Adventures At A Mass Grave: A Ghost Marriage And The Temptation Of A Beautiful Woman

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My second grandfather was born in the early 1920s. When he was young, he worked as a teacher. The following story is related to the time when he taught! The place where my second grandfather taught was far away from home. On the way, he had to pass a mass grave. This mass grave covered a very large area!

There are no houses around. At night, you can see ghost lights and hear ghosts screaming, and you can see many incredible things! Many people died in those days due to wars and famines! No one knows how many people are buried there. There are graves everywhere! There are old graves, new graves, and huts (huts are places where people who have died have not been buried in the ground yet, but are placed on the ground with a small grass shed to protect them from rain). There are not many weeds on the new graves, and the soil is still fresh. The old graves are covered with weeds because they are so old. Except that they are slightly higher than the road surface, there is no trace of them.

Especially on windy and rainy days, basically no one passes by there. Second Grandpa usually rushes home before the sun sets. When it is rainy, he basically does not go back and stays at his colleague's house. One autumn, Second Grandpa was on his way home before the sun sets as usual. The weather was good, but when he was about to reach the mass grave, the sky suddenly became cloudy, and then it started to rain heavily. Go back, you have walked so much, and you will reach the village after walking a little further past the mass grave. What's more, his clothes were soaked at the time. If he didn't go home, he would have no clothes to change and would have to wear wet clothes all the time. Who knows how long it will take for this rain to stop? After thinking about it, Second Grandpa still bit the bullet and rushed home in the heavy rain. Although he had heard many legends about this mass grave and was a little scared, he had no choice at this time. He could only pray in his heart that he would not encounter dirty things and could get home safely!

When the second grandfather walked to the middle of the mass grave with trepidation, he suddenly heard the sound of suona and gong. At that time, he was surprised. It was dark and raining heavily. Who would pass by here to get married? When he was lost in thought, the sound was getting closer and closer. The second grandfather saw that a group of people came in front. The two suona players in front were wearing blue pants, red jackets, and round hats. Their faces were red, like rouge. Behind them were four sedan chairs. The sedan chair was black. I have never seen anyone get married in a black sedan chair. The four sedan chair bearers all wore black pants, black tops and black shoes. Their faces were frighteningly white, their lips were black, and their faces were expressionless. At the back were two gong players, who were dressed the same as the two suona players in front. The most special thing is that in such a heavy rain, there seemed to be no trace of rain on these people. The second grandfather was very scared when he saw this strange phenomenon! He quickly hid in the bushes next to him and lay down, not daring to breathe! Looking closely at this group of people, I realized that they were not walking like normal people. They stepped on the ground, and then the whole person flew off the ground a few centimeters, then fell down again, and flew off the ground again. These were not living people, they were all paper figures. The second grandfather realized that he had encountered a ghost marriage.

I only heard about it from the old people before, but today I saw it with my own eyes! After the group of people disappeared, the second grandfather got up from the bushes and continued to walk home. He walked for a long time without seeing the village! The second grandfather began to panic. The rain was still falling, and his clothes were soaked; he was cold, hungry and anxious! At that time, he just wanted to get home quickly, change clothes, eat some hot meals and have a good sleep! Just as he was thinking about it, several families appeared in front of him, and the oil lamps were still on! The second grandfather walked towards the place where the lights were on without thinking. He walked to a family and knocked on the door. The door opened. An old woman was holding an oil lamp in her left hand, wearing a navy blue cotton coat and cotton pants. There seemed to be a word embroidered in the middle of the coat. The light was too dim and she couldn't see what the word was. The old woman was not tall, her face was wrinkled, like tree bark, and her lips were black; it looked a bit scary! The house was filled with the smell of mold and mud. The old woman spoke up: "Young man, which village are you from? How did you get to me?"

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The second grandfather said to him: "I am the grandson of so-and-so, and I teach in so-and-so. Today, on the way home, I walked to the mass grave. It was raining heavily. Now it is dark. I am cold, hungry and scared! I dare not go forward alone." The second grandfather told the old woman again about the ghost wedding he had just encountered. After listening, the old woman said: "Oh, you are his grandson. I know your grandfather. When I was young, I almost got married with your grandfather! Don't go back at night. It is windy and rainy outside. It is not safe! What if you encounter ghosts?" After saying these words, the old woman smiled at the second grandfather with a dry mouth, and all her teeth fell out! Seeing that the second grandfather did not react, she said again: "Stay here for one night! Look at you, young man, your clothes are all wet! If you go home in the heavy rain now, you will get sick when you get home!" The second grandfather was already cold and hungry. After listening to the old woman's words, he nodded and said: "Well, then I will stay here tonight. Thank you, grandma!"

