Author: Haunted House

Editor's note: The elegant words are eloquent and beautiful. What is love in this world? It makes people stay together for life and death.


It is said that in the early years, there was a scholar named Wang in Suzhou. He was good at poetry, painting, and calligraphy. He was noble in character and hated evil.

His talent was more than enough to be an official, but he hated the open and secret struggles in officialdom and was unwilling to curry favor, so he taught the children of many wealthy families in a private school in the north of the city. He earned a lot of money, and although his family was not rich, he had enough food and clothing.

His wife Yun'er was well-educated, talented and beautiful. She was the daughter of a wealthy scholarly family. Her family had served as officials in the court for generations. After marrying Wang Shusheng, she was virtuous and managed the household well. The two of them loved each other and spent their free time drinking tea and playing chess, which was quite sweet.

That day, at the invitation of a friend from West Lake, Mr. Wang went to Quyuan Fenghe to admire the moon and lotus. He drank a few more glasses and returned late at night. Thinking that his beloved wife must be waiting for him at home, he could not help but quicken his pace.

Just as we were about to enter Suzhou City, we unexpectedly heard someone talking as we passed a camphor forest.

But a woman was heard crying, "I have been protected by the two kings since I was young. I had no other thoughts and should have served the two kings for the rest of my life. But my family is in great trouble and I have to go back to save them. Please let me go, the two kings."

Then a deep voice said angrily, "Damn it, after the banquet at Shennv Mountain, I saved your family, and you think it's not enough? If it weren't for the friendship between my two brothers and your father and brother, they would have entrusted you to us, and you would have been locked up by now! With your shitty ability, who the hell are you going to save? Tell me, you cunning bitch! What did we decide at that time? Hmm?"

He was about to scold again, but was stopped by a clear voice: "Second brother, don't scare her. She ran out without caring about anything at this time. I think she is homesick." Then he asked gently: "Xiao Yu'er, don't be afraid. Second brother is worried that something might happen to you. As the saying goes, God always has a kind heart. We all know what happened in your family, but this is not a crisis that you can resolve alone."

"Thinking about the grudge between Lord Lingxiao and your brother in the Goddess Mountain, it was not a big deal, but no one would have thought that he would put your brother in an irretrievable situation. This time, he has made an appointment with Thunder God and Lightning Goddess to overthrow your entire family. Not to mention that your father and your mother are not strong enough, even if the two of us take action, we may be able to resist for a while. How can you go back? What is right and what is wrong? The two of us will find a way to help your family, but now you should go back with us quickly."

Wang Shusheng was a man who hated evil. He was really angry after hearing these bullshit. He also drank a few more cups that night, so he rushed out and shouted without thinking, "Who dares to do this here? I, Wang Shusheng, am here, in broad daylight – well, under the moonlight, justice is clear, and two grown men are forcing themselves on a woman! Get out! Get out! Get out now!"

I heard a loud "ah" from the woods, and a gust of wind blew across my face, and in an instant everything became quiet.

Wang Shusheng blinked his eyes and felt a little dizzy. He couldn't help but touch his face. He looked around and saw a slender woman fainted on the ground. Wang Shusheng didn't think much about it. He was worried that the woman would fall into the hands of the bad guys again, so he immediately picked up the woman and took her back home.


After entering the room, Yun'er was unhappy to see that he had brought back a woman, but she also knew that he would never do anything wrong. Then she saw that the woman's face was pale, obviously something big had happened, so she hurriedly ordered the servants to call the doctor without saying a word, while helping Wang Shusheng to help the woman to the bed.

After a while, the doctor came and after taking the patient's pulse, he said that the patient's pulse was disordered and very weak, as if he had been greatly frightened, or was suffering from a rage attack. He wrote down a few doses of medicine and told him to go and get the medicine.

Fortunately, the Wang family has a very good reputation in Suzhou. Since there was an emergency at this time, even though the pharmacy had long been closed, it was not a problem.

After the medicine was brought, the doctor instructed to pinch the woman's jaws open, put a few ginseng slices under her tongue to protect her heart pulse, and then inserted several gold needles into the acupuncture points on her body one by one. Finally, he used a gold needle to slowly insert it into the Ren Zhong point, rotating it continuously to test.

