Ancient Strange Stories From A Chinese Studio: The Little Slave Read Online

This ghost story takes readers into a world full of mystery and horror with its profound plot design, exquisite atmosphere creation and vivid character creation. In terms of plot design, the story starts with a late-night encounter, gradually unfolding the complex relationship between Zhou Dashan and the little slave, until the true identity of the little slave is revealed, and Zhou Dashan’s reaction to it. The whole process is ups and downs and fascinating. In terms of atmosphere creation, the author cleverly uses elements such as midnight, wind, and spells to create a cold and depressing atmosphere, allowing readers to feel an invisible sense of oppression during the reading process, which enhances the horror of the story. At the same time, through the detailed descriptions such as the little slave’s tears and Zhou Dashan’s frown, the tragic color of the story is further deepened, allowing readers to resonate emotionally. In terms of character creation, Zhou Dashan and the little slave have distinct images, especially the little slave, from the initial thinness and helplessness to the later gracefulness, and then to the despair and helplessness of the final identity exposure. Her inner world is deeply excavated, allowing readers to feel her loneliness and pain as a ghost. Although Mr. Zhou is kind, his reaction after learning the true identity of the little slave reveals the complexity and multifaceted nature of human beings, which is thought-provoking. In the end, the story ends with the old monk's suicide and tears in the wine, leaving readers with unlimited imagination. This not only reveals the dark side of human nature behind the story, but also reflects the sadness of the impermanence of fate, making people feel deeply shocked and helpless while marveling at the ingenious conception of the story. In short, this ghost story successfully creates a world full of mystery and horror with its exquisite plot design, profound atmosphere creation and vivid character creation, which makes people feel nervous and exciting while reading, and have deep emotional resonance. It is not only an excellent ghost story, but also a work of exploration of human nature worthy of deep thought.

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