Author: Haunted House


It was raining heavily outside. Wang Han and a man and a woman sat in a small shop to avoid the rain.

"Do you think there are ghosts in the world?" Wang Han said.

"There are no ghosts in the world. Ghosts are just psychological effects of people. Why did you suddenly think of this?" said the man.

"I am a short story writer! I like to collect folk stories , horror stories and ghost stories , so I often hear old people say that ghost stories account for the majority."


"Ah!" another woman screamed

Horror short ghost stories are extremely scary when you think about them_horror ghost stories short_horror short ghost stories are super scary

"Don't be afraid, it might be the thunder that tripped the circuit breaker. I'll go take a look." After saying that, the clerk took the repair box to fix the fuse.

"It seems like the rain outside has stopped. I should go. Bye," the man asked.

"Well, I should go too. I have to go to the countryside to worship tomorrow." After saying that, they went back.

The next day, Wang Han got up early. She was going to a village in Shaanxi. There were many elderly people there, and maybe she could collect a lot of stories! Wang Han was very happy when she thought of this.

"Husband! Husband!" Why is he missing so early in the morning?

"I'm here!" Wang Han's husband replied in the basement.

"What are you doing in the basement?" Wang Han said as she walked down to the basement door. Wang Han's husband came out and closed the door.

Horror short ghost stories are super scary_horror short ghost stories are extremely scary when you think about them_horror ghost stories short

"It's okay! I'm just looking for something I put there the other day."

"Okay! I'm going to the countryside for a while and will be back in the afternoon. Just get something to eat for lunch."

"Well, go ahead! Honey, be careful on the road."

It was afternoon, and Wang Han took a taxi and returned home. "Husband! Husband! Where are you?" It was strange. Why was her husband not there again? At this time, Wang Han's husband came up from the basement.

"My wife is back"

"Honey! Why do you like to go to the basement so much recently? I never see you go down there normally!"

"Oh…I haven't found that thing yet. I'll look for it downstairs."

Horror ghost stories short_horror short ghost stories are extremely scary when you think about them_horror ghost stories short

&lsquoWhat is that? I'll help you with one…"

"It's okay, honey. You're tired after a long day. Go to bed early!" Wang Han's husband interrupted her.

"Then you should come up and rest early! I'm going to take a shower first…"

Wang Han went into the bathroom. She always felt that her husband was not right these days. He never went to the basement before, but now he went there every day. Curiosity drove Wang Han. In the middle of the night, Wang Han felt a little stomachache, so she got up to go to the bathroom. After going to the bathroom, she remembered that her husband had been going to the basement these days, so she wanted to go down and take a look. There was no light in the basement. Wang Han groped to the door with the light of her mobile phone. The door of the basement was not locked. It opened with one push. Wang Han was scared and broke into a cold sweat. There was a person lying in the middle of the room.

Wang Han slowly walked towards a woman wearing a white dress. There was a large pool of dried blood on the back of the woman's head. It seemed that she had been hit and died because she was not sent to the hospital in time.

"Ah!" Wang Han collapsed to the ground in fright. This woman was obviously herself, how could she… At this time, there was a sound of the door being pushed open, and a figure appeared at the door. This person was Wang Han's husband.

"Wife, why are you so naughty! You can't just enter this place. As you can see, you are already dead. Hahahaha." Wang Han's husband laughed, which seemed particularly scary in the silent night.

Horror short ghost stories are super scary_horror short ghost stories are extremely scary when you think about them_horror ghost stories short

"What on earth is going on…ah…" Wang Han sat on the ground with his head in his arms. After a headache, Wang Han suddenly remembered…

That day, Wang Han came back from his brother's house. As soon as he got home, he found two people lying on the bed and twisting their bodies. After hearing the noise, they both sat up.

"Wife! You're back..This…is not what you see…"

"You actually asked me to find a mistress, you unfaithful man." Wang Han ran over to hit the woman. Wang Han's husband grabbed Wang Han's hand and pushed her to the corner. Unexpectedly, he used too much force and Wang Han hit her head on the wall and died.

Afterwards, Wang Han’s husband hid Wang Han’s body in the basement for fear of being discovered, but he didn’t expect that Wang Han’s soul remained at home, but without any memory of the past. As long as seven days passed, the ghost catcher could come and take Wang Han away, and the matter could be concealed.

"Hahaha! You unfaithful man, you actually killed me for another woman. I want you to be buried with me." Wang Han stood up from the ground, his face covered in blood, and pounced on Wang Han's husband.

"Ah" Wang Han's husband struggled in pain, and soon stopped moving.

A few days later, Wang Han's mother called the police because she couldn't contact Wang Han. The police found that the two had been dead at home for several days. Wang Han's husband's death was extremely horrible, with a big hole in his head and brains all over the floor…

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