After a while, the golden needles on the woman's body began to twitch. The woman sighed deeply and slowly woke up.

Seeing this, the doctor said with joy: "Master Wang, Madam Wang, there is nothing serious now. Just rest for a few days and you will be fine."

Wang Shusheng and Yun'er thanked the doctor and gave him an extra three taels of silver for his late-night consultation. The doctor left happily.

After such a long time, both of them were very tired. They looked at each other. Wang Shusheng knew Yun'er's feelings, so he told her the story. Yun'er smiled and said, "Thank you for your hard work, my husband." Wang Shusheng was a little embarrassed. He knew that Yun'er's words were intended to tease him for the trouble of carrying this woman back.

At this time, the couple looked at the woman again and saw that she was still weak, with a beautiful oval face that was pale and thin, no blood on her delicate lips, light eyebrows, a small nose, and a pair of eyes that were clearly black and white, as lively as rippling autumn water. Although she was frightened, she turned out to be a stunning woman.

Yun'er walked forward and said gently, "Sister, you were frightened, but you are safe now. The doctor said you will be fine after a few more days of rest. Where do you live?"

The woman struggled to sit up, but Yun'er stopped her: "Sister, you have just recovered from your injury, so you shouldn't be tired. You should rest more. We will go back to our room first and come to visit you tomorrow morning."


The next day, before Wang Shusheng and Yun'er went to visit the woman, a servant came to report that the woman had already been waiting in the hall.

When the couple arrived at the hall, they saw the woman walking lightly and bowing, saying, "Master Wang, Madam Wang, I, Xiaoyuer, would like to thank you two for saving my life. I have no way to repay you in this life, so I am willing to serve you as a slave."

The two men helped her up, and Wang Shusheng said, "Miss, I am not worthy of the word 'serving'. We met by chance, and saving people is the will of heaven. Let's not talk about this matter again. You said yesterday that your family was in great trouble. I wonder if my husband and I can help? Don't worry, young lady, I have some friendship with the governor of Suzhou, and I will not let you be bullied by those two villains."

Xiao Yu'er lowered her head, tears rolling down her cheeks, and said, "Those two brothers treated me well, but… but… they both did my family a favor. When my family was in trouble in the past, my elder brother entrusted me, a young child, to their brothers. Later, my brother was framed by our enemies and was doomed. They kept taking care of my family and were really interested in me. But I am grateful for their kindness and would rather serve them than marry either of them and hurt their feelings. A few days ago, someone from my family sent a letter saying that another disaster was about to strike. I was so anxious that I ran away secretly. I didn't want to be stopped by them, and even more so, I didn't want to be rescued by Young Master Wang. They… they were afraid of Young Master Wang…" As she spoke, her voice became lower and lower, as if she found it extremely difficult to understand.

Hearing this, Wang Shusheng and Yun'er were both puzzled. They didn't know what kind of disaster had frightened the woman so much. Seeing that the woman was hesitant and didn't want to say anything for a while, and seeing that she spoke elegantly and didn't look like a woman from an ordinary family, they thought that it was a fight among officials in the officialdom, so they didn't ask any more questions. They just comforted her with a few words and told her to live here first, and if there was any way they could help, they could just let him and his wife know.

So Xiao Yu'er stayed temporarily at the Wang family. Mr. Wang and his wife cleaned out a quiet courtyard for her, allocated some maids and servants, and women who did laundry and cooked, and also gave her an embroidery shed and other exquisite embroidery products and a Luqi (the name of an ancient zither) for Xiao Yu'er to enjoy.

After a while, it was midsummer and the flowers were in full bloom. In their spare time, Mr. Wang and his wife and Xiao Yu'er would chat about everything under the sun, play the piano and sing, fight with each other, paint, write poems and songs… Xiao Yu's conversation was elegant and wise, and he was no less elegant than the couple. He was also a master painter, and even Mr. Wang and his wife could not compare to him. They had to rely on Xiao Yu'er to point out some subtle points.

