Ancient City Crying At Night: Newlywed Husband Encounters Female Ghost In White, Mentor Exorcises The Ghost With Cash In The Mountains

In this ghost story full of suspense and mystery, the author, with his unique brushstrokes and profound cultural heritage, has constructed a story framework that is both classical and modern. The plot is cleverly designed, with the Republic of China as the background, adding a sense of historical heaviness to the story. Against this background, the family wealth of the protagonist, Zhai, his parents' love for him, and his marriage, constitute a microcosm of social relations, which gives the story rich social and cultural connotations. In the story, the strange events that Zhai encountered on the wedding night, as well as the subsequent interactions with the Taoist priest and his wife, constitute a clear story line. The author cleverly uses the creation of suspense and horror atmosphere to keep readers nervous and curious during the reading process. Especially after the appearance of the Taoist priest, the atmosphere of the story reached a climax, and the Taoist priest's spells and confrontation with ghosts made the story more mysterious. In terms of character creation, the character of Zhai is particularly outstanding. He is not only a wealthy son of a noble family, but also a young man full of longing for love. His contradictory psychology and persistence in the past make this character more three-dimensional. And his wife, although relatively silent at the beginning of the story, showed her wisdom and courage at the critical moment and successfully dispelled the ghost in her husband's heart. In addition, some detailed descriptions in the story, such as Zhai's secret love for the female teacher and his dreams, add more emotional resonance to the story. For readers, these delicate descriptions of some connotation ghost stories not only make the story more realistic, but also give people a sense of substitution during the reading process, so that they can better understand the inner world of the protagonist. In general, this ghost story is not only compact in plot and suspense, but also outstanding in atmosphere creation, character shaping and emotional resonance. It brings readers not only horror and thriller, but also a profound thinking about human nature, love and life. This is a work of high literary value, which is worth savoring.

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