After hearing Second Grandpa's request to stay, the old woman grinned again with her dry mouth: "You can sleep there at night, I'll cook a bowl of noodles for you!" After saying these words, she pointed to the small bed on the right side of the room! After a while, the old woman brought out a bowl of noodles and handed it to Second Grandpa. She said: "Eat quickly! Put the bowl on the table after you finish eating! I'm going to sleep!" Second Grandpa took the noodles and saw that the white noodles had no oil or water at all, not even a scallion. He took a bite and it was cool, without any heat; it didn't look like noodles that had just come out of the pot. Second Grandpa was too hungry and didn't care so much. He picked up the bowl and gobbled it up. He ate all the noodles in two or three bites. He put the bowl on the table and walked towards the small bed, took off his wet clothes and shoes, and lay on the small bed… Second Grandpa felt strange. Why did the quilt smell so musty? And it was a little wet! I thought it might be because of the rain! He covered himself with the quilt and fell into a deep sleep. He was so sleepy that he fell asleep soon after lying down.

I had a dream at night. I dreamed that I was walking alone in a mass grave. There were ghosts everywhere telling ghost stories and ghost screams. I was so scared that I ran forward. Along the way, I saw many people wearing ancient and modern clothes. Some people held their heads in their hands, some had no hands, and some had no feet… They were all chasing him, and the second grandfather kept running forward! At this time, he turned his head and looked back, and those ghosts were about to catch up with him! The second grandfather screamed in fear and woke up from his dream! When he woke up, he found himself sleeping on the wasteland, and next to him was an old grave mound, which looked like it had been there for decades! There was a broken bowl not far away, and there were one or two earthworms crawling in the bowl. The second grandfather was so scared that he jumped up from the ground. At this time, the rain had not stopped and was still falling. The second grandfather didn't even wear shoes, and ran home barefoot!

When I got home, I told my family what happened last night when I passed by the mass grave! My second grandfather's grandfather said, "The mass grave has existed for too long, and the number of people buried in it is countless. The more dead bodies are buried, the more strange things will happen! The ghost marriage you encountered was also encountered by me when I was young. The old lady you met later was Grandma Wang from the previous village. She has been dead for many years. When I was young, I almost married her, but then I met your grandmother. That's why I didn't marry her! Fortunately, it was her you met yesterday. If you had met another ghost, you would be dead now!"

After saying these words, the second grandfather's grandfather sighed earnestly and fell into deep thought! After the second grandfather came back that day, he didn't eat for several days and kept vomiting. What he vomited were earthworms and maggots. Later, after the second grandfather recovered, he returned to the place where he taught. But he never went home at night and lived in a rented house in the village where he taught! Later, the second grandfather, another weird thing happened at the mass grave!

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After my second grandfather encountered a ghost in a mass grave on a rainy night, he fell seriously ill. He took more than a month to recover at home! Later, for his safety, his family asked him not to come home every night. They asked him to rent a house in the village where he taught.

Later, my second grandfather rented someone else's house in the village where he taught. He no longer had to pass by the mass grave every day and went home. He only came back occasionally when he had a holiday or when something happened at home. In order to make it easier for the ghost sister to tell the ghost story , I will use the first person instead of the second grandfather.

That day, I was teaching my students when someone came to my house. My grandfather sent someone to deliver a message. He said that my father was seriously ill and was dying, and asked me to go back quickly! I asked the person to leave first, and after explaining the school affairs, I hurried home.

It was getting dark. When I reached the mass grave, I was still frightened by what happened last time. I was alert all the time, looking around. In addition to the occasional sound of the wind blowing through the weeds on the graves, there was also the croaking of crows deep in the mass grave. The moon rose, lighting up the road ahead.

I was walking forward when suddenly a woman's voice came from behind me: "Brother, wait for me, stop!" I couldn't help but stop and turned around to look behind me. I saw a very beautiful woman with long and smooth hair, a delicate face, and a white dress. She smiled at me and showed two dimples. The moonlight was all over her body, and the breeze gently moved her long hair. At that moment, all my eyes were focused on her, and I was fascinated! There is such a beautiful woman in the world, just like a fairy who walked out of a painting or came down from the sky!

Ghost sister tells ghost stories_Ghost sister tells stories video_Ghost sister tells stories online

When I was immersed in the beauty of the woman, a string of silver bell-like laughter came into my ears. "Haha! Big brother, you look at me like that! I feel embarrassed!" After saying that, she pursed her lips and smiled slightly! Only then did I realize my mistake, and quickly bowed to the woman: "Miss, I am rude! Miss, where are you from and where are you going at this late hour? Aren't you afraid of passing by this mass grave at night? It's not peaceful here at night!"