By early autumn, Yun'er and Xiaoyu'er had become close sisters, and often came to her room to ask her for advice on embroidery. Scholar Wang, sometimes when slightly drunk, also had an idea: if he could take this girl as a concubine, wouldn't it be a joy for Ehuang and Nvying to share?

But then he thought again, this woman must be the daughter of an official family, how could she be a concubine? Not to mention that it would be difficult to talk to Yun'er, wouldn't he also be a villain who took advantage of others' misfortune? He suppressed the thought and didn't mention it.


There was little snow in the south that winter, but Yun'er became pregnant. Xiaoyu'er was busy running around and taking good care of her. Some of his methods of preparing dishes were beyond the ability of maids and servants. Yun'er really could not do without Xiaoyu'er.

That day, Xiaoyuer accompanied Yuner to the market to buy tonic medicine for pregnancy protection, and also bought some rouge and powder.

When they came back, they saw a group of people pointing and talking around a tavern. They walked forward and saw a ferocious-looking man squatting at the door. Next to him was a cage with a lively little fox in it. It had green and shiny fur all over its body and was extremely cute. But at this time, the little fox's eyes revealed fear and it squeaked.

Xiao Yu'er was startled and hurried forward to open the cage door, but then he seemed to remember something and turned to ask the big man: "Big brother, this little fox is so cute, how much is it?"

The big man glared at me and said in a gruff voice, "1,000 taels! I won't sell it for a penny less!"

Everyone in the audience gasped, and some even sneered loudly: "What the hell is a fox? It's so expensive? Do you think you're selling your wife? Even if you were selling your wife, it probably wouldn't be so expensive–" Everyone burst into laughter.

The big man got angry and stood up with his hairy beard standing up. He shook his fist like a vinegar jar and shouted, "Fuck you, you know shit! Get out of my way! Don't buy it if you don't have money, get out of my way!"

When everyone saw the big man's attitude, the timid ones ran away without asking about the price.

At this time, Xiaoyuer looked at Yun'er with a pleading face. Yun'er was reluctant and didn't want to spend such a huge amount of money to buy a little fox. Suddenly, she thought: This woman is so elegant, she must be a daughter of a noble family. She likes this little fox. My one thousand taels can be regarded as paving the way for my husband's future. It will be of great benefit in the future. So she said: "We don't have so much silver on us now, why don't we let this big man go back with us to get it."

Little Fish's eyes were filled with tears. She was so excited that she seemed to want to say something, but she stopped herself and hurriedly picked up the cage without waiting for the big man's answer.

The big man grabbed the cage and pushed her: "Little girl, do you want to grab it?"

Yun'er saw that things were not going well, so she hurriedly said, "Big brother, we don't have that much money on us, why don't you go home with us and I'll pay you back?"

The big man said nonchalantly: "Go ahead, I'm not afraid of you two little girls."


He went home and took out 1,000 taels of silver and gave them to the big man. The big man then handed the cage he had tightly grasped to Xiao Yuer and turned away.

Xiao Yuer was overjoyed, hugged Yuner's neck and kissed her gently on the face, saying: "Thank you, sister, you are so kind. I have loved raising small animals since I was young. This time, sister saved this little fox. It is really a great deed, a great deed."

Yun'er was both amused and confused, thinking: "How can I have done a great deed by saving a little fox?" But she just twisted Xiaoyu'er's nose and said with a smile: "Girl, why are you and I sisters still talking about these things? Take good care of this little fox, it's so cute. If it is taken away by someone with bad intentions, won't you peel off its skin and make a vest?"

Xiao Yu'er's face changed drastically when she heard this, and she couldn't help but shiver and said, "Sister, this winter is really cold. You are pregnant, so you must keep warm."

But from then on, Xiao Yu'er started buying foxes from somewhere and raising them. Wang Shusheng and his wife knew that she liked small animals, so they ignored her. But when they saw so many foxes holding a meeting, they couldn't help but laugh at her name being Xiao Yu'er, but she chose to raise foxes instead of fish. If the fox fairy was really spiritual, she would definitely reward her greatly.

