a ping-pong ball.

"You finally opened the door."

Their voices were deep, as if they came from the depths of hell.

I felt my heartbeat pause, and I turned my head slowly. Suddenly, the clock on the wall began to run backwards. What year was it this year? 2021? No, it was 2020.

On April 30, 2020, Kaixin, Yali, and I climbed Tianma Mountain together. Qi Yue was supposed to come too, but something happened to her family before we left, so she had to give up. We were supposed to climb the mountain from the west, climb a hill, and then come to Feilai Spring in the east, and finally rest at the resort.

But because we went up the mountain in the wrong place, we got lost soon after we walked into the woods.

After wandering in the woods for several days, our food ran out and the only clean water left was the amount in Yali's water bottle.

Driven by thirst, I finally snatched Yali's water bottle. While running, Yali fell and rolled down the cliff. Kaixin came up to snatch it, and I picked up a stone and threw it at her.

This pot of water saved me, and the next day, I found Feilai Spring. Then, I was found by a fellow traveler passing by and was taken to the resort.

And then…what happened next?

Why is it that the only thing I remember about climbing the mountain a year later? What about the others? What happened after I arrived at the resort? Did I go back to school to continue my studies?

It’s gone, all gone!

No school, no Qi Yue, no first anniversary.

There are only the conspiracies of evil spirits, they linger, they are full of resentment, and they have come.

But they can't come in unless I open the door.

Now, the door is open.

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