The woman smiled faintly and said, "I am from Luowan Village. My grandmother is having her birthday tonight, so I rushed here to celebrate. I was originally traveling with a few sisters, but we accidentally got separated! Big brother, can you take me to my grandmother's house? It's so late, and my sisters and I have been separated again. I'm scared to be alone! My grandmother's house is not far away, it's in the village north of this mass grave. Just walk a little further and it will be there!"

I was so mesmerized by the beauty of the girl that I forgot that my father was seriously ill at home. I said to her: "Sure, we'll be braver if we go together. I just happen to be passing by there!" In fact, I was not passing by there at all. I didn't even know where the place was. I just wanted to stay with this beautiful girl for a while! So I followed the girl and went to her grandmother's house with her!

I have never walked on this road before. It can't even be called a road. It's like a path from a field. There are weeds on both sides of the road, potholes on the road surface, and some accumulated rainwater. I looked at the woman in surprise: Girl, the road to your grandma's house is so difficult to walk! Is there no other way? The woman replied to me: "Although this road is a bit difficult to walk, it is the closest! Brother, just walk a little further and you will arrive!" I sighed and said, OK!

So I followed the girl and continued walking forward. After walking a few dozen steps, a village suddenly appeared in front of me. I could see the outline of the village in the moonlight. The village was not very big, with only a dozen households. Except for one household that was decorated with lanterns and brightly lit, the other households did not light any lights!

Ghost sister tells ghost stories_Ghost sister tells stories video_Ghost sister tells stories online

The woman pointed to the house with the lights on and said, "Brother, that's my grandmother's house. Come with me! Let's have some food and drink some wine. I'll find someone to take you back!" I nodded and said yes without refusing! When we got to the grandmother's house, we walked in and saw a few tables in the yard. A dozen people in strange clothes were sitting around the tables, eating and drinking!

The clothes and hairstyles of these people are not from our era. The tone of their speech is also different from ours, more like ancient people! I muttered to myself, how come I never knew there was such a place? I have been to every village in the surrounding area, but I have never seen this village!

At this time, the dozen people noticed me and looked me up and down! Someone said, "Xiao Qing, who is this young man? How come I have never seen him before!" Only then did I know that this beautiful woman was named Xiao Qing! She was beautiful and her name was beautiful!

Xiaoqing said to the person who was talking, "Uncle, I just met this gentleman on the road. I got separated from my sisters and was scared to be alone, so I asked you to take me here!" My mind was in a mess. When Xiaoqing first met me, he called me brother, and now he called me gentleman. Oh, I don't want to think about it anymore. It's giving me a headache!

Uncle Xiaoqing said again: "Since this young man sent you here, let him have a meal! It happens to be your grandmother's birthday today, you can take this young man to celebrate your grandmother's birthday first! Then come and have dinner and drink with us!" Xiaoqing nodded and took me to the living room! Sitting at the top of the living room was a white-haired old woman with a walking stick next to her. The old woman's face was full of wrinkles like chicken skin, and her two eyes stared at me dullly. She looked a little scary.

Ghost sister tells ghost stories_Ghost sister tells stories video_Ghost sister tells stories online

The old lady said, "Xiaoqing, why did you come so late to celebrate grandma's birthday? What gift are you going to give grandma?" Xiaoqing looked at me and smiled, "Grandma, can I give it to you as a gift?"

After hearing what Xiaoqing said, I was shocked and looked at her. Xiaoqing was no longer the same as before! Her beautiful eyes were now only two eye sockets, and they were bleeding. Her hair stood up and her face was distorted. She blocked me at the door to prevent me from escaping.

The old lady above the living room also looked at me and laughed. How terrifying it sounded at that time! My heart was about to jump out. The old lady said, "Xiaoqing, go dig out his heart and give it to me. I haven't eaten a human heart for a long time! I have forgotten what it tastes like!" Xiaoqing stretched out her hands and rushed towards me. Just when her long nails were about to touch my body, I fainted with a scream!

When I woke up, I found myself lying at home! My family told me that the person who sent me a message came back and said that I had finished my work at school and would come back soon! It was already very late, and I hadn't gotten home yet! My grandfather was worried because he knew that there were a lot of dirty things at the mass grave. He was afraid that I would encounter dirty things again, so he brought a dozen tribesmen with torches to the mass grave to look for me.

A dozen people kept shouting my name along the way, looking around for me. At this moment, someone heard me screaming and ran towards me with torches! When they came over, they saw me lying straight in an old grave! Then they carried me back! After that, I never dared to pass by the mass grave alone again!

The story of my second grandfather is over. He was almost killed by a ghost. At the critical moment, his family showed up in time, scared away the ghost and saved him! Friends! If you are walking alone at night and a beautiful woman approaches you, don't pay any attention to her! Be careful, she may be a ghost!

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