Not to mention that Xiao Yu'er is really serious and careful. Not only does she take good care of Yun'er every day, she also keeps these foxes energetic and lively. Especially the little green fox, which she often keeps by her side and is very close to her.

After a while, Yun'er gradually became unable to move around easily, so all the daily household affairs were temporarily handed over to Xiaoyuer. Xiaoyuer also did his best and managed Wang Shusheng's home in an orderly manner.


One day, Xiao Yuer went to the street to buy cloth to make a set of clothes for the baby in Yuner's belly. As soon as he came out of the cloth shop, he saw a group of people surrounding a Taoist nun, gesticulating and making solemn promises about something.

When Xiao Yu'er saw the Taoist nun's appearance, his heart skipped a beat for some reason and he turned and left.

But the Taoist nun stopped her and said, "Miss, can you please have a word with me? I am looking at you…ah…"

Xiao Yuer looked up at the Taoist nun and saw that she had a gentle expression, but she was still nervous and uneasy. So he said, "Please speak."

The Taoist nun said, "Follow me."

When they reached an empty alley, the Taoist nun suddenly stopped, turned around and said to her, "Nine Heavens Mysterious Fox, where are you taking refuge now? How come there is a good omen that has covered up your evil spirit?"

Xiao Yu'er was shocked: "You…"

The nun asked, "Are you taking refuge at Scholar Wang's place?"

Xiao Yuer nodded, bowed slightly, and asked, "Which fairy from Goddess Peak is here?"

"Pardon the disaster and overcome the calamity, and all spirits will prosper." said the Taoist nun.

Xiao Yuer silently recited these two sentences, and suddenly bowed: "It turns out that Fairy Xie Ling has arrived. I hope Fairy Xie Ling can save my family."

Fairy Xie Ling said nothing, and Xiao Yu'er did not dare to stand up. After a while, the fairy said, "The scholar Wang and his wife were originally immortals from Changbai Mountain. They won three chess moves against the god Ling Xiao, so the god asked the Jade Emperor to banish them to the human world. It is because they did good deeds and accumulated virtues, and their immortal spirit has not been eliminated, so you have their protection."

Xiao Yu'er hesitated and said, "May I ask how the fairy can see Lord Ling Xiao? Why does the Jade Emperor listen to Lord Ling Xiao? I'll go and beg him to let my family go. My brother has been sunk to the bottom of the South China Sea and it's hard to bring him back."

"Now he orders the God of Thunder and the Goddess of Lightning to attack my family every 200 years. At first, my parents and family members had enough cultivation, but my cultivation was shallow in the past, and I have been hiding from the twin demon brothers for a thousand years. Although I have deep skills now, the attacks of Lord Lingxiao are getting bigger and bigger. Now it has been a thousand years, and he must be thinking of more powerful ways to deal with my family. I have now transferred all my family members to the house of Lord Wang, but I can't think of a way to save my family from this disaster forever. I hope the fairy will save them, I hope the fairy will save them." As he said this, tears welled up and he bowed down repeatedly.


Fairy Xie Ling helped Xiao Yu'er up and said sadly: "Lord Lingxiao is an important official of the Jade Emperor. I heard, I heard that he is the Jade Emperor and a woman from the human world…"

At this point, the fairy suddenly changed the subject and continued, "To be honest, this all started because of you. You were originally the Nine Heavens Mysterious Lady, but because you rejected the love of Lord Lingxiao, he held a grudge against you and was determined to be your enemy. He first removed your immortal bones, then asked the Forget-Your-Sorrow Fairy to erase your memory, and then petitioned the Jade Emperor to turn you into a fox, so that you would never be able to be included in the immortal class again. The last time he caught you, the green fox sister, he wanted to lure you out to deal with you personally, but I don't know how he got away again."

Xiao Yuer was startled: "Fairy, that big man is Ling Xiao…"

"This word 'love' is a sea of ​​suffering that even immortals cannot escape from, alas…" Fairy Xie Ling sighed, helped Xiao Yu'er up and said, "Lord Lingxiao has the support of the Jade Emperor, even the Queen Mother can't do anything to him. He is very capable and is deeply loved by the Jade Emperor."

"You go back first and hide in the Wang family for the time being. I will think of a way, but you can't allow your green fox sister to make trouble and take revenge!" As he said that, he patted the green little fox beside Xiaoyuer.

When Xiao Yu'er returned home, Yun'er saw that she had taken a long time to come back. She also saw that she looked sad. She thought that she had met the two bad guys that her husband had mentioned. She was concerned and asked hurriedly, "Xiao Yu'er, what happened?"

Xiao Yuer shook his head and said, "It's okay, sister. I just saw a Taoist nun telling fortunes, so I asked for a lot. I didn't expect it to be a bad lot. I feel sad."

Yun'er burst out laughing and said, "Silly girl, this fortune-telling thing is not accurate. Don't think too much about it. How about we have a few drinks tonight?"

Xiao Yuer thanked her politely and said, "Sister, you are pregnant, so you'd better take care of your health. I will cook a few of my specialties for you and the young master tomorrow." After saying that, she helped Yuner onto the bed, covered her with a quilt, and left.

After that, Xiao Yuer was depressed and even the sound of his piano was full of helplessness and sadness. Wang Shusheng and his wife saw this and were worried, but they didn't know what had happened and they didn't want to ask in detail.


In the second year, Yun'er gave birth to a son. The couple enjoyed playing with their child and spent less time in her courtyard.

One day, Wang Shusheng drank with his friends until late at night. He was so happy about having a son that he got drunk. When he entered the courtyard of his home, he suddenly thought of Xiaoyuer whom he had not seen for a long time. In a daze, he quietly walked to Xiaoyuer's yard.

Just as I walked to the window, I suddenly heard a man's voice inside: "Yu'er, you can't practice that magical skill anymore. I'm afraid you will fall into the evil way and never be reincarnated. Your mother and I risked 6,000 years of practice to save you. We can't let you repeat your brother's mistake. Your mother and I only have two children, and your brother has already… If you again…" Then there were continuous sighs.

Then another woman wept, "Yu'er, mother thinks this prince is a good man, why don't you follow the example of Ehuang and Nvying and become his concubine? Besides, he and his wife are immortals, they will not mistreat you and can protect you. But it's not a long-term solution for us to stay here."

Then I heard a playful little girl's voice: "Sister Yu'er, if it weren't for Fairy Xie Ling, I wouldn't have known that the one who captured me was actually that ghost god. I haven't gotten over the last time he captured me, and I must seek revenge on him! Humph!"

Before Xiaoyuer could answer, Wang Shusheng was half sobered up from the alcohol, and was shocked: "What do you mean 6,000 years? Why are we all here?" He wet his hands with his mouth, gently soaked a small hole in the window paper, and looked inside. He was shocked to see two middle-aged men and women sitting in two armchairs in the room, Xiaoyuer and a little girl sitting casually on the lower chairs, and a row of men in black standing with their hands behind their backs, no one saying a word.

Wang Shusheng almost shouted, "When did so many people come to my house? Where did they come from?"

At this time, Xiao Yuer stood up and bowed to the middle-aged man and woman in the armchair, saying, "Daddy, Mom, although I was originally a banished immortal and a different species from my parents, I am always grateful for your kindness in raising and teaching me. There is a saying in human beings that a drop of water should be repaid with a spring of water. Now the thousand-year period is coming, and this matter was caused by me. The disaster is not far away. How can I abandon my parents and my family and live alone? What's more, Mr. Wang and his wife treat me very well, so I can't share a husband with my sister."

After a pause, Bian Beiyuchi lightly tilted her head and said, "The only thing we can do now is to hide in Young Master Wang's house as long as we can. Fairy Sheling has already promised me that she will find a way to rescue you. Parents don't have to worry." After saying this, she actually felt unsure in her heart and couldn't help but cover her pretty face and sob softly.

At this time, the pretty little girl stood up, took out a fluffy green tail from behind, and kept stroking it, saying, "That damned God grabbed my tail last time, kept carrying me around, and sold me for 1,000 taels of silver. He is not a good guy! Humph! I must get revenge!" She was about to rush out. Wang Shusheng looked at the tail, then at the pretty little girl, and was so scared that he almost fainted.

Seeing Xiao Yu'er, she hurriedly hugged her: "Yao'er, what are you doing? Even with the two brothers of the Twin Demons, they can't defeat the Lord Lingxiao. How can you, a little girl, do it?" Yao'er kept twisting her little body, trying to break free from her sister's arms.


While they were struggling, a dark shadow flashed in the room, and suddenly a huge creature appeared. If Wang Shusheng had been half sobered up when he first saw so many people in the room, but when he saw the huge creature, he was completely sober. Wang Shusheng only felt a chill rising from his spine to the back of his head, and his body slowly and uncontrollably fell down.

The monster was wearing a loose black robe with gold decoration, two bodies, two heads, and four arms. From the background, it looked like a human being from the waist down. Even more bizarre was the pair of huge black flesh wings growing from its back. [Note: 5]

When everyone saw this monster appear, especially the middle-aged man and woman, they all went to greet him: "Brother Shuangzi, how are you? I am grateful for your kindness in taking care of my daughter. Please accept my greetings!"

The monster flapped its wings, and a gust of wind swept the middle-aged man and woman toward the armchair. Then it laughed loudly: "Uncle Black Fox, why are you so polite? It's time for me to pay my respects to the virtuous couple."

The middle-aged man and woman also smiled and said, "Which one is the twin brother? Our eyes are blurry and we really can't recognize him."

At this time, a clear voice said: "Uncle Black Fox, it is me. Please forgive my second brother for being rude just now!"

When the middle-aged man and woman were returning the gift, Wang Shusheng was frightened and shouted in his heart: "It's them, it's them, my God, it was their voices when I rescued Xiaoyuer, I didn't expect them to be monsters! Oh my God, what is that Xiaoyuer!" Thinking of this, he could only hear his upper and lower teeth chattering. At this time, he saw the two of them turned around. Wang Shusheng was so scared that he wanted to close his eyes but it was too late. He saw that the two heads of the monster looked exactly the same. After a closer look, he found that they had fair skin, dignified appearance, and were very handsome. It turned out to be a humanoid man. Wang Shusheng's fear was immediately reduced by half.

Who do you think these two monsters are? It turns out that they are transformed from the ancient mythical beast Dang Hu. At that time, the two brothers were practicing in seclusion at Wo Lian Peak of Qingyun Mountain. They were neighbors with the Black Fox family, so they had contact with each other. Later, the 12 fairies of Shennv Peak held a banquet and invited all the practitioners from heaven and earth to attend the banquet. At the banquet, they met Ling Xiao Shenjun, and that’s when the entanglement and grudge began.

Although the two brothers look the same, their personalities are very different. The big demon is steady, generous, gentle and polite, while the little demon is rude, impulsive and barbaric. Originally, the two were arrogant and fearless, not to mention the black fox. At first, they didn't want to associate with him, but they both fell in love with Xiaoyuer at the same time, so they were willing to be on the same level as Xiaoyuer and called the black fox uncle.

The two of them usually compete secretly to win Xiaoyuer's favor, but they are helpless because they can't tear their bodies apart, as that would really kill them. However, neither of them wants Xiaoyuer to leave their side, which shows their true feelings.

Now, Xiao Yuer sneaked back to Qingyun Mountain and stole their Heavenly Demon Magic Skills. Although they dared not confront them because of the auspicious signs of Wang Shusheng and his wife's celestial bodies, they could not care less about the Heavenly Demon Magic Skills as they were very powerful. They hurriedly chased here.

The little demon stretched out his hand to Xiao Yu'er and said, "Xiao Yu'er, give it to me! You can't practice this magic skill. I'm afraid you won't know how you died even if you practice it."

The big demon dodged the little demon's hand and said, "Second brother, you are here again. Now that Uncle Black Fox is here, it is your turn to punish the evildoer." Black Fox laughed and glanced at his partner. He thought to himself that this was not the time to make enemies. He walked towards Xiao Yu'er and said, "Yu'er, return the book to your two brothers. Your two brothers said that you can't practice this magic skill, so you can't practice it!"

Xiao Yu'er was afraid but did not dare to disobey. He was thinking secretly about how to avoid the twin demons in front of him. At this moment, he saw Yao'er waving his hands towards the house. Immediately, the house was full of colorful smoke. There was a "bang" sound from the window. Yao'er had hugged Xiao Yu'er and jumped out, disappearing into the night in a flash.

This sudden change shocked everyone in the house and they looked at each other in shock. When they reacted, they hurriedly revealed their true forms. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, several big foxes and a big two-headed bird each cast a spell and flashed out of the window to chase after them.


After a long, long time, Wang Shusheng finally woke up. Just as he was about to run away, he heard a few crisp giggles in the room, and then heard Xiao Yuer say, "You girl, your skills have not improved, but your magic tricks of clones are getting more and more perfect. Even my two brothers were fooled. Now let's see what you can do!"

Then the demon was heard laughing: "How can these demon foxes and a two-headed stupid bird escape from my grasp?" She continued to giggle as she spoke, and it was obvious that she was very happy to have teased someone.

Goodbye Xiaoyuer gently tapped Yaoer on the forehead: "Well, well, a few demon foxes, I wonder what kind of monster you are, little girl?"

Yaoer stuck out her tongue and said mischievously: "Hehe, I forgot what I look like. Haha, sister, I have a good place to go. No one can find them if I discipline them!"

Xiao Yuer was stunned for a moment, then suddenly an idea came to him, and he asked happily, "You mean we're going back to Qingyun Mountain?"

"Well, that's the nest of the two-headed stupid bird. They would never have thought that we were practicing right under their noses!"

Xiao Yu'er was about to praise him, but immediately became worried: "Well, that's true, but what about when Daddy and Mommy come back? Will Prince Wang and the others see us off and treat them well if they don't see us? This is the safest place right now."

Yao'er waved her hand gently and said, "The Wang family is a good family. Moreover, they are immortals who do good deeds and will not mistreat their parents. We just need to practice this magic skill quickly, and we won't be afraid of the ghost king! Look at the two-headed stupid bird, it has only practiced less than half of it, but it is already so powerful. If it practices the whole thing, who knows what it will be like. Let's go."

Having said that, he and Xiao Yuer turned around and disappeared.


Wang Shusheng staggered back to his room in a daze. The scene that night almost made him feel like his soul had left his body. However, he did not dare to tell his wife, for fear that she would be frightened again after having just given birth.

That night, he sighed and looked at his wife's dignified and pretty face, really not knowing what to do.

The next day, he fell ill quietly and felt drowsy all the time.

Yun'er is worthy of being the mistress of the house. Although her sick husband and young son make her extremely anxious, she has always been calm and generous in managing the household chores. While breastfeeding her young son, she also takes good care of Wang Shusheng.

Strangely enough, Wang Shusheng refused to eat or drink, and his body was warm like a normal person, but he just couldn't wake up. The doctors couldn't figure out what this symptom was.


Let’s not talk about this anymore, and just talk about the sisters Xiaoyuer and Yaoer, who are practicing in Qingyun Mountain and are getting along peacefully.

One day, Yao'er was bored and was playing by a spring. Suddenly, he saw an old man staggering along the mountain path. Yao'er didn't even bother to put on his shoes and socks. He ran over to support the old man and said, "Old man, why are you alone on this mountain? Where are your family members?"

Seeing that old man sighing non-stop and with a face full of wrinkles, Yao'er was really pitiful. Yao'er supported the old man and comforted him: "Don't be sad, old man. If you have any problems, tell Yao'er. Yao'er will do his best to help!"

The old man said, "This little girl is so kind. Alas, this is something you can't do." He kept shaking his head.

Yao'er was curious for a moment and asked, "Don't worry, old man. Yao'er has been practicing martial arts since he was young and has some magic skills. Just tell me if you have anything to say."

The old man said "Oh" and there seemed to be some joy on his face, he said: "Little girl, in addition to Wolian Peak, there is also a place called Foguang Pavilion in Qingyun Mountain. Although it is called a pavilion, it is an extremely dangerous place. But my wife is seriously ill and dying, and I must get a Buddha head grass from the Foguang Pavilion as a medicine guide. But I am old and frail, and my son is an official far away in the capital, so this is of no use to help. Alas…" As he spoke, he sighed continuously.

The demon was happy now, and said with a smile: "Old man, I thought it was a trivial matter. This is easy. You wait here for me, I will get it for you in a moment." As he spoke, his feet flashed and he went far away. The old man kept calling behind him, but he could no longer hear him.

The Buddha Light Pavilion is the highest point on Qingyun Mountain. Although it is called the Buddha Light Pavilion, it is actually made up of several large tree branches connected together. From a distance, it looks like a small pavilion. When the wind blows, the branches on the top of the peak sway, and from a distance it looks like the pavilion is crumbling.

People can't come here, but can it be difficult for demons? Thinking that this was the place where the two of them often came to play, they didn't know there was any Buddha head grass. At this time, they went up to the pavilion and looked around, but they didn't find any grass that looked like a Buddha head. They couldn't help but muttered: "Old uncle, it's not that my smart and beautiful little demon doesn't want to help you find this Buddha head grass, it's really impossible to find it, alas."


While searching, I suddenly found a grass that really looked like "Buddha's head" standing on the edge of this palm-sized cliff. If you don't look carefully, you can't really see it. Yaoer smiled with joy, it turned out that there really is "Buddha's head grass"!

He ran over and was about to pick it up, but heard a "swish" sound, and a soft sword cut the grass steadily. The tip of the sword kept swinging, as if it would be blown off by the wind. Yao'er shouted: "Be careful!"

She looked at the Buddha's Head Grass on the tip of the sword without moving her eyes, but saw a slender hand put the Buddha's Head Grass into the arms and turned away.

Yao'er refused to give in. She flashed in front of the man, stretched out a delicate white jade hand, glared fiercely and said, "Give it to me!"

The man sneered and stood there quietly looking at Yaoer, meaning, what can you do?

Only then did Yao'er have time to look at the abominable man in front of her, who turned out to be a cold and arrogant man with an imposing bearing, sword-like eyebrows and star-like eyes. His long sword was sheathed, and he was looking at her with disdain.

"Hey, bring it here! Are you so heartless? The old man at the foot of the mountain is waiting to save people, bring it here quickly! Don't wait or I'll be polite!" Yao'er roared again fiercely, but she didn't know why her heart was pounding because she had no confidence. She couldn't help but pat her chest.

Seeing that he didn't move, Yao'er got annoyed: "Hey, I saw this first!" As she said that, she actually walked up to the man and reached into his arms to take out the Buddha's Head Grass.



Suddenly, both of them blushed.

The man was incredulous, and then his face turned red with anger, while Yao'er's face turned red with shame. After being stunned for a long while, she quickly turned around and went down the mountain like a flash.

After coming down the mountain, Yao'er suppressed her pounding heart, put the Buddha's Head Grass into the old man's hand, and urged him, "Old man, go and save people. I will block them here."

Unexpectedly, the old man, in contrast to his frail appearance just now, turned around and left, without even noticing that a small bag had fallen from his body. Yao'er was left alone, staring blankly with her cherry mouth wide open.

After a while, Yao'er came back to her senses, picked up the small package, and was about to shout, but she couldn't help shaking her head. It's been so long, where can I find it? Thinking of this, she opened the small package and saw the four big characters "Heavenly Demon Divine Art" printed inside!

Yao'er was almost frightened! This is too outrageous. She hurriedly read it carefully, but found that it actually recorded the exquisite key points of the Heavenly Demon Divine Art. She had read the book in Xiaoyu'er's hand, and the content in it was by no means comparable to the wonderful content here.

She was so overjoyed that she even forgot to cast the spell and ran all the way back to Xiao Yuer, shouting, "Sister, sister, it's fate, it's fate, it's such a great fate